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SuperStim Review: Is This A Worthwhile Stimulant Blend?

Are you still having a tough time zeroing in on a potent fat burner or pre-workout? Click here to check out SuperStim and find out why more and more people are giving it a go these days.

Is SuperStim a super choice for a stimulant or the other way around? Let’s find out in this review.

It is hard to really make any distinctions, especially in a sea of weight loss formulas and stimulant blends that you would normally come across these days. Driven Sports is a supplement manufacturer that vowed to change all that by creating a stimulant-based weight loss product that would actually stand apart from the competition.

The outcome of this experiment is SuperStim, a formula designed to elevate your energy, speed up metabolism, suppress appetite and significantly boost your mental acuity. The claims of Driven Sports on this product sound pretty amazing, but it is our job to find out how much truth there is in them.

This is why we set out to create this review and find out just how potent SuperStim is and whether it lives up to the amazing claims the manufacturer made.

What’s in SuperStim?

For starters, SuperStim is pretty much made up of a proprietary blend, which contains Caffeine Anhydrous, Grapefruit Extract, Black Pepper Extract, Yohimbe Extract, Japanese Sophora Extract and Phyllanthus Extract.

These ingredients are all well-known in the supplements industry as either stimulants or thermogenics in nature. This means that if well-dosed, they should cause your metabolism to speed up quite a bit, burning more calories as well as help you feel more energized and mentally prepared to take on challenges.

Here is the complete label by Driven Sports:

SuperStim Supplement Facts
SuperStim Supplement Facts

Does It Work?

Our next step was to try the product ourselves and we did not regret it. In a very short period of taking just one tablet of SuperStim per day, our tester could feel the lift in energy. And while it may take a bit longer for actual weight loss to start occurring, the thermogenic effects were pretty evident.

Looking at other users’ testimonials as well, SuperStim does seem to be one of the top stimulant and thermogenic blends on the market. Make no mistake, though, SuperStim is no miracle drug. It will still require you to have a healthy, balanced diet as well as a rigorous workout routine so you can lose a significant amount of fat.

Based on all the information we could get our hands on, this product works great, which means a thumbs up in our book.

How Do I Take It?

The manufacturer suggests starting off with either half or one pill per day. The dose should be taken in the morning. Increase your dosage half a pill at a time as your tolerance grows. The product is only meant for adults and should not be used if pregnant, nursing or suffering from any serious medical conditions.


Here are a few testimonials that speak of the results when using SuperStim:

It’s really great, best pill on the market by far – probably the only product I can use for preworkout.

The amount of awesome that is SuperStim is beyond words. My wife and I take them at 5:45 am before the workout (with some Citrulline) and have Fantatsic workouts and amazing energy all day.

It even works for us old (50) ladies. Awesome work out. You do more without thinking about it. Woo HOO Love it!

Final Verdict

With what seem to be great doses of the likes of Yohimbe Extract and Caffeine Anhydrous, SuperStim appears to be among the best weight loss supplements currently available. If you are looking for a fat burner or simply a pre-workout to lift your energy before stepping in the gym, this product is definitely worth a shot.

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Excellent product. Long lasting energy, focus and thermogenesis. You should eat carefully though, no miracles, but a great booster for better performance and fat loss!

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