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If you are trying to get rid of that few extra pounds and feel better, you are at the right place. The supplement market is saturated with dietary supplements, most of them being fat burners and promising weight loss. Such a situation has its pros and cons, for both buyers and companies. Many of us already tried lots of products promising amazing results, but failing badly when it comes to fulfilling the expectations. This product from Metabolic Nutrition does its job perfectly, just like it is supposed to, and for that we really appreciate it.

The name is Synadrene and it is one of the best fat burners we laid our hands on in the past couple of months, providing everything needed for optimal weight loss environment. Let’s jump into it and see what makes it so special and how can it help you.

Synedrex Benefits

Synadrene is a top notch performance fat burner, which will help you say goodbye to all that unwanted fat. It comes with 45 pills packed with high-quality ingredients. Metabolic Nutrition made sure this supplement works from the very first usage, providing an instant positive effect for the body. Such a combination of compounds makes sure to speed up the metabolism, burn more body fat, control appetite and provide you a solid amount of energy without any crashes. People all around the globe are starting to recognize its value and the number of users increases extremely fast every single day. If you want to get the physique you always wanted, besides working hard and staying true to your plans, you need to take care of your diet, and Synadrene is one of the best options you can consider. It is very important to understand the power of this product. It has an effect on the body which last for more than 15 hours, making sure you go through the fat burning process whatever you do throughout the day. With that in mind, you can expect possible side effects, and if you are up for a bit of risk in order to grab your goals in the most effective way, this one from Metabolic Nutrition should definitely be your choice.

Synedrex Ingredients

Synadrene is not made for everyone. It contains a specially designed formula for those wanting instant results, and it wouldn’t be possible without some extremely powerful ingredients it contains.

Synadrene Supplement Facts

Lets check out some of its key compounds inside the Synadrene Proprietary Blend and what effect they have on the body.

Yohimbine Extract

Yohimbine, also known as Yohimbe, is an ingredient extremely effective for burning fat. It is also a general stimulant and aphrodisiac which can treat and prevent erectile dysfunction. It is important to known some medicals can interact with yohimbine, causing unwanted side effects. For that reason, we recommend checking your medicines list and making sure ones you take make no interactions.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid is carefully implemented into this blend making sure you get all the antioxidant properties it has to offer. It fights free radicals preventing any sort of oxidative damage withing the cells. It will also “slow aging”, protect the liver, regulate blood sugar and cholesterol and do much more. The list of benefits is endless, and it has very little, almost no related side effects.


It is a synthetic derivative of thiamine serving thousands of athletes for better overall performance. People also use it for treating various diseases, fatigue and weakness as well as improving memory and erectile function. It is most popular for it nootropic properties and is being used as a compound for many mood and motivation-enhancing supplements on the market.

Synedrex Side effects

Only problem with Synadrene is possibility of related side effects. It provides you everything needed for getting the fitness level you always wanted in a short amount of time, and just like any product of such a power it has its costs and risks. While using it you could experience side effects such as jitteriness, palpitations or insomnia.

Synedrex Reviews

“I’ve lost 32lbs in the past few months & I’m smaller than I’ve been in ten years. I’ve tried other diet pills before and they never made a difference.  Synadrene was the first one I’ve taken where I’ve seen results. I like Synadrene because it helps me focus at work (I get so much more done!), it eliminates my appetite which allows me to eat meals that I plan instead of randomly snacking, and the energy lasts throughout the day – I still have energy to work out in the evening after work. The only thing I didn’t like about this – the first few days suck. I felt sick and jittery because my body wasn’t used it it yet.  “

“Synadrene is great if you want to lose weight and fat. I saw results within two weeks. It is also a great appetite suppressant. I was never hungry. It is also good to give you energy and has just enough caffeine to get me thru the day. I would definitely recommend this product and i use it often! “

“Synadrene has HELPED! me lose approximately 115lbs, I have “HELPED” emphasized as such because to lose the weight i have you need a total plan, including healthy eating habits, consistence in workouts, not just a “magical pill”…… But overall great product recommend to anyone trying to lose extra weight and suppress hunger with steady energy! “

Synedrex Conclusion

Metabolic Nutrition came up with one of the most potent weight loss supplements we have yet put our hands on. Synadrene is an extremely effective fat burner which it will also keep you focused, energized and motivated for activities in and off the gym, due to the impact for more than 15 hours. A supplement of such a power is expected to have a possibility of causing unwanted side effects and so does Synadrene. Because it uses some of the strongest compounds on the market you should experience its immediate influence on the body and very fast results.

It isn’t for everyone and if you are afraid of side effects you shouldn’t consider it as your choice, but if you are willing to put some risk, it could pay off sooner than you thought. We have found hundreds of users comments on Synadrene, most of them being positive, only the very few mentioning unwanted effects on the body.

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