Synadrene by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Review: The Original Synadrex Formula With Improvements

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Review Summary:

Have you been hunting for an effective thermogenic after Synadrex? Are you missing the product? Don’t worry, there is a new product specifically formulated to replace Synadrex. This new formula embodies all the features that made the original Synadrex amazing with addition of some innovative ingredients. Let’s find out more on this product!

People have always tried to shred pounds and find the most effective products that could help them do that. One of the most prominent fat burners out there was Synadrex with DMAA. After being pressured by the FDA, the manufacturers stopped with its production and left thousands of customers dissatisfied.

Fortunately,  Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals re-engineered Synadrex  into Synadrene, which is even more powerful than its precursor.  Slight modifications in terms of fat burning ingredients were made in order to produce Synadrene. This product will help you defeat the unwelcome fat with enhanced energy, faster metabolism, better focus and less cravings. Let’s see what Synadrene is about.

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What Does It Do?

Key features of this product are:

  • Increased energy
  • Lowered appetite
  • Better memory and focus
  • Accelerated metabolism
  • Fat storage prevention
  • Improved mood

What’s in It?

The original product Synadrex was so powerful that the manufacturer was forced by the FDA to change its formula and weaken it. The manufacturer of Synadrene actually embodied everything that was amazing in the original Synadrex and added some innovative fat burning ingredients. Key ingredients of Synadrene include: Caffeine Anhydrous, Green Tea Extract, D-M-A-A, Sulbutiamine, Sandalwood Extract, Yohimbe Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Poly-Thyronine.

Caffeine Anhydrous: We all know how beneficial caffeine is when it comes to fat burning. This ingredient increases lipolysis, which breaks the fat and prevents it from being stored all over the body. The number of calories you intake daily will also be lowered since caffeine suppresses the appetite. Furthermore, water retention is no longer an issue. Caffeine prevents it by working as a mild diuretic. Your mental cognition and focus will be enhanced, since caffeine stimulates your central nervous system, your heart and muscles.

Green Tea Extract is made from Camellia Sinensis plant and is very beneficial when it comes to mental alertness levels and thinking. This ingredient is proven to be very efficient when it comes to weight loss and high blood pressure prevention. With its main compound EGCG, Green Tea Extract makes your metabolism faster and increases fat oxidation.

D-M-A-A is an ingredient that stimulates central-nervous system and leads to increased energy and better physical performance. This ingredient will also give you a heightened focus and energy levels. D-M-A-A works well in combination with caffeine and strengthens energy levels, focus, concentration and euphoric feelings.

 Sulbutiamine is actually a derivative of B1 that plays an essential role in providing the brain with the energy and transportation of fat in the body. This ingredient is also beneficial when it comes to the number of dopamine receptors in the brain. Sulbutiamine can help you with mental cognition and pleasure sensations.

Yohimbe Extract improves the lipolysis. This extract contains a chemical compound yohimbine, which is known for its features of increasing the metabolism and making medicine. This chemical compound increases the blood flow throughout the body. Yohimbe Extract was proven to be very helpful in terms of appetite suppression, well being, mood and better sexual performance.

Alpha Lipoic Acid helps our bodies to convert glucose to energy. It can be easily taken with carbohydrates because of its insulin mimicking effects.

Poly-Thyronine has been shown to boost metabolism and suppress the appetite with no risk for your heart or blood pressure.

The complete list of the  ingredients can be found in the supplement label below:


Does It Work?

Based on all of the ingredients in this product we can say that this product is really effective for what it claims to do. Green Tea Extract is pretty beneficial when it comes to your cardiovascular system and it has also been proven do induce lipolysis. DMAA releases norepinephrine in the body which gives an amazing feel-good sensation.

Sulbutiamine will help you with memory, focus and fatigue. Sandalwood extract is great when it comes to muscle cramping, anxiety, memory and it has anti-diabetic properties as well. Yohimbine extract definitely helps improve mental cognition and reduces the feeling of hunger. Alpha Lipoic Acid increases your energy levels and helps regulate glucose. All of the ingredients are carefully dosed and clinically proven. This product doesn’t contain anything that shouldn’t be in it, and what’s in it it’s really effective for what it claims to be.


Three is a number of positive users’ testimonials when it comes to this product. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Usually, I am not a huge fat of fat burners. I have a pretty fast metabolism in the first place, so I usually do not need to use any sort of fat loss supplement. I usually bulk year around, so taking a fat loss supplement is counter productive to my goals and aspirations. However, this is a really awesome deal so it was worth me checking out.

Two days in. This stuff rocks. Intense energy and you really feel good on it

I always loved the old Synedrex, this feels the same. I took it 20 minutes before going to the gym and crushed my cardio! It also improves your mood and diminishes your appetite making it great for cutting. Great stuff!

Final Verdict

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In conclusion there isn’t much to say. Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals really did an  amazing job by manufacturing Synadrene. This product will bring you a number of benefits thanks to its carefully chosen ingredients. Based on the ingredients and users’ testimonials, we would definitely recommend Synadrene to you. It is an effective fat burner, which can also improve your mood, energy, memory, focus and metabolism in general. Make sure you get out and buy Synadrene today.

Any experiences when it comes to Synadrene? Is it as effective as Synadrex or even better? Let us know in the comment section.

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  1. Just received my bottle yesterday. A little after my second dose I got extremely sick and spent all night vomiting. Tried it again (just to make sure), this time only one dose in the morning and I’ve spent all day nauseas. Not pleased to say the least

  2. I started taking Synadrene 2days ago after run out of Synedrex. I heard it’s the same effect as Suynedrex and even more powerful and improved, but it’s not. I felt sick, headache and vomited few times today….

  3. OK so I started taking this about five days ago and I will say this the stuff really works. The first day I took it I felt very nauseated and didn’t want to eat much had a stomachache and I only took one pill in the morning on an empty stomach. The second day I took one pill and I ate a banana and drank some water I felt fine no nausea no stomachache I also felt lots of energy and less hunger as well as less cravings I’m definitely a sweet eater. Here it is day five and today is the first day I started taking two pills one early in the morning about 6 AM and one at about 11 AM I feel great no hunger eating very small meals due to hardly no appetite and I’m already down 6 pounds.

  4. Ive tried almost every thermogenic under the sun. I actually take thermogenics as a replacement for coffee. I use Synadrene on my off days in the morning before work – like coffee! The stuff is amazing. I’m never hungry, energetic, in a great mood, and most importantly my mental focus is phenomenal. I almost feel like I am cheating at work. I have experienced no side effects except when I first started taking it, my eyes would be bloodshot, probably from amount of caffeine. This side effect has since subsided. I do take short breaks from Synadrene, just so my body doesn’t ever get used to it. Give it a shot!

  5. Ok! I was OBSESSED with the original SYNEDREX formula. So naturally, I jumped on this Syadrene. It’s definitely no where near as strong as the original Synedrex. I used to have to take half the amount of the original stuff. It was crazy strong, and the weight-loss was also crazy…. Unlike the other reviews, this new stuff doesn’t make me sick. I feel pretty good. Gives energy and focus with one pill in the morning (I feel that similar/familiar “hyper focus”). I’m going to start taking 2 a day (one in the AM the other mid-day) I go to the gym around 6pm and one wasn’t enough to carry me through the whole day. It does ok as an appetite suppressant but still, not as good as original Synedrex. So, all in all, it’s not perfect but it’s pretty good. You just have to take more than you use to with the original stuff. ALSO! Make sure you are drinking your water through out the day like with the original. Will help not only with weight-loss but will flush you and probably help not make you feel nauseas.

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