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TeaCrine Review: What Makes it an All Time Favorite Energy Booster?

In this fast-paced age, many people are looking for the right ingredient that can deliver focus, concentration, and energy to break through performance and keep in control with a smooth lift. The hunt is over and science has the answer. Take a further look at this Teacrine review; you’ll see if this supplement is right for you.

Long-term consumption of caffeine can lead to a vicious cycle of fatigue and insomnia. You lose sleep because of the caffeine, but you need the caffeine to stay awake during the day. Regular caffeine consumption about 357 milligrams per day—can lead to addiction. This not only causes a physical dependence on caffeine but also boosts your tolerance, forcing you to consume more caffeine just to feel the same effects.

Caffeine is a harsh substance that stimulates your central nervous system. This means it can help boost your alertness and eliminate your drowsiness. Chances are you consume some caffeine on a regular basis if you drink coffee or tea, drink soda or eat chocolate. And although caffeine is widely consumed, it still considered a drug and it comes with some potential disadvantages.

What Is Teacrine?

TeaCrine is a nature-identical compound contains an extract of pure theacrine, often used in dietary supplements. TeaCrine works with your body’s natural metabolic processes to increase your mental clarity, energize your muscle, and increase your overall mood and motivation.

It shares a similar molecular structure with caffeine. TeaCrine is not a form of caffeine. In fact, the compound can be used in conjunction with caffeine to enhance and extend the effects of that one cup of coffee while minimizing some of the drawbacks of chronic or high doses of caffeine. Teacrine provides multiple benefits aimed at promoting performance athletes, driven professionals, intense gamers or anyone striving to perform at their peak.

This ultimately leads to a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Decreased physical discomfort from intense exercise
  • Increased antioxidant activity for greater cellular protection
  • A more positive mood
  • Decreased stress and irritability
  • Increased neural drive
  • Increased motivation

What Is In Teacrine?

Review Section

Love this stuff. Great addition to PWO, noticeable at 100mg, but at 200 mg PWO the focus and energy are amazing. Especially when taken with caffeine. If you are looking to get in the zone during your workout give this a try!

Used this with 300mg caffeine pre-workout for a couple of days, then went on holidays and took only the Teacrine with me. Worked out a few times, taking two pills beforehand each time. I got to say it was like I was still using the pre-workout. Each workout was almost two hours long, but I still had plenty of energy, and I didn’t crash afterward (though I rarely do). Thumbs up for this great product!

I started with 50mg and found 100mg to be my sweet spot. The energy is really good and my focus is strong. I’m able to do way more in a workout than without this supplement and I am also considering using this instead of caffeine pills moving on.

TeaCrine Pros & Cons


  • Supports healthy metabolic activity and energy production
  • Decreases physical discomfort associated with intense exercise
  • Reduces perceived exertion from exercise
  • Increases cellular protection through antioxidant activity
  • Supports a positive mood and decreased feelings of stress and irritability
  • Increases motivation to exercise and accomplish tasks
  • Increases neural drive


  • doesn’t seem to have the same tolerance buildup
  • subjects showed no signs of desensitization


TeaCrine will keep you calm after its effects have worn off, and acts as an analgesic, making it popular as a pre-workout energy booster. TeaCrine also has a much wider effect, offering a broader and more controlled range of safe dosage. In addition to that, it possesses anti-inflammatory effects, which can promote reduced muscle soreness.

Theacrine is a unique supplement with valuable performance-enhancing properties that extend well beyond that caffeine. Its ability to reduce factors that inhibit recovery coupled with the fact that continuous use will not result in desensitization or a resulting decrease in performance make it a superior option for hard training athletes looking for supplement that’ll allow them to optimize performance.

TeaCrine can give you the boost you need without the same side effects as caffeine. However, keep in mind that everyone is different, so you may react to TeaCrine differently. Consult your doctor before you take TeaCrine in your daily life.

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The Key Ingredients of Teacrine

Silicon dioxide – serves as an anticaking agent. It is used to prevent clumping. In supplements, it’s used to prevent the various powdered ingredients from sticking together. However, numerous studies have found no health risks associated with this particular ingredient.

Magnesium stearate – is a white powder that combines the essential mineral magnesium and the saturated fat stearic acid. It provides a small amount of magnesium, but it’s primarily used as an inactive ingredient in the pharmaceutical and supplement industries to produce pills with more consistent dosing.

Cellulose – is the chemical name for fiber, and fiber is made up of long chains of sugar molecules — glucose, to be precise. While your cells can use glucose for energy.

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Because of theacrine’s similarities to caffeine, it is likely that some people may experience some of the classic side effects of stimulants such as nervousness, jitters, and anxiety. These side effects are far more likely to be noticed when theacrine is used at high dosages.


How Does Theacrine Work?

Like caffeine, theacrine works by blocking adenosine receptors preventing the molecule adenosine from binding with them. When adenosine binds to a receptor, one of its effects will slow down the activity in that cell, thus causing drowsiness. As theacrine binds to more and more adenosine receptors, it prevents adenosine from binding and slowing down activity. This results in the feelings of enhanced mental and physical energy that theacrine provides.

How Should Theacrine be used?

Theacrine is most commonly used to provide a boost in energy. If being used for that purpose, a dose of 150 – 300 mg is typically sufficient. Theacrine has been studied at doses up to 400 mg and appears to be safe to use in that quantity. It is not recommended that more than 450 mg of Theacrine be used per day, however.

How Does Theacrine Differ From Caffeine?

Theacrine is very similar in structure, effects, and safety of caffeine. There are, however, a few key differences which potentially make theacrine a superior supplement. First, is the fact that tolerance to caffeine builds much more quickly than to theacrine. As Teacrine, a caffeine tolerance can form in as few as three or four days, while studies on theacrine have shown consistent use for over 1 week without any tolerance forming.

Is Using Theacrine Safe?

The research performed on Theacrine suggests that its use is as safe as caffeine. One study in which participants used theacrine at doses ranging from 200 – 400 mg found no adverse side effects and no changes in systemic blood flow. Theacrine is found in kucha tea has been consumed by humans for hundreds of years without issue, although it is found at lower doses in kucha tea than it would generally be consumed at as an energy boosting supplement.

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A dose of between 150 – 300 mg is sufficient to provide a noticeable boost in energy and focus. Theacrine is safe to use in higher doses, however, doses exceeding 450 mg are not recommended. Care should be used if combining theacrine with caffeine, and lower doses than usual for each should be taken.


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