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Test X180 Ignite Review: Scam or Winning Test Booster?

What’s one way of increasing the level of testosterone in your body, you say? Using a testosterone booster. And one product that claims to help spike up testosterone is Test X180. Let’s see if it works…

Every man wants strong and bigger muscles, strength in sexual performance and unbeatable power of stamina. For these requirements, he usually uses different medicines, laser treatments, good and healthy diets as well as regular exercises.

Now while pulling off these goals may seem impossible, there’s one surefire solution to help you achieve them: raise your free testosterone. What’s one way of increasing the level of testosterone in your body, you say? Using a testosterone booster. And one product that claims to help spike up testosterone is Test X180.

At its simplest, Test X180 is a testosterone booster that contains clinically proven ingredients to really set off the results that you’re looking for. You can find it in three different types depending on the goals you’re aiming for:

  • Test X180
  • Test X180 ALPHA
  • Test X180 IGNITE
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The formula includes:

Testofen – the well-known, effective compound that helps your body combat its natural testosterone decline.

Ginseng, Tribulus Terrestris, and Cordyceps to enhance energy and increase blood flow.

Vitamin D, B12, and B6 which gives your body power and stamina to work.

Product Directions:

Test X180 is relatively safe and made from natural ingredients, but still it is best to use supplement on doctor’s advice. To avoid side effects, follow the recommended dosage carefully.

  • Only 1 capsule twice a day should be use.
  • Do not take other male enhancement supplements or testosterone boosters with this product to prevent side effects.
  • Never exceed the recommended dosage to prevent side effects.

Pros and Cons:

The knowledge of both the good and the bad, make a smart decision of use. Firstly, we’ll see advantages of Test X180:

  • Test X180 boosts energy level of sex drive and libido.
  • It is a potent muscle builder and controls body fat to give you an attractive  body.
  • You can already notice changes within 2 weeks of use
  • Reputable company “The Force Factor”, produces fine quality supplements.
  • Only renowned supplement retailer GNC distributes this product.
  • There are many positive feedback and reviews from customers who have tried it.
  • Test X180 contains clinically proven ingredients for increasing testosterone. All of ingredients related information is available on the product’s website.
  • This is safe and effective formula that only contains all-natural ingredients and does not cause any serious side effect.
  • Easy to take, small capsules twice a day.

Now, we’ll see disadvantages of Test X180:

  • The product is not intended for women, it is only for men.
  • Many people find it a bit on the expensive side at an average price of $80 a bottle.
  • Some men have faced Acne problem and some faced hair loss and oily skin etc. Some people who have tried this product also stated experiencing gas and gastrointestinal disturbances.


Every person has its own review and experience about the Test X180. But there were several guys that said they had great results by using this product.

We asked someone about the Test X180 he used. He answered:

“Been using this stuff for about 2 weeks now and I feel a MAJOR difference in my overall energy levels. Before I started using it I felt like crap all the time, just very lethargic, no energy for the gym, no sex with the wife. This really helped a lot by giving me a real boost in all areas, I will continue using Test X180 for the foreseeable future.


Given the lineup of natural and clinically proven ingredients that Test X180 offers, I think that this testosterone booster is a good choice if you’re looking to get your hands on a reliable product that can get the job done. However, if you’re looking for an alternative product that’s got a lot more punch and better ingredients, you should go for Conquest HD.

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