Maybe you’re wondering why you aren’t getting your desired body and health goals. Carbs are an important nutrient. It takes an understanding of what they should be doing, why and how. If you don’t know what a carb is, how can you know you’re getting the carbs that you want?

Today, we’ll be divulging the real score on carbs – what are they, where they are, why and when we need them.

What Are Carbohydrates?

If you’re active, carbs are a part of your life. Carbohydrates are also known as saccharide – a group that involves cellulose, starch and sugar. All carbs are made of sugar – whether it’s complex or simple carbs. Your body will break it down into its simplest form, converting into glucose which your body requires.

The rate at which your body breaks down glucose (a monosaccharide) is going to cause an inflamed reaction. Simple carbs give your body a fast source of meal. While complex carbs simulate gradually as they are polysaccharides (long-term sugar molecules). Your body needs more time to break them down, which means complex carbs are great for meals during the day because of their small impact. You have to concentrate more on integrating this type of carb in your body.

Sugar is often publicized as “bad for the health”. But in reality, it’s NOT bad for you. What makes it undesirable is the amount you take in and when you take it in. Rapid absorption of sugar is perfect for faster recovery post-workout.

Carbs for Building Muscle Mass

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You already know protein is essential to build muscles. When you train, intense workouts drain your body’s glycogen source (a stored form of glucose), adding carbs into your system provides you the energy that you need to push through every training. A balance between protein and carbs is the key to gaining lean muscle mass.

After a workout, replenish your body with simple carbs to help your body go into proper muscle repair.

You need to drink Phormula-1 (a hydrolyzed whey protein isolate), the fastest digesting protein you can get. Your body goes into a catabolic state or muscle-breaking state which breaks muscle tissues down to be utilized as energy until you can get the essential nutrients to start repair.

You may spike your insulin to trigger muscle repair mode with the help of 1st Phorm’s Ignition (for moderate to intense exercises). Ignition increases your insulin levels 6x more than your table sugar would. It will transport all the nutrients your body needs into your muscle tissue for recovery.

Why Can’t I Just Use Any Standard Carb?

In a post-exercise setting, it’s the only time that a supplement is better than whole foods. In addition, you can’t get simple carbs from a whole food source. By using Ignition, you’re producing the best anabolic state in your body for muscle recovery. Drinking Ignition with Phormula-1, the latter supports your body to go into muscle healing.

Why Can’t I Spike My Insulin All The Time to Go Anabolic?

You can’t do that because protein sources carbs and carbs source fat, so you won’t be able to burn fat if you spike insulin the entire day. Spiking insulin throughout the day means stowing fat the entire day. Doing so will only result to obesity, and you don’t want that.

Why Can’t I Skip Ignition Post-workout If I Want to Burn Fat?

If you skip Ignition after exercise, the more muscle tissue you will lose. You’ll burn fat, but lots of muscle tissue is a problem.

Simple and complex carbs both have a place in your diet – the key is in timing and amount. Neither one of these is better than the other. But one is better in doing something than the other. So complex carb is better during the day, and simple is ideal post-exercise.

The main concern of your body is refilling its glycogen source. Taking Phormula-1 post-exercise alters a part of those proteins into glucose, while the remaining proteins go into aiding muscle repair.

Your body can run off carbs, and unless you want the best results possible, getting carbs post-training is crucial.

When or Why to Use Ignition Pre-workout

If you were unable to take a meal an hour before training, taking Ignition can provide protein and carbs in your system, providing your body with more glucose.

If you’re serious about building muscle mass, take Ignition pre-workout. You’ll be able to push yourself harder in the gym.

Protein and carbs are different weights. Carbs are going to settle to the bottom, and proteins stay on top because it’s a lighter element.

Using Ignition with your protein depends on the intensity of your workouts. It’s the best supplement to your needs.

Donuts, gummy bears and pop tarts are great carb sources but they have to be broken down, and that takes time. The faster glucose is distributed into your body, the more beneficial it will be for you.

How about Carbs for Diabetics?

It depends on the type of diabetes you have and what your diet is. The best solution to educate on carbs is by seeking your doctor’s professional advice.

Concentrate on getting the carbs in. You need to educate yourself to know the real deal. Have an interest in knowing it. Learn how nutrition can play a part on your body and your goals.

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