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Tonalin CLA by Natrol
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  • Tonalin CLA by Natrol
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Review Summary:

In the sea of fat burning supplements on the market these days, it is very difficult to choose the best one that really gets the job done. Based on testimonials from people who have already given it a shot,Tonalin CLA guarantees long-term success and is definitely worth giving a try.This product has been discontinued.

Is Tonalin CLA a good choice to reach for when it comes to getting rid of surplus pounds? Let's give it a closer look in a bit to see if it's really worth giving a try.

It's not uncommon that experts from all around the globe recommend special diets. TV commercials are full of products that promise the body everyone wants. But the question still remains the same: Is there really a product that will actually help you lose weight?

Tonalin CLA by Natro is yet another product in the sea of fat burning supplements you will find on the market nowadays. In this review we will find out what sets it apart from its counterparts and if it should be on your arsenal anytime soon.

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How about we start the ball rolling right now?

What’s In Tonalin CLA?

Conjugated Linoleic Acids or CLA's are closely linked to Omega 6 fatty acids that can be found in dairy and animal fats. CLA's cannot be produced by the human body and in order to get them into your system you will have to use supplementation.

But the thing is they are also the main ingredients of Tonalin CLA. The CLA's you can find in this product is derived from Saffron Oil and does not contain any stimulants nor artificial colors, added yeast, wheat, sugar or salt unlike other products sold commercially these days.

Here is the complete supplement label with the ingredients and the dietary facts:

Tonalin CLA Supplement Facts

Tonalin CLA Supplement Facts

Does it Work?

Containing no stimulants at all, Tonalin CLA is a high quality CLA that does not provoke side effects of any kind when taken in the recommended doses. However, you should definitely consult your physician before using it.

Just to give you a heads up, the feedback from the people who have already tried it is somewhat divided, as some users noticed results in just a couple of weeks, while it took a bit longer for others.

What is super important with Tonalin CLA, and CLAs in general, is that you cannot expect it to work instantly as the results will certainly not be the same when you start using it for the first time and after six months of constant consumption. Based on the data gathered for this reviews, I have not come across anyone who had used Tonalin CLA and noticed any kind of significant change after just a couple of weeks, so you will have to be patient with this product.

Most of us would like to see immediate results and that’s probably the main challenge for Natrol with this product. However, the fact is that Tonalin CLA has already helped numerous users, which can be seen if you check out the numerous testimonials left by consumers on the web.

Side Effects

This is the part where you need to pay special attention, especially if you are taking special medications or if you have been treated for a certain medical condition in the past. Some of the circumstances where side effects could potentially get in the picture include:

  • The outbreak of acne
  • Serious impact on people suffering from arthritis
  • Terrible headaches

However, it is not confirmed that people who did not have any health troubles have experienced the side effects listed above. As I said earlier, the best way to be absolutely safe is to consult your physician before taking Tonalin CLA.

How Do I Take It?

Tonalin CLA is pretty easy to use. Simply take one (1) pill with each meal you have. Keep in mind not to take more pills than recommended.


I started using this 2.5 yrs ago because I heard it could help me lose weight. 77 lbs later I am thrilled…not only did I lose weight my cholesterol corrected itself. My numbers were horrid. I now take no cholesterol meds. This stuff increased my HDL to 60 , up from 40.

It works. But you have to give it 6-8 weeks before you see results. You also have to combine it with diet and exercise.

Final Verdict

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Interestingly, it comes to the same bottom line with all the fat burning supplements you can go for these days. You will waste your money if you are not going to exercise or keep a close eye on your diet. You need to be aware that you cannot expect miracles by just taking a couple of pills every day without changing your lifestyle.

Tonalin CLA definitely deserves a chance because it has already helped a lot of people and there is no reason why it would not help you, if used properly, of course.

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