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#1:Nitrovit 110% 30 Money Back Day ⬇ Review Link
#2: Masterbrain 30 Day Guarantee ⬇ Review Link
#3: oPTImIND 110% Money Back ⬇ Review Link

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From the Community

We’ve finally finished collating the results of our poll that we announced a few weeks back. So what do you think is the most potent liver health supplement? Don’t forget to check out the responses that we have gathered below.

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Best Nootropics
Best Nootropics
Best Nootropics

Top 4 Nootropics of 2020: The Drugs That Can ACTUALLY Make You Smarter

Can you really take drugs that will improve cognitive enhancement and make you smarter?

There's a lot of hype out right now about a new class of drugs called nootropics. You probably heard of them, but they're supplements designed specifically to improve memory, concentration, learning ability and even improve social skills.

A lot of the scientific research is still new, but there are some clear leaders in the chemical discoveries we've made that have shown major and significant effects on the brain.

I have a huge passion for nootropics and have been taking them for years. This is why I wanted to put together an official list but the most potent widely researched and incredibly effective cognitive enhancers according to the latest research in 2020.


The way most of the smart drugs work is by increasing blood flow and increase activity within the neurons itself. They may also affect which chemicals are released we could determine the amount of mental focus you have available at the time. The health of your brain also determines how well it's able to perform and what level of intelligence you have.

A good nootropic will feed the brain what it needs and will allow you to utilize it more efficiently. These include essential compounds backed by research like ALPHA GPC, acetylcholine, and highly dosed amino acids that strengthen the brain like taurine, vitamin b6 and b12.


The research team here and I has had years of experience taking nootropics herself as well as studying and researching the compound and their effect on the brain. We have gone to enlist medical journals, scientific articles as well as speaking to hundreds of people about what works.

We've narrowed down our search to 4 of the most essential compounds that affect the brain in the most dramatic way:

#1: Modafinil (Provigil)

Modafinil, also known as Provigil, is actually the real life Limitless drug and is what the movie was based off of. It’s a prescription drug that is prescribed people with regular work hours and narcolepsy. but in normal people it is a very potent compound it keeps you focused and awake for days, gives you incredible memory retention, improves your ability to communicate dramatically, and give you major surges of motivation.

It improves executive functioning in the brain, responsible for intelligent use of your time and resources to accomplish goals. You’ll find yourself on a detailed plan of attack for whatever you want in life, similar to the movie.

It’s got hardly any side effects but it will dehydrate you so make sure you drink a lot of water. If you happen to get your hands on some, take your first thing in the morning because it will keep you up for a long time.

#2: Noopept

Noopept is a nootropic compound 1,000 times stronger than piracetam that can be felt almost immediately after you take it.

It’s a synthetic drug that boosts compounds in the brain responsible for the brain cell growth called BDNF. You can experience faster memory recall, intense focus, and enhanced creativity while dosing noopept.

Only the strongest nootropic supplements in 2020 are including this compound, so make sure the formula you have has it in their formula.


This is a compound so powerful it’s a medication prescribed for people with Alzheimer’s and has pronounced effects on memory. Combined with other powerful ingredients like Noopept, the mixture of memory recall with enhanced learning ability makes anyone a very intellectually dangerous person. Especially in a debate.

This causes the brain to release acetylcholine, an essential peptide for learning and memory ability.

Any quality nootropic will contain this ingredient, although it’s mor expensive. That’s how you know it’s a product that will be effective.

#4: Huperzine A

This compound is one that has been heavily studied in young teenage students. Results have shown improvements in learning capability and memory recall when taken twice daily.

There’s a reason it’s in most nootropic stacks, and that’s due to it’s credibility and track record in the scientific community.

It also has positive impacts on REM sleep length and quality, as well as reports of lucid dreaming in many who use it before bed.


There are a lot of nootropic supplements available. Being in the industry for a long time, I've heard all the claims. Before we would recommend any nootropic, there were certain criteria these products needed to fit.
Money Back Guarantee

Anyone offering a strong guarantee most likely has a pretty solid product. There’s a lot of claims being made in marketing but very few have the willingness to back it up. Some products offer a short window of time to get your money back, and others have some serious guarantees that make it hard to say no.


Has the company been around a long time? Watch out for products being put out by overnight companies that will put you on an auto-ship and suddenly charging you each month. We’ved looked into WHO is developing the product, their current reputation, how long the company has been around and their quality of customer support.

Speed of Effectiveness

Timing is key, and was also an important factor we considered when comparing the top nootropics supplements in 2020. We wanted something that worked…fast. And wanted to be able to experience the benefits of it in less than an hour.


Also, aside from speed, we wanted something POTENT. Not a product that was going to include minimum dosages for a mild effect. The product needed to have large amounts of doses to be maximally effective, but also include the latest compounds and ingredients.

Also, it was important for us that the nootropic we chose had at least the 3 out of 4 of the compounds listed above: noopept, ALPHA GPC, and Huperzine A.

Why Not Modafinil?

Modafinil is a prescription drug, so most supplements won't offer it in their formulas. That's something you'd have to buy online from a pharmacy or have a plug for.

THE TOP 3 IN 2020

There are a lot of effective nootropics out there today. We've gone through a lot of them and there was a clear winner at the end of this race.

We think the 3 products below are the absolute leaders in the field. You will undoubtedbly get smarter and achieve more by taking any of the options you find most attractive to you.

#1: Nitrovit


Official Site

Potency: 3 of 4 ingredients

Speed of Formula: 15 minutes

✓ Company Reputation: 10/10

Guarantee: ONE YEAR

#2: Masterbrain

masterbrain pm

Official Site

Potency: 3 of 4 ingredients

Speed of Formula: 30-60 mins

✓ Company Reputation: 10/10

Guarantee: 110% 30 Day

#3: oPTImIND


Official Site

Potency: 3 of 4 ingredients

Speed of Formula: 30-60 mins

✓ Company Reputation: 10/10

Guarantee: 110% 30 Day


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