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#3: Legion Lunar 110% Money Back ⬇ Review Link

It’s High Time You Finally Got the Sleep that You’ve Always Dreamed Of

If you’re anything like most people these days, chances are you’re neglecting to get the right amount of sleep each time you go to bed.

With so many distractions to divert our attention even when we already need to rest – like regularly checking out our social media accounts, playing video games, and keeping updated with our favorite shows, it’s not uncommon that we’re losing a lot of time for quality sleep every night.

Sure you may just think of sleep as a time for relaxation, but it actually plays a vital role in keeping your overall health and well-being in tiptop shape. Besides allowing the body to heal damaged cells and tissues, it also helps eliminate stress hormones, maintains ideal blood pressure levels as well as optimizing insulin reserves.

But what if you always have trouble snoozing, you ask? Interestingly, there are a lot of supplements called sleep aids that you can get your hands on nowadays to help you get the right amount of sleep every time you need to catch forty winks.

There’s a rather big catch, though. Only a few of these sleep aid products work like they claim. And going for the wrong product won’t just make sleeping even more difficult for you, but can also make you vulnerable to a number of mental and physical issues in the long run.

Are you still having a tough time zeroing in on the best sleep aids available today? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve come up with a lineup of the most effective sleeping aid supplements to help you grab the perfect product when you shop for one.

Now we’ve got that covered, why don’t you read on to check out our countdown for the most potent sleep aids of 2017?

Don’t Snooze on the Hottest Sleep Aids That You Can Get Your Hands On

You snooze, you lose, right? Well, that’s not the case if you are privy to which sleep aids should be in your checklist when shopping online. You’re sure to look and feel like a winner each time you wake up if you just know which products to consider and which ones to keep clear of.

Don’t miss out on the most amazing deals in terms of buying this year’s best sleep aids. Make sure you follow along to start revolutionizing your slumber experience for the better right now.

From the Community

The results are in! We've finally finished collating the results of our poll after several weeks of data gathering. We asked you to share what your favorite sleep aids are and your responses were simply overwhelming. You will find the results below:

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Best Sleep Aids
Best Sleep Aids
Best Sleep Aids

Product Breakdown

So before we present to you our countdown of the best sleep aids of 2017, we'd just like to remind you that we put in a lot of time and effort to pick the products that you will see in a few moments.

Apart from meticulously going through the ingredients list of countless products to see if they are really loaded with the right stuff, we also scrutinized the pricing as well as lot and lots of customer reviews. We also went the extra mile and subjected the most promising products to a rigorous in-house testing, too, to be able to weed out the best from the rest.

#1: Genius Sleep Aid

GENIUS SLEEP AID is an innovative formula that aids you reach rest quicker, remain asleep, as well as awaken feeling rejuvenated. * Developed to be non-habit developing with just half a milligram of Melatonin however supported with reliable dosages of L- Theanine, Glycine, & Inositol in this multi-benefit sleep supplement. * Wizard Sleep also gives adrenal assistance with the caffeine removing component, Rutaecarpine! *.

Sleep Faster.
Boosted GABA as well as melatonin synthesis assistance quiet a hyperactive mind and also shuttle bus the body into a deep, corrective rest. *.

Ease Anxiety & Anxiousness.
Worrying, worrying, as well as feeling anxious cause consistent thrashing, leaving you feeling more tired the next day. Genius Sleep Aid has natural components that minimize tension, enabling you to “switch off” and unplug for the evening.

Added Adrenal Assistance.
In addition to reducing anxiety and anxiety, Genius Sleep Aid likewise sustains adrenal health with the addition of rutaecarpine, an herb verified to quicken caffeine elimination from the body. *.

Non-Habit Forming & Medicine Free.
Genius Sleep Aid relies upon natural components to promote a sense of tranquility as well as leisure, permitting you to get on a deep, corrective rest and also wake up sensation revitalized as well as revitalized. It does not rely on habit-forming, tolerance-building compounds that leave you really feeling damaged the morning after.

When & Just how to Make use of.
Genius Sleep Aid is best made use of on night's when excellent rest is sorely needed. We recommend consuming one serving (two pills) 30 minutes before sleep and adhering to a 5-on, 2-off procedure where Genius Sleep Aid is dosed five nights in a row adhered to by two night off.

Just how to Pile.
For included muscle mass recovery and development, consume one offering of Wizard Healthy protein with your serving of Genius Sleep Aid 30 minutes prior to bed.

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#2: Downtime PM


Downtime PM takes the Number One spot in our countdown of the most potent sleep aids of 2017 because of one very big reason: it is the only supplement available these days that's primarily designed to inhibit the levels of a specific hormone called cortisol from going through the roof.

Produced by the adrenal glands, cortisol plays a key role in maintaining the right amounts of blood sugar as well as activating certain neurotransmitters in the central nervous system. But the thing is it becomes somewhat of a nuisance when its numbers go beyond normal in the body. See, having too much cortisol in your system basically disrupts your circadian rhythm, which is the body's way of determining when to activate its sleeping cycle.

When your circadian rhythm isn't up to par, you won't just have a tough time going to sleep, but getting the right amounts of it can become rather challenging, too. And constantly missing out on quality slumber can set off lots of serious health issues like lowered immune function, elevated blood pressure, dampened thyroid function, impaired cognitive performance, slow healing of wounds as well as being prone to decreased muscle mass and bone density.

Moreover, studies also show that getting not enough sleep in a regular basis can promote increased abdominal fat, which is seen to be a key factor in the development of heart disease, and even boost your vulnerability to type 2 diabetes and mild depression. What we really like about Downtime PM is its formulation is centered on keeping cortisol in check, which maintains ideal circadian rhythm.

It's simple and straightforward at the same time while getting the job done. You won't find any unnecessary fillers and add-ons in its ingredient list that don't seem to have a reason why they're there in the first place.

And Downtime PM is also produced by 1st Phorm, a company whose supplements easily gathered quite a following in just a few years for their potency, quality and overall practicality. (You can also click here to check out reviews of other 1st Phorm products.)

Buy Downtime PM right now with free shipping.

#3: Legion Lunar

The supplement that takes the Number Two spot in our lineup of the top sleep aids of 2017 is Legion Lunar. Manufactured by Legion Athletics, it is an all-natural sleeping supplement that also helps alleviate insomnia while speeding up the time you need to get drowsy.

What got our nod to make this supplement our second pick is its innovative combination of three (3) natural ingredients, namely L-glycine, Lemon balm extract and Melatonin, that are not just seen to improve sleep quality, but also help people wake up refreshed and rejuvenated.

Why don't we check out the primary components of Legion Lunar to see the benefits that they are capable of? L-glycine is a type of neurotransmitter and amino acid that is naturally abundant in gelatin-rich foods like fish, seaweed, and red meat. Experts point out that supplementing with L-glycine not just helps boost your circadian rhythm so you won't find it tricky to fall asleep, but also improves your overall sleep quality so you will wake up feeling recharged every time.

Additionally, there are also studies that show L-glycine can stave off prolonged feelings of fatigue caused by stress that can disrupt the normal sleeping cycle. Unlike what its name implies, Lemon balm (or Melissa officinalis, if you'd like to be more technical) calls the members of the mint family kin instead of having a citrus descent.

The extract derived from this herb is seen to stimulate positive effects in terms of reducing feelings of anxiety during bedtime that can make falling asleep rather challenging. Research shows that it can also induce calmness by keeping cortisol levels in check.

Melatonin is a hormone that is best known as perhaps the most potent of all sleep aid ingredients ever. Its responsibility is to regulate the body's sleeping cycle and ensure that you get the right amount of slumber in the process.

Supplementing with this hormone not just helps speed up the time it takes to get drowsy and fall asleep when you climb into bed, but also seen to improve the rapid eye movement or REM phase of sleep that can make or break your chances of waking up refreshed the next day.

Grab Legion Lunar right here with a 5% discount.

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