In this article, I break down the top 3 best cognitive enhancing supplements today. Safe, effective and all natural products that will help give you the mental edge to kick ass in the classroom, in business, in the gym, and in life!

Our world is more competitive than ever.

Everybody is looking for a competitive edge, an X-Factor if you will.

Some people go as far as elicit drugs to give them that edge. However, that comes along with some severe health risks. International sales of cognitive-enhancing supplements grossed over $1 Billion, in 2015. But, let's back up a bit. You may be asking yourself, what are cognitive enhancers? Cognitive Enhancement (a.k.a. Nootropics) – Nootropics – drugs, supplements, or other substances that aim to improve mental function, such as memory, intelligence, motivation, creativity, attention, and concentration.

You may have used nootropics without ever realizing it. If you have consumed caffeine, then you have used a nootropic. All of the coffee addicts are well aware of what caffeine (nootropics) can do.

Perhaps, they just needed refreshing on the lingo!

Top Nootropic Supplements in 2017

Below is a list of the TOP nootropics in 2017. You can sort by rating, price, website, results, and average customer review.


#1: Masterbrain
9.6/10$79.99110% Money BackFree shipping
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#2: Nitrovit

#3: Genius Burn
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8.9/10$51.91NoBuy Prevagen at

C4 Neuro
8.8/10$31.20No5% off at

Below we will then break down each one of the nootropic supplements listed above in more detail.

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Product Breakdown

Okay, now that you know our top rankings for nootropic supplements, below you will find a breakdown of each of those products.

You can also follow the links for more information and read our nootropic reviews for each one!

#1: Masterbrain

#1 Masterbrain

masterbrain-box-_-bottlesOne of the few nootropics out there that supplies mental support for both, day and night, 1st Phorm delivers with the Masterbrain cognitive booster. Get ready to unlock your brains full potential and keep your mental edge all day long! Masterbrain kickstarts your day by drastically improving memory, concentration, and problem solving ability.

The patented ingredients of Masterbrain will have your brain firing on all cylinders and running at full capacity. What I love about Masterbrain, is that it not only revs your brain's engine up but it allows it cool down and recover as well. Your brain is just like everything else in your body, it must rest and recover.

If you don't allow your brain to recover and rejuvenate, you'll be doing yourself a huge disservice. 1st Phorm realizes that you're only as strong as your weakest link.

By using Masterbrain, you'll be giving yourself the mental edge all day long to get things done more efficiently as well as allowing your brain to fully recover in order to get up and do all again tomorrow!

Get it here with free shipping at this link.   

#2: Nitrovit

More to Come!

#3: Genius Burn

More to Come!

#4: Prevagen

PrevagenPrevagen using a patented ingredient called “apoaequorin.” This ingredient was originally found in certain species of jellyfish. Apoaequorin is a protein and has been used to study how calcium works inside cells, due to it's binding capability. When bound together, calcium and apoaequorin produce a blue light. Problems with calcium regulation in the brain can play a huge role in age-related mental problems. Apoaequorin has a similar structure to calcium-binding proteins and research has shown that it might help in the regulation of calcium in the brain. That, would in turn, help reduce memory loss and mental decline, as we age. The older adult who suffers from memory troubles, from time to time, may do well to experiment with Prevagen. There is speculation to whether apoaequorin is capable of surviving the digestive process and whether it's capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier. Nonetheless, apoaequorin shows great upside and is worth a shot to see if it works for you!See more reviews about Prevagen on Amazon.

#5: C4 Neuro

C4 Neuro

A hybrid pre-workout and nootropic, the C4 Neuro is a must consider when thinking about giving yourself the mental edge. Cellular is known for putting out high quality supplements that work. The C4 Neuro is no different. The C4 Neuro delivers great energy, pump, and mental focus blend. You'll be able to push harder and longer during your workouts. The C4 Neuro incorporates a new and popular ingredient, Zembrin, in it's concoction. This study discusses the potential benefits Zembrin has on anxiety and other mental impairments. Cellucor always stays on the cutting edge and is always improving on their already awesome line of products. The C4 Neuro may be just what the doctor ordered to get you out of a funk!


There you have it. The 5 Best Cognitive Enhancers on the market! Don't get left behind. Maintain your mental edge and keep pushing forward. Your dreams are within reach. Don't stop until they become your reality!



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