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  • Doesn't cost much
  • Good amount of benefits
  • Low risk of side effects


  • Could have a few additional ingredients

Anyone trying to improve their physique knows the importance of diet. It is something everyone should keep on their minds and take good care of it. Otherwise, you won’t experience maximum effects of your training and all the effort will be for nothing.

Today we are making a review of a dietary supplement designed to take your performance to another level. VASST is a pre-workout formula created to bring the most out of your body. Dietary supplements are becoming more popular every single day, so we find it as our duty to inform you and make sure you pick the one that suits your needs the best.

We will be taking a look at its ingredients and see what can they do for you. Without wasting more time, let’s jump right into it and see what it has to offer.

Vaast Ingredients

Just a quick glance at the ingredients reveals that BELDT Labs did a pretty good job with it. Pills are packed with a high dosage of only few compounds, but they are still able to make a big difference.

Vasst Supplement Facts


Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate comes in the highest dosage and there is a good reason for that being so. It contains L-arginine, essential amino acid which plays a big role in protein synthesis. It also increases nitric oxide levels, this way it allows more blood pumped through vessels resulting more nutrients for the muscles and better results.


Ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate is another great addition for protein synthesis. This one is widely used in medicine to treat various conditions. Just like AAKG it is very safe and comes with little or almost no risk for your health. OKG is used by athletes and bodybuilders globally, helping them increase muscle strength and size.


Alpha-ketoglutarate has one more family member on the list called glutamine. So called GKG is a great source of non-essential amino acid L-glutamine. It is a great addition to the formula, making sure you get enough energy to perform at your peek.


Arginine Ketoisocaproate hits many different areas, necessary for improvement. It provides increased muscle pump, enhanced strength, muscle growth, and speedy recovery, all in one place. Besides these positive effects it can also improve sex drive and stamina.

VASST Muscle Builder formula looks very complete and capable of giving you fuel for that extra few reps that matter the most. It is also pretty safe especially compared with some other pre-workout supplements in the similar price category. All in all, it is a well-rounded product with not much more to ask for.

Vaast Side Effects

For all the healthy individuals it is very safe. As long as you stay on the suggested dosage you should be fine and experience nothing but benefits. However, there is a low risk of getting edema or a few other minor side effects such as dizziness.

Vaast Reviews

Most of the people who used it had only kind words to share. Here are some of their experiences:

“I liked these at first and felt a bit of added muscle engagement during my workouts but noticed that I was also getting dizzy or lightheaded.“

“I am very impressed with this company. Their supplements do work and work great for that matter… I used Skald and loved it.. I just started using this NO product and had the best pump ive had in years from one use!! “

“I was concerned about buying a pump inducing product with no stimulants in it but I am not disappointed. This works exactly as intended to. Beldt labs does not lie or make false claims about their products.“

Rarely we come across something that people love so much. It definitely leaves a big mark on our view on the product, even the manufacturer itself.

Vasst Review

Vaast Conclusion

The market is saturated with unfinished and over-hyped products. Luckily, from time to time something like this pops out and brings us faith in the industry. From all we have learned, VASST isn’t going to make you Superman overnight, but it sure will reward your hard work and give you a little push towards your goals.

The mixture is well balanced, and despite having only four major compounds, it still manages to fulfill many expectations. Anyone trying to find something for enhanced performance, strength and recovery, should definitely take this nitric oxide pre-workout to consideration.

Buy Vaast Online

If it caught your eye, and you think this one could take you a long way it shouldn’t be too hard to get a package. VASST is available both on Amazon and Ebay, and if you are little lucky you may find a bottle in a nutrition store nearby. If you ask us, the best deal for VASST right now can be found here!

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