VII-KT Review: A Potent Transdermal Cutting Agent

VII-KT by Iron Legion
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Review Summary:

Using a powerful transdermal bioavailability technology, Iron Legion introduces VII-KT, a 7-Keto product designed to help you achieve your cutting goals so you can get on your way to the body that you've always wanted. And with no major side effects to speak of, this one is definitely a must-try.

VII-KT claims it's going to help blast away unwanted flab so you won't have a problem achieving your ideal cutting goals. We will give it a careful run-through in a bit to see what it can really bring to the table.

Are you finished with a prohormone cycle and entering the post cycle therapy phase? Are you using a fat burner to get rid of excess fat? The product we will check out in this review may be a very helpful addition to your supplement regimen.

We are talking about VII-KT by Iron Legion, a transdermal 7-Keto DHEA product designed to help speed up your body's fat burning capability and stave off surges in cortisol levels. This product is designed as an addition to your post cycle therapy arsenal or as an accompaniment to fat burners of all sorts, improving the efficacy of either supplement.

We take a closer look at VII-KT to find out whether the product is truly as potent as the manufacturer promises and what kind of results you can actually expect from using it.

What’s in VII-KT?

The main ingredient of VII-KT is 7-Keto, a naturally occurring DHEA metabolite that is normally produced by the adrenal glands, skin and brain. This compound is a proven fat loss agent that can help you get rid of flab by enhancing your body's metabolic activity as well as controlling your cortisol levels to boost your lean muscle mass gains.

7-Keto is one of over 150 metabolites of DHEA. It has also been seen as one of the best varieties when it comes to fat loss and muscle mass building through cortisol control. This compound significantly increases the metabolic rate in humans, making you burn calories faster and build up lean muscle mass instead of storing fat.

Does It Work?

7-Keto is a well-known compound for fat burning and lean muscle building. There is no doubt about it being effective, but the improved transdermal technology used by Iron Legion in VII-KT should improve its potency even more as its bioavailability is improved and directs more of the actual compound into your bloodstream.

If you are looking for a product to use along with your preferred fat burner or as a part of your PCT program, VII-KT is a very useful product that you should give a shot. For the price it is sold for, it is surely worth it and the fact you can stack it with pretty much any other product comes as great news since you won’t have to sacrifice any other products in order to use VII-KT.

How Do I Use It?

VII-KT is a transdermal product, meaning you will rub it into the skin. Through the use of a special transdermal technology, Iron Legion is able to further increase the bioavailability of 7-Keto and make it more potent.

You can use VII-KT as an addition to your fat burner, as a part of PCT or perhaps a standalone product depending on your goals. Do not try using it orally as it can be harmful. When using transdermally, rub 1 to 2ml into your chest, shoulders or neck. Do not use if you are under the age of 21, pregnant, nursing or using any medication for serious health issues.


Here is what some of the users of Iron Legion’s VII-KT have to say about the product:

Used it with my PCT and it was definitely effective for me. I heard some people say it doesn’t work for them but for me it was pretty good, maybe it just doesn’t respond well for everyone.

Wow, this stuff makes me burn calories like nothing else, I think I can literally see the fat off my belly go away on a daily basis, the abs starting to show. Will always use when cutting, awesome product.

Final Verdict

If you are looking to make your muscles more visible and body more shapely with fewer fat deposits, you can take advantage of the benefits that VII-KT provides. And without any major side effects to speak of, getting your hands on this product is a win-win situation.

This topical agent comes with a powerful transdermal technology that enhances the bioavailability of the active compound. It is also seen as one of the most promising 7-Keto formulas these days. We strongly recommend giving this product a go anytime soon.

You can order your VII-KT now for just $29.99!

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