Vitamin Water is Highly Dangerous! Listen Up!

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Chances are you’ve already heard of Coca-Cola’s Vitamin Water that claims to revolutionize the way you hydrate your body while getting a load of key wellness benefits in the process.

Apart from helping boost your overall immune levels, this product also asserts it’s going to keep joints in tiptop shape, stave off eye problems as well as keep chronic disease at bay when you get your hands on it when you’re feeling parched.

But the thing is research shows that these claims don’t seem to hold water.

According to Dr. John Robbins, Esq., PhD, Vitamin Water is basically a combination of artificial coloring, synthetic vitamins and a lot of sugar. We’ll give you a quick rundown of the details you need to know when you follow along.

Vitamin Water and Cancer-Causing Food Coloring

Test results on Vitamin Water reveal this thirst quencher contains three (3) types of food dyes, namely Yellow 6, Yellow 5 and Red 40, which are known to cause cancer when consumed in a regular basis.

The Yellow 6, Yellow 5 and Red 40 types of food coloring have been deemed carcinogenic by the FDA.

Now while the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognizes the carcinogenic properties of these food colorings, they’re still being commonly used in the manufacture of several food products in the market.

Vitamin Water and the Wrong Kind of Vitamins

Sure this Coca Cola product has a brand name that gives you the notion it’s going give you a healthy dose of vitamins that your body needs each time you take a sip, studies show that it does anything but.

According to the data gathered by researchers, Vitamin Water is simply loaded with synthetic vitamins that are processed using artificial derivatives like coal tars, nicotine as well as petrochemical byproducts and can’t be easily broken down and absorbed by the body.

Synthetic vitamins only bring more harm than good.

Moreover, the system doesn’t have the ability to flush the excess amounts of these artificial vitamins due to their synthetic nature, which can potentially result to toxic buildup sooner or later.

Besides creating a nutrient gap that can either lead to vitamin deficiency or toxic buildup if not corrected, these synthetic vitamins can also promote magnesium and calcium leaching in the body.

Vitamin Water is Not the Sweet Deal You’re Looking For

The amount of sugar that’s in Vitamin Water is just off the charts.

Nutritional tests show that each 500 ml. bottle of this supposedly healthy drink not just contains 8 teaspoons of sugar, but is also loaded with crystalline fructose, a type of fructose that’s been chemically processed to give a much sweeter taste.

Apart from being proven to disrupt the normal cellular metabolic rhythm and trigger unwanted oxidative damage in the body, loading up on crystalline fructose has also been seen as a key factor in promoting insulin resistance and increased buildup of fat in and around the belly area.

Just imagine the negative effect of loading up on 8 teaspoons of sugar with each bottle you drink.

And just to top things off, it’s not uncommon for crystalline fructose to be contaminated with chromium, lead, arsenic and other heavy metals.

How’s that for unappetizing, not mentioning unhealthy? There’s no need to worry just yet if you’ve had a few bottles of Vitamin Water already, though. Simply consider the experience as water under the bridge and start sticking to genuinely healthier options as much as you can.

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