What’s Up Energy Drink

What’s Up Energy Drink





  • 60 calories per can, almost half of what is present in similar products
  • All natural flavors
  • Helps in keeping you hydrated and energized


  • Might hinder the health if taken in abnormal quantities
  • Might create an overdose if consumed with other caffeine products

What is What’s Up Energy Drink?

Caffeine has been a daily part of life for many people around the globe. People have started turning to reliable caffeine energy boosters such as coffee (the drink), fizzy drinks with caffeine and energy drinks. People use energy drinks because of its high caffeine value and because the can is popped open and the drink is ready. So they use it because it is less time consuming than coffee and because there is an actual higher caffeine level in such drinks.

Today we are taking a look at a special kind of energy drink from What’s Up Energy to see if it really works and makes you more aware, functional and finally, awake.

What’s Up Energy Drink Ingredients

This product, like every energy drink, has a really long list of ingredients, that is why we are taking a look at the most important ones listed!

Taurine, D-Glucuronolactone, and Inositol: As every energy drink, What’s up Energy relies heavily on the use of useful and essential amino acids! They are mostly used for the body to feel generally more awake and makes the mind more alerted and focused.

Enhanced with Essential B-vitamins: Essential B-vitamins are labeled to be extremely healthy for the brain and nervous complex. It repairs the nerve endings and prevents brain and nerve-related illnesses

 Electrolytes to Boost Hydration: The main role of electrolytes is no maintained body hydration during exercise and it also helps in situations where the body can be dehydrated such as training sessions , hangovers and other physically challenging experiences. 

All Natural Flavors: The developer claims that all of the flavors you can taste while sipping this drink come from natural origin, which is a big plus when it comes to products like these, as many others are claimed to be extremely bad for the health.

What's Up Energy Drink Supplement Facts

What’s Up Energy Drink Side Effects

As with every energy drink it is quite a normal thing that not every individual will experience the same bodily sensations or a few possible side effects. Keep notice, that products filled with caffeine can make you feel a lot different if you take more than the recommended intake dosage per day.

Increased heart palpitations: Some consumers may experience an increased heart rate or unstable heart beatings due to the high level of caffeine.

Upset stomach: Some consumers reported and upset stomach during intake.

Headaches: Even though caffeine helps in the elimination of headaches, too much of it can in fact cause headaches. Some users may experience this if intake occurs on an empty stomach or if an individual had one too many cans.

What’s Up Energy Drink Reviews

Let us see if Whats Up Energy Drink can in fact lift us up by over-viewing the experiences of current users!

“So I’m powering through paperwork at the office, expecting my first child soon (not sleeping well) and these great drinks kept me going through several 12+ he days (excluding a 2 hr round trip commute). Coffee makes me sweat and gives me the jitters, but these just help me focus. I’ve tried 5 Hour Energy, Red Bull, Monster and Rock Star, but these are my new favorite. “

-Nick Adeon

“Best Energy drink ever highly recommended you got to try it. “

– Iliron

“The best energy drink i try in my life. “

– Mohamed Ameron

What’s Up Energy Drink Conclusion

What’s Up Energy drink is a complete game-changer in the energy drink market due to its healthy ingredients list, lower calories per can and overall an amazing marketing campaign that targets almost any individual that seeks only the true quality and the best ingredients an energy drink has to offer. I definitely recommend it, as I see it as a healthier alternative to similar products.

Buy What’s Up Energy Drink Online

You can order and buy a pack of Whats Up Energy Drinks instantly for $ 30.00 right here. The product can also be found in stores across America and abroad.

You can purchase a pack of What’s Up Energy Drink right here for just $30.00!

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