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5 Reviews on “Somatomax”

Somatomax almost killed me. I took just under the recommended 1 scoop dose of Somatomax at 1am on Wednesday morning and went to sleep around 1:40am. At some point in the night I woke up unable to breathe. I stumbled out of bed but was too dizzy to stand or walk and passed back out on my stomach. At 9:30am, I got out of bed and threw up bile. I was too dizzy to walk straight and the room was spinning. The pressure in my brain felt like the world was closing in on me and I couldn’t hold my head up. My eyes were completely dilated and I was seeing double of everything. I was terrified and sobbing. My boyfriend took my pulse and it was in the 40s. My ears were screaming, my body felt like it was vibrating, and I kept convulsing and repeatedly passing out. I threw up everything I tried to eat or drink. All of this continued from 9:30am on Wednesday to this morning around 3am when I woke up for the first time without passing back out. The incredible pressure in my head has not gone away, but now I can think straight. I am still very dizzy and feel extremely hung over. It feels like there’s a rushing in my ears and my blood feels like it’s vibrating in my veins. My boyfriend did research online and found that this has happened to other people as well, to a lesser extent. How can they claim this is safe?? Have they actually done any real clinical trials?? This product could have killed me and now my boyfriend is afraid to take it, having done research and found articles about it also being addictive and containing this chemical that acts like GHB. This was the first time I took this. I do not drink or do any drugs. I do not smoke cigarettes or marijuana. I am entirely sober and do not take any medications. I am normal weight, a vegetarian, I exercise, and have no pre-existing conditions. This was purely the effect of Somatomax. I can’t believe they would put something so dangerous on the shelves. They have to be aware that people can have reactions like this and I am ready to press charges.

Pretty dramatic review and seems a bit exaggerated. If it could have “almost killed you” and your symptoms were as bad as you say, why didn’t you go to the ER? I’ve been using Somatomax for 6 months and have never had an issue. I’ve recommended to many friends and they’ve used it, and have never had an issue. I sleep like a baby on this stuff and wake up feeling refreshed. It sounds like you may have had some other health issues going on when you took the Somatomax – perhaps you were dehydrated, or caught a 72 hour bug or something. Lots of people use Somatomax without having the issues you described.

They put peanuts on the shelf and know it does kills people. I’ve read pages of reviews and have used the product myself with no issues. This definitely sounds like a personal sensitivity to the ingredients.

Two: 4-amino-3-Phenylbutric Acid can be addictive and cause withdrawals if you take it to often. If you did any research on this product before putting it in your body, you would have seen that. Most people only recommend a half scoop to asses tolerance and only a few nights a week.

I don’t believe products should be pulled because some people have side effects. Ultimately it is up to the user to do their research and maybe only take a very small amount to see how it would effect them. Research ingredients before you put them in your body, don’t just buy crap off the shelf and digest it.

So far this product seems great and it gets very high marks from many of the forums I read.

Peanut butter can almost kill you, if you are allergic to it. They still sell peanut butter in the stores. I took a full scoop and had the best nights sleep I’ve had in years. Trying a smaller scoop tonight.

Sounds like you may be allergic or very sensitive to the ingredients, does not mean there is anything wrong with the product. This is like how some people can get crazy jitters / sick off a cup of coffee and some can have 5-6 cups and feel fine. This does not mean coffee is crap, lots of foods can cause allergic reactions and do kill people, we don’t ban those foods.

I have read pages of reviews and not one other person had anything close to this experience. Not trying to belittle you, glad you are ok, but this definitely sounds like a personal thing and not something wrong with the product.

I have been a chronic insomniac for 25 years or more. Tried everything out there – some worked for a few weeks, some not at all. Some caused me to sleepwalk and do stuff I didn’t remember next day, and was afraid I might go out and drive somewhere. Close to suicide at the thought I would never sleep again and continue suffering the headaches, weakness, brain fog, sore eyes and utter exhaustion, I discovered Somatomax and, mercifully, slept well. It has saved my life and my sanity and I’ve found the same dose for the last three years works just fine.

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