YOLO “You Only Lift Once” Review – Can YOLO Really Help You Lose Fat?

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Review Summary:

At first glance, YOLO might not seem like a big deal, but it's actually a thermogenic fat burner packed with DMAA. While it might be a good idea to stay away from it if you're a professional athlete, it actually might just be a great fat burner for those who are not.

Boss Sports Nutrition is a company behind numerous great products that came out quite recently. After their huge success with Fury DMZ, a pre-workout made for people who don't make compromises, they plan on following up with their newest installment in fat burning supplements – YOLO “You Only Lift Once”. It is basically a thermogenic fat burner that is, from the looks of it, mainly aimed towards younger audiences. With its name being YOLO and with 1,3 DMAA in its ingredients list.

If you did not know by now, 1,3 DMAA is structurally quite similar to amphetamine and is known to cause frequent false readings during doping tests. In other words, if you are a professional athlete, it might be a good idea to steer away from this.

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If you are not, and you would like to know more information about this product because you think it might help you; I'm happy to inform you that we will provide you with more useful information about this product, such as its side effects, reviews, effects and more. So, without further adue, let's take a closer look into it!

How can YOLO help me?

As we already stated above, YOLO is a thermogenic fat burner. This means its key goal is to increase your body temperature which will result in you losing that nasty belly fat. In scientific terms, they promote lipolysis rate which effectively increases fat deposits utilization in order to obtain energy while increasing alertness and overall mental acuity by stimulating the entire central nervous system. Usually, the contain high doses of caffeine along with green tea. If you are interested in its ingredients, make sure you check out the ingredients section down below!

What is inside of YOLO? Are all of its ingredients good?

To start off with this section of our review, here's a picture of YOLO's label so you can better see what we are discussing. After that, we are going to further analyze some of its key ingredients.

YOLO Ingredients

Caffeine Anhydrous
Yolo contains 300mg of Caffeine Anhydrous per serving. There is no doubt this will provide you with a good kick of energy as soon as you swallow the pill.

1,3 DMAA
As we already stated above, 1,3 DMAA is structurally very similar to amphetamine which could get you in a doping scandal with a false positive result. 50mg are somewhat of a sweet spot when it comes to dosage.

NooPept is a nootropic substance that might alleviate cognitive decline. Unfortunately, there are no research that prove it to be effective on people with no known cognitive issues.

From the looks of it, YOLO is a mix of increased energy, focus and strength. Unfortunately, many people will avoid it because it contains DMAA.

Side Effects

If you are not coping well with caffeine, then it might be a good idea to stay away from this product. The 300mg per serving might not seem like much, but it's more than enough for some people to feel bad.

Also, I would stay away from any other stimulants on top of this product, as some of the ingredients could also cause things like rapid heartbeat and increased blood pressure.

This is a very strong stimulant that could cause serious effects if mixed with any other product of it's kind. I would start with 1 pill to assess tolerance, and if the side effects are tolerable, you can always bump it up to two.

Also, with any nootropic like noopept, headaches are very common so I would recommend you hydrated while using YOLO.

What do other users have to say about its effects?

Here are a couple of useful insights on this product that could prove helpful to you if you plan on purchasing it:

“YOLO BRO! YOLO!!! I purchased this at Walmart without really looking at the label. It was a rushed purchase so yeah, don't think I normally just buy the first thing on the shelf… Anyways, I was a bit worried when I skimmed through the ingredients, but luckily, YOLO did not dissappoint me at all and I barely felt any side effects!”

“I really wanted to try out the hyped new thermogenic from Boss Sports Nutrition, but I opted not to after seeing its ingredients list filled with questionable things. The doses are not nearly enough for me, and the addition of DMAA is simply a drop over the cup. Bad BSN… BAAAD!”

As you can see, there are big disagreements between these 2 gentlemen. While it is true that YOLO has a few “questionable” ingredients (NooPept and DMAA), if it really works nearly as good as the first gentleman described, I don't see any reason why you should not take it… unless you are a professional athlete.

Final Verdict on YOLO?

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All things considered, it is left to be seen whether YOLO will be a massive success or a flop. The reason behind this is the divided public opinion on its ingredients. While most of its users claim it helped them shred some fat, a portion of potential buyers decided to steer away from it due to its problematic ingredients list. But with everything in mind, if you are not a professional athlete, there really isn't anything stopping you from trying it out yourself.

Here is another review on YOLO that we happened to find:

The low cost and great benefits of using Boss Sports Nutrition YOLO make it the regular choice for many users across the globe in need of burning that excess fat.

Get your bottle of YOLO here for just $49.99!


Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine is a well known chemical found in coffee, guarana, tea and more.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

The main purpose of caffeine in YOLO is to give you an additional kick of energy. It will increase your BP as well [1], so you might wanna watch out with the dosage.

Clinical Research

The research published by the Nature Neuroscience journal shows that caffeine is capable of enhancing memories up to 24 hours after consumption.


NooPept is a little known nootropic substance.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

It is supposed to boost your cognitive functions and mental focus.

Clinical Research

While there are research that prove it helps people with cognitive issues, none of them prove it has any effects on cognitively healthy people.

1,3 DMAA

This ingredient is often used as a pre-workout stimulant.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

It is supposed to provide you with a massive spike of energy similar to Caffeine.

Clinical Research

Unfortunately, there are no clinical research on this particular ingredient.

Side Effects


Given the fact YOLO contains caffeine which is a powerful central nervous system stimulant, some users might experience insomnia or nervousness.


Does YOLO work?

Even though there are no research that back it up, most of the users claim YOLO helped them achieve their fat shredding goals.

Is DMAA dangerous?

While DMAA might be dangerous at higher doses due to stroke or heart failure issues, 50mg per serving is generally conisdered as a safe dose.

How much does a bottle of YOLO cost?

You can get it for roughly $50.

What does thermogenic stand for?

Thermogenic supplements represent supplements that primarily aim to increase your body heat in order to shred fat.

User Tips

“Don't drink way too much coffee after drinking a YOLO pill. It will give you a great kick on its own…” – Tim

“If you're a professional athlete I'd suggest staying away from this thing. It'll give you a false pos and you will be screwed!” – Jake

“Make sure you workout cca half an hour after taking this… That's the optimal way for loosing fat!” – Tamara

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  1. Would love to try this ,I have thyroid problem that couse my metabolism to not work properly . Im also 50 years young ,in good health other than kidney stones . Would love your feed back . Would love to try also ,I need something that works I have lost 40 lbs on my own but can’t seam to get the other 50 lbs off. Thanks in advance .

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