The History & Background of  6-BROMO

Staving off estrogen and upping testosterone are key aspects of post cycle therapy (PCT). Although your body is naturally wired to realign its hormonal balance by itself, it can take a very long time to do just that. Long enough to experience the serious effects of dangerously swinging hormonal levels sooner or later. And this is where using 6-bromo comes in.

So What Really is 6-Bromo?

6-bromo is basically a shortcut for 6-bromodione and a combination of two different isomers, particularly 6-beta-bromo and 6-alpha-bromo. It is one of the commercially available aromatase inhibitors you can get your hands on these days that helps your body regain its hormonal balance after cycling with anabolic steroids and pro-hormones.

Your system normally goes through a tip in hormonal levels after these cycles, particularly in the levels of estrogen and testosterone it produces, which can lead to adverse effects if not properly corrected early on.

What Does 6-Bromo Do?

At its simplest, 6-bromo sets off two crucial effects that can help make your PCT as successful as possible.  The first effect, which is triggered by its 6-alpha-bromo component, is it creates a barrier that prevents testosterone and other androgens from interacting with other enzymes, which can raise the chances that they will be converted by the body into estrogen through the process of aromatization.

The second effect, which is initiated by its 6-beta-bromo component, is it acts as a mechanism-based irreversible aromatase enzyme inhibitor or “suicide inhibitor.” Sure the whole thing sounds rather technical, but it simply means that 6-bromo is designed to stimulate an enzyme to irreversibly inhibit itself so it will only transform into a male hormone, particularly testosterone.

6-bromo basically does this by binding to aromatase enzymes and making them inactive. When these aromatase enzymes are idle, the chances that testosterone will be converted into estrogen becomes very low.

What is the Importance of Taking 6-Bromo During Post Cycle Therapy?

6-bromo has a very important role to play during post cycle therapy. However, before we discuss this in detail, let me give you a quick rundown on what happens inside your body after you have a “cycle” to help you understand the whole thing better.

When you’ve just gone through a cycle by taking pro-hormones or loading up on androgenic anabolic steroids, the levels of male hormones or androgens in the body experiences a sudden drop, which results in a hormonal imbalance. To correct this, the body compensates by producing excessive amounts of estrogen.

Although having ideal estrogen levels in your system has its benefits, such as helping ensure that your bones form properly, getting rid of excess fat particles by converting them into energy fuel as well as promoting an increase in good cholesterol (HDL), producing too much of it will already lead to issues that will significantly affect your bodybuilding goals.

Aside from upping your body’s water retention to abnormal levels, which can force your overall physique to lose its contours that you’ve worked really hard for, an overabundance in estrogen can also result to a condition called “gynecomastia” that is simply a medical term for developing man boobs sooner or later if this hormonal imbalance isn’t fixed.

Now here’s where 6-bromo gets in the picture.


So What are the Benefits of Taking 6-Bromo During PCT?

As I have emphasized earlier, 6-bromo sets off two key effects when metabolized by your body. The first effect is it prevents the process of aromatization from transforming testosterone and other androgens into estrogen. The second one is it inhibits enzymes to only become into male hormones, particularly testosterone.

6-bromo simply helps optimize your system to bring back its ability to ideally produce testosterone. Although the human body is naturally capable of doing this by itself, it can take a very long time for it to pull it off. And you could be already experiencing the adverse effects of having too much estrogen by then.

You can think of 6-bromo as a convenient shortcut if you’re looking to pick up the pace on balancing your hormonal levels and having the right amounts of testosterone again.


6-bromo Product Recommendations

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Are There Any Side Effects When You Take 6-Bromo During Post Cycle Therapy?

Similar to other aromatase inhibitors that you can currently buy in the market, 6-bromo can potentially set off a few side effects when you use it and we’ll pinpoint them one by one shortly. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll go through all of these side effects at once, you will definitely experience some of them when you use 6-bromo.

Moreover, we will also clarify a few side effects that are supposedly caused by taking 6-bromo to do away with the unwanted fear and doubt about this aromatase inhibitor that are preventing a lot of bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts from giving it a try.

So How Does 6-Bromo Affect My…

Libido Levels?

There is a chance that your libido levels will rise when you start using 6-bromo. However, the intensity of this increase in libido primarily depends on the time you begin loading up on the stuff. It will be more intense when you’ll only start using 6-bromo later in your PCT when your testosterone levels have really dipped down.

Predisposition to Acne?

It is possible that you will tend to have sudden yet temporary acne outbreaks on your chest, arms, shoulders, back as well as your face when you’re going through your PCT, but this isn't necessarily an effect of 6-bromo. This is actually one of the most common reactions set off by your body while it is still correcting its hormonal levels.  These acne outbreaks will normally stop when the effects of 6-bromo already start kicking in.

Susceptibility to Dry Joints?

You will tend to feel that your joints are a bit dry from time to time when you’re on 6-bromo. This is another reaction triggered by your system when it is still trying to balance its hormonal levels. Depending on how low your testosterone is, there is even a chance that you’ll feel flu-like symptoms while you’re at it, but they will go away as soon as 6-bromo starts doing its magic.

Chances of Getting Gyno?

Unless you only start using 6-bromo very late in your PCT, there is a chance that you will be at risk of experiencing the “gyno” problem, which is basically the health condition called gynecomastia or the unwanted accumulation of fat deposits in the lower part of your pectoral muscles. However, your vulnerability to this health issue becomes extremely minimal if you start using 6-bromo early on in your PCT.

Risks of Getting Bald?

Based on the experiences of fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders who have tried using 6-bromo in their PCT, there are no concrete pieces of evidence that show 6-bromo can cause baldness or a receding hairline.

Although there are clinical studies that prove sudden spikes in testosterone can initiate hair loss in some men, this only happens when estrogen production is cut off completely. 6-bromo only keeps estrogen under control and prevents it from stimulating male hormones from transforming into their female counterparts. Your body’s genetics also plays a key role in this.



Other Bits and Pieces About 6-Bromo That You Will Find Useful