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Snoring can be a mild nuisance at best, but a dealbreaker at worst. In fact, a 2006 study by Rush Medical Center showed that couples who struggle with sleep apnea tend to have a high divorce rate. Even for singles, snoring is worrisome because it could also be a symptom of a chronic disease.

Today’s review will look at AirSnore, a product that claims to help put an end to snoring. It’s made up of two items: a mouthpiece and a bottle of drops, which could be bought separately, or as a set. The AirSnore mouthpiece is a free-size device that fits inside the mouth, and slightly lifts the jaw while sleeping to facilitate easier breathing. The AirSnore drops, on the other hand, help consumers sleep by clearing blocked airways — particularly useful for those suffering from colds, coughs, or chest infections.

The following sections will go through AirSnore’s components, its promised benefits, its possible side effects, and its all-important customer feedback.

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For those who have them, house pets are among the closest companions one could ever have. They are loyal, affectionate, and fun-loving. A single wag of their tail or a playful tap of their paw often chases away the blues, especially during gloomy and stressful days. That’s why nothing scares a fur parent more than seeing their babies down and worn out.

In fact, some studies show that one in five dogs will experience joint pain in their lives, while 40-92% of all cats will suffer degenerative joint disease. At some point, moving around will start hurting for these pets, especially as they grow older.

To answer this problem, Plants Not Pills offers Calmation, a hemp-derived cannabidiol that helps relieve symptoms related to arthritis, joint and muscle pain, anxiety, and other conditions among pets. This review will look at Calmation’s ingredients, its advertised benefits and potential side effects, as well as its satisfaction ratings from those who have bought and tested it.


Can a collagen cream really make you look 7 1/2 years younger?

The beauty market is no stranger to strong claims and advertised results, but XYZ Smart Collagen’s promise is as bold as it can get. This natural cream is marketed towards women, and boasts the ability to stop the clock on aging, and to rejuvenate skin with clinically proven results.

Collagen is among the most abundant proteins in the body. It acts like a glue that holds tissues together, and makes the skin firm and supple. As the years go by, the body produces less and lower quality collagen, resulting in wrinkles and sagging skin. However, a 2019 study showed that taking a collagen supplement significantly improved skin hydration and elasticity.

The product banks on “smart collagen management,” to ensure that collagen is produced as quickly as it is broken down to retain the skin’s youthful glow. To see if XYZ Smart Collagen can deliver on its promise, this review will look at its ingredients, and compare its advertised benefits and side effects with actual customer experience.


People are always on the lookout for the next fat-busting supplement, whether to get an entirely new fitness journey started, or to help lose those last few pounds. They say nothing beats good, old-fashioned diet and exercise, but some are just not ready for that yet, and need an extra push.

PhenQ, marketed as five diet pills rolled into one, is said to target weight loss in five different ways: by burning fat, by stopping fat production, by suppressing the appetite, by boosting energy, and by improving the mood. With all of these benefits, it promises to deliver results at a more cost-effective price.

This review will go through PhenQ’s ingredients, its list of benefits and possible side effects, as well as its customer feedback. Is the product as good as it says it is?


If there’s anything all men could agree on, it’s that no one wants to be called a chump in the bedroom. Male performance enhancement supplements have been among the most successful and controversial in the business, mainly because their users tend to be more demanding than usual. And why not? A healthy sex life is key to a happy relationship.

In this review, we have Male Extra on spotlight ー a self-claimed natural Viagra replacement for all those needing a boost in sexual performance, but are willing to wait a little longer for results. Since its launch in 2009, the product has reaped glowing customer feedback, and has worked its way up to be one of the more preferred brands in the market.

We will go through the product’s ingredients (which play a vital role in significantly improving erection quality and sexual performance), its benefits and any potential side effects, as well as revisit some testimonials from customers.


In today’s fast-evolving world, social media platforms have greatly impacted one’s self-esteem. We may not admit it but people have become more self-conscious to the point that proper haircare now plays an important part in our lives. At times, we even think that regular washing is not enough. This is why different hair care products were created.

NutraChamps’ HairFlair is one of the supplements that promote longer, stronger, and healthier hair. While there are plenty of similar products available online, you may be questioning if this is the right choice for you.

In this review, we will take an in-depth look into the formula, assess the claims made by its manufacturers, and hopefully help you decide if this is an appropriate and suitable product for yourself.


According to its creator Designs for Health, Digestzymes is comprised of a proprietary blend of digestive enzymes along with betaine HCl to support the optimal digestion of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. 

Considering a lot of products that also focus on enhancing digestive health, what makes this supplement different and could we really trust it to deliver effective results?

In this review, we will go through the product’s ingredients that play a vital role in targeting any digestive issue, its advantages and disadvantages, as well as a few customer’s feedback.


Prime Beard a scientifically designed hair growth supplement for men that helps in achieving a full, healthy, and manly beard. According to its creator (Nutrachamps), Prime Beard fulfills the nutrients you’re missing on your diet to develop a legendary beard.

It’s always important to choose the right supplement for beard growth as it affects your physical appearance. While Prime Beard is an ideal solution for a perfectly nourished beard, what other benefits can we get from the supplement and how long do we have to wait to get the desired outcome?

In this review, we will go through the ingredients of the product, evaluate its effectiveness and adverse effects, and check some customer feedback to help you decide before making a purchase.


Digest Spectrum is a product of Enzymedica that claims to improve symptoms that deal with improper digestion of food such as gas, gluten intolerance, IBS, lactose intolerance, bloating, diarrhea and constipation.

While there are many other enzyme supplements on the market, what is different about Digest Spectrum enzymes versus others?

In this review, we will go through the unique benefits of the product, uncover any possible side effects, and consider some customer testimonials.