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In today’s world, everyone is looking for a way to burn fat and get in shape. And while there are many different methods out there, not all of them are created equal. Some plans are better than others, and some ways are downright dangerous.

There are a lot of scams out there and a lot of products that don’t work. But some great products can help you reach your goals safely and effectively. That’s why it’s essential to research before starting any weight-loss program.

Suppose you’re looking for a safe and effective way to burn fat, Albutarex by Mutated Nation may be your product. Albutarex is a powerful thermogenic that helps you lose weight quickly and easily. It also helps improve your mood and energy levels, so you can power through your workouts and see results faster.

Mutated Nation: Albutarex V2

Mutations Nation has developed the most potent fat burner with its Albutarex V2. This supplement is based on three unique compounds that work together to help you lose weight and get shredded. The stimulant compound provides a progressive elevation in mood and energy, while the fat-shredding blend helps target specific parts of the brain to combat hunger. Finally, the vitamin compound helps support cellular energy production and better immune system function.

The stimulant compound in Albutarex V2 is responsible for the mental effects, which can be best described as a progressive elevation in mood, almost euphoric in some events. This energizing effect is like nothing else; the steady surge of energy enhances strength, power, endurance, stamina, and mental focus while stimulating fat loss.

The fat-shredding compound helps to make you shredded beyond your wildest dreams. Scientific research shows that to burn fat, you have to deliver the correct signals to stimulate the hormone norepinephrine (among others), which is believed to be the body’s most important hormone in support of fat oxidation (consuming fat for energy). You also have to target specific parts of the brain to combat hunger.

Finally, the vitamin compound helps support cellular energy production in the body and better the immune system. Combining all these beneficial effects, Albutarex V2 truly sets itself apart as one of the most comprehensive energies, weight management, and performance aids this planet has ever experienced.

Cannibal Riot Product Image

As you already might know, DMAA was the focal point of a big bodybuilding scandal. In the end, it resulted in the ruling which saw DMAA not responsible for the charges. This news came as a charm to many supplement manufacturers who started releasing pre-workouts with DMAA again. The same can be said for Cannibal Riot which is a great DMAA packed pre-workout that aims to greatly increase your pumps. Chaos and Pain, the manufacturers of this product, did quite a good job because it has been getting a lot of praise lately.

People are claiming they’ve had the best pumps in their life, and while that might be true, I am still a bit skeptical before taking a closer look at it. With this being said, I will guide you through the main aspects of Cannibal Riot (Chaos and Pain never cease to amaze me with their product names) to see how good it really is.


Zap! Have you ever wished you could just magically make a habit vanish into thin air? According to studies, it takes 21 days in order to break a habit. With the Pavlok bracelet, you only need 5 days.

Change is never easy. Temptation normally overrules you. Pavlok is a safe and tested motivational habit-altering device that shocks you, teaching your brain to break ANY habit. Today, we’ll unveil everything there is to know about this “talk-of-the-town” wristband in this review!

The Real Score on Pavlok


Elastic wristbands promising better sleep, perkier mood and even weight loss aren’t new. They’ve been around for years. So what makes Pavlock bracelets better than the rest? For starters, it’s way more intuitive than its counterparts.

Pavlok was created by Maneesh Sethi. It’s dubbed as the “personal coach on your wrist” (which you can wear on your forearm too). It uses shock therapy to condition your mind to stop liking unhealthy habits and favor healthier ones. So whenever you take that extra bite, skip the gym, go loco shopping, etc. – you get that beep, tap and zap that will shock you into reality, stopping you from giving into temptation!

The Pavlok bracelet can last up to 4 days and can provide 200 shocks on a single charge. Pavlok uses Bluetooth (with a range of 40-60 feet) to be paired with your phone. It’s got a mix of APIs to let you set objectives you can’t cheat and a GPS to verify if you’re not overindulging in fast food, for instance.

Say goodbye to bad habits…


…and hello to new ones!

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Elysium Basis Product Image

The process of aging has become a fact of life. You just can’t change it! We will all eventually get older. But what if someone came to you and said that there is a pill that could help you repair your DNA, repair the cells that are damaged by natural health decline over the years?

Or that team of most prominent scientists, including Nobel Laureates, worked on that product? You would probably be eager to hear more.

Elysium Health is such a company, and they believe that health is directly related to science. The process of aging increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s, cancer or diabetes.

Elysium’s product Basis will help you combat the changes that come with years. The company’s focus is cellular recovery, not an anti-aging pill or a longer life span. This pill will not lengthen your life span, but it will certainly enhance your quality of life by making you live a healthier life.

Apex Male Product Image

The amount of testosterone in your body plummets and estrogen levels surge after having a go with prohormones and anabolic steroids. While the human body is naturally wired to realign its hormonal levels when an imbalance like this occurs, it could take a very long time to bring everything back to normal.

And that could mean already being prone to adverse side effects that can put your health at risk as well as losing a lot of the gains and strength that you’ve worked really hard for.

APEX Male claims to promote the increased production of testosterone in the system after cycling with anabolic steroids and prohormones. Why don’t we subject it to a comprehensive review shortly to see if it really works?

APEX Male Benefits

A product of Blackstone Labs, APEX Male is designed to stimulate a boost in testosterone levels in the body. Besides helping you pick up the pace on the normalization of hormonal levels that were disrupted after having a cycle with prohormones and anabolic steroids, APEX Male also assists in safeguarding the muscle mass and strength levels that you’ve gained in your training program.

Reversitol V2 Product Image

Getting your hands on the right natural hormone modulator is one of the top priorities that you should have in your checklist if you’re looking to make your post cycle therapy (PCT) as successful as possible.  Doing this carelessly will just make you prone to the unpleasant side effects that the surging estrogen levels in the body will set off after cycling with prohormones and anabolic steroids.

Reversitol V2 is one of the products that’s touted as one of the most effective natural hormone modulators available in the market these days. Let’s find out if this product is really worth trying for your next PCT by giving it a thorough once over in a bit.

Reversitol V2 Benefits

While having a cycle with anabolic steroids and prohormones does have its benefits in terms of boosting strength, increasing muscle mass and enhancing your peak performance while pumping iron at the gym, it triggers a surplus of estrogen in the body sooner or later. Although estrogen plays a key role in maintaining ideal blood flow in the body and keeping bones strong, having excessive levels of this hormone in the system already puts you at risk of experiencing nasty side effects like sailing blood pressure levels and gyno the least you expect them. And the worst thing of all, there is also a very big possibility that you’ll lose most – or even all – of the gains you’ve worked really long and hard for. Produced by iForce Nutrition, Reversitol V2 is specially formulated to inhibit the activity of the aromatase enzyme in the body when taken.  Aromatase enzymes basically cause estrogen levels to go haywire if not controlled.

By inhibiting the activity these enzymes, the body churns out more testosterone to offset the excess estrogen in the body to prevent a hormonal imbalance that can cause the unpleasant side effects that we’ve touched on earlier.

Kraken Product Image

Sparta Nutrition, just as the name suggests is one of the best supplementation companies for hardcore athletes. Their creations are extremely powerful and designed only for those willing to put in some hard work. Every time we got our hands on one of their products we were not disappointed especially in terms of efficiency, and hopefully, this one does the same.

Kraken is one of the strongest and most potent preworkouts you can currently find on the market. It is formulated to provide a combination of focus, energy, endurance, and pump, which is ultimately everything you need for a successful workout session. Ingredients found within the mixture seem to be powerful enough to deliver all the above-mentioned benefits.

In this review, we will be taking a closer look at some of its key features and seeing if it is worth picking up with so many available preworkouts.

Vitrix Product Image

It’s pretty common to lose interest in sex once in a while, but having a very low sex drive for a long time is a serious problem. Not only can it cause friction in a relationship, but it can also be a source of great stress, since it’s possibly an indication of underlying health conditions. According to a large study, one leading cause of weak libido in men is having low testosterone levels.

Working on this theory, Vitrix — an all-natural male enhancement pill from US-based company Nutrex Research Inc. — promises to boost sexual performance and raise free testosterone levels in men. Higher levels of free testosterone have been shown to improve libido, overall vitality, and sexual energy.

This review will take a closer look at Vitrix, and see what it has to offer has for its consumers.