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Xcel Sports is presenting us with another great supplement in their “DNA Resurrection” series, which excel at muscle and strength gains along with that extra hormonal control your body craves for! If you are looking for a class A prohormone supplement that will take care of business for you, you might want to take a look at Sasquatch Resurrection as it has all the ingredients to create that magic spark you need so much!


The most recent ban on prohormones has effected many people out there who relied on the use of prohormones in their workouts, believing them to be safe and legal, which for the most part they were. Still, prohormones can still be bought, and today we present one such prohormone which has not been banned due to not using any of the forbidden substances in its formula.

With a colorful name, Yetti DNA Resurrection is one of the strongest bulking prohormones ever to reach the shelves. This product consists of 5 more and less known prohormones and its main aim is to let you bulk up big time. Mind you, this product is meant for experienced prohormone users and promises very serious mass gains but should be taken with caution if you are new to the world of prohormones.


Xcel Sports are presenting us with their newest prohormone product called Reaper DNA Resurrection which promises extraordinary results in both lean dry muscle mass gains as well as extreme strength gains. It is basically a mix of Durabolin, Hexadrone and Dymethazine combined with SARM MK-2866 along with several other quite powerful testosterone boosters.

Now that we know some general information about the product, let’s start analyzing it further, to see if it’s worth its price, which is $89.95.