Convict Stim

Not very often we come up to a new company that already seems to know all the tricks on how to create a high-quality product. Not only that but also make their customers happy and excited for the upcoming line of products. Condemned Laboratoriez look like a dietary supplementation veteran with no indications they have established only a year ago. Although there hasn't been much available feedback, the ingredient profile says it all.

Convict Stim is a cutting edge pre-workout formula designed to help you reach even the toughest goals. The way it should improve your workouts is no different than the other products in the same category, but the efficiency can definitely go in the conversation with the best. It provides a good balance of pump, energy, focus, and endurance boost, necessary for higher intensity workouts and better results.

What is inside Convict?

It is pretty obvious they spent some time analyzing other pre-workouts, searching for the compounds that separate high from low-quality products. The effort is visible straight away, and we must say ingredient profile is pretty good for a “rookie” manufacturer.

Vitamin B3

A water-soluble vitamin that can also be obtained through some healthy fruit and vegetables. It doesn't do much in terms of a direct performance improvement but can take your overall health to another level.


An essential amino acid which has been one of the main components for most of the performance enhancing products on the market. It does an amazing job improving nitric oxide levels in the human body which reflects in various extremely positive benefits for anyone doing a physical activity.

Beta Alanine

Yet another compound finding its way to most of the pre-workout supplements today. It increases exercise capacity, promotes muscle mass growth, enhances endurance, and improves muscular strength.




Yohimbine HCL

Caffeine Anhydrous

A dehydrated form of caffeine that has recently reached huge popularity when it comes to weight loss and focus improving products.

Grains of Paradise

A ginger family herb having a positive impact on digestive and intestinal health. It is also believed it can enhance testosterone levels and aid in weight loss.


A long and black pepper extract that has some benefits on its own, but most of its value comes from the ability to increase the absorption of various nutrients. For this reason, Bioperine is a must have for many manufacturers when creating a new supplement.

Convict Stim by Condemned Laboratoriez is a well-balanced formula doing justice in every category it should be effective. Ingredient dosage looks to be done with care, so a customer can experience everything needed for a high-intensity performance.

Convict Stim Side Effects

In today's world, nothing isn't a risk, considering a number of compounds necessary for supplements to achieve maximum efficiency. However, there are some products as this one, that despite having a long list of ingredients presents a minimum concern for any side effects. There hasn't been much feedback available due to the short time it spent on the shelves so there also hasn't been any negative comments related to this topic. Although it is capable of causing some side effects such as high blood pressure or insomnia, looking at its ingredient profile you should be fine as long as you stick to manufacturer's instructions.

Convict Stim Reviews

Like we already mentioned there haven't been many reviews available online, but the ones we found were pretty optimistic. Here are some of the customers' experiences:

“First of all I am a stim junkie, I have tried a lot of the top pre-workouts out there and convict is one the best. combine it with DNA dispatch and you get an amazing pump, energy, amazing flavors, laser focus and keeps me sweating even after finishing.”

“Best neuro enhancing pre workout I have taken so far! It helps me withstand even my toughest leg workouts late at night or any time of day. During contest Prep this was the only thing that could shake off the low carb mind fogginess that plagued me 24/7. My only regret is that I didn’t find this product sooner in my Prep!”

“Insane energy, focus and pump. Ingredients are top notch. I will be using this one for a while.”

Convict Stim Conclusion

Convict Stim definitely managed to convince us Condemned Laboratoriez mean business. It isn't perfect, but definitely one of the biggest surprises this year, especially when it comes to quality. Just as you would expect from a pre-workout it boosts energy, focus, strength, endurance, and provides an amazing pump. All these benefits are well balanced, and you won't be experiencing crazy improvements in one category while barely noticing the other. This fact alone separates it from most of the average supplements that are good only when it comes to advertising. If you are looking for something new to add to your diet we highly recommend checking this one out, as it just might be the step you needed to achieve your goals.

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Although this is on of Condemned Laboratoriez most popular products, you are going to have a hard time trying to get your hands on it in a local supplementation store. The best way of getting it is Amazon, where you can still have it extremely fast and for the fair price.

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Weight Loss


For the time spent among the biggies of the supplementation industry, Condemned Laboratoriez has proved to be one of the best, and has certainly show not to lack any quality despite the lack of experience. It is the brand which listens to its customers, what can be seen through the fact that they have nothing but positive feedback and five-star reviews. Such a thing combined with more than fair product prices is more than enough of a reason to give a chance for the products from their new assortment.

Arsyn, one of their latest and most interesting innovations. This one definitely got our attention, not only because it is a fat burner from which you get clean energy and increased metabolism, but also comes with few other health beneficial properties. Going to the gym and using this fat burner is the right recipe to get rid of extra fat. Made from proved ingredients and strong stimulants, appetite control will be assured just like will the focus be increased and calories burned faster.

Arsyn ingredients

Although every thermogenic formula is advertised to have miraculous effects on weight loss, in reality only some can actually make a real long-term impact on your body. Judging by the everything we have seen so far, Arsyn definitely belongs to that group, as it seems to have all the right parts and is determined for success.


One of the most important amino acids in the human body that has a huge effect on stress and depression relief. Performance wise it can take workout intensity to another level and enhance alertness. Most of its value as a fat burner comes from its ability to increase recuperation, thermogenesis, and lipolysis.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Ordinary caffeine like in coffee, but filtrated and powdered. Caffeine boosts metabolism and makes sure you have enough energy to do whatever comes at your way during the day. These benefits combined with weight management properties make it one of the best options for anyone's diet.

2-aminoisoheptane Hydrochloride

Although it can't do much performance wise, its energy boost and appetite suppressing effects make it great addition to the mixture.


A patented Grains of Paradise extract that is besides being used for culinary purposes (as a spice) has a wide range of usage when it comes to medicine and supplementation. It activates brown adipose tissue causing fat to burn ultimately resulting in weight loss. Some of its benefits also include improved testosterone levels, anti-obesity properties, and better digestive and intestinal health.

Vitamin B-12

A water-soluble vitamin that is best known for maintaining the normal and healthy function of the brain and nervous system.

Yohimbine HCL

An ingredient that caused a lot of controversy in the world of dietary supplementation. It is very powerful when it comes to fat loss and libido and should be taken with caution. If used as instructed and implemented correctly to the formula, just as it is the case with Arsyn, you shouldn't spend too much time worrying about its negative side.

Synephrine Hydrochloride

Higenamine Hydrochloride

Hordenine Hydrochloride

White Willow Extract


Matcha Green Tea Powder

Cayenne Pepper Powder

Grapefruit Extract

Huperzia Serrata


Arsyn by Condemned Laboratoriez is everything you should expect from a top-quality fat burner. By carefully choosing ingredients, the manufacturer made the product which can really make a tremendous difference for anyone willing to put in some effort.

Arsyn Side Effects

As being a new product on the supplement market, there have not been any side effects reports yet. Unfortunately, by ingredients of which the product has been made, caffeine overdose can cause nausea, headaches, and diarrhea. Also, this product is not recommended for people who suffer from Graves disease, as L-Tyrosine can rise thyroxine levels and make the disease worse.

Arsyn Reviews

Customers seem to enjoy it. Most of the comments were positive, so we hope to see if it stays this way in the near future as many supplement users are yet to discover this brand and their line of products.

“I love the fact there are no jitters or feelings of being “wired”!. Im a “foodie” & this supplement stops my foodie urges and helps me FOCUS on the big picture…Fat burning!, I have used for 1 month and intend to keep it up!. Thanks for producing a real fat burner that works w/ absolutely “0” side effects!!!  “

“The first time I took it I felt like I had taken pre workout and had a amazing workout and full and focused day ! ”

“The gym has sample packs pf two capsules for 2 bucks, so i tried for two days. No jitter, nor skin crawl, or crash…and NO Fatigue great product. Felt a little nausea about 5 hours later, maybe due to appetite controls. I ate a felt better. Dont forget to eat, even if the product keeps appetite down. It does work as stated. ”

What we like the most about the comments of the people that used a supplement is when they manage to create a concise and to the point answer to many of the questions a potential buyer could ask:

Arsyn Conclusion

As the supplement market is more and more filled with low-quality products having a big „commercial“ and poor nutrition value, this product is a true refreshment. Offering great effects with rightly chosen ingredients for a quite low price, this product will help you control your appetite, boost metabolism, increase focus, burn extra calories as the main goal and fill you with loads of energy.
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If you are interested in it you may have some troubles purchasing a bottle, due to lack of popularity and online stores to find it in. We recommend getting it from some of the worlds best and most reliable online supplementation stores in Amazon.

Cycle Support and PCT


Condemned Laboratoriez made sure to once again exceed our expectations. It is a young company, established only a year ago, but still managing to to put some of the best supplements on the market. After making a review on their nitric oxide booster DNA Dispatch, we had to check out few other products from their assortment. HumaSLIN is insulin optimizing and glucose support formula for those trying to reach their maximum potential. It has one of the most interesting ingredient profiles without a doubt, but is it efficient and powerful enough to fulfill your needs?

It is hard to tell since it hasn't yet been tested by a large number of people. However, everything we have seen so far indicates it can definitely be one of those products that will make a lot more people hear about this brand. In a good way, of course!

HumaSLIN ingredients

Just a quick look at the formula reveals we are not talking about an ordinary product. The functions these compounds can do, and the way they work are very interesting. Without wasting any more of your time, let's jump right into it and take a look at some of its key features and how can it help you achieve amazing results.

Cinnamon Bark

Cinnamon Bark comes with a wide list of potential benefits. It is a great addition to any formula for all the overall health improving properties. People use it for decreasing inflammation, improving circulation, fighting free radicals, improving sex drive, relieve stress and depression…

Gymnema Extract

A herb found in tropical forests of India and Sri Lanka. Its most popular use is for treating diabetes. Besides controlling sugar levels in the body it can be very helpful for anyone trying to lose some unnecessary weight.

Fenugreek Extract

A compound which can often be found in a variety of dietary supplements. The main reason for this is the fact it does a lot of work enabling your body to function properly. It reduces inflammation, enhances libido, manages cholesterol levels, and improves digestive health.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

An antioxidant that can improve body's ability to lower blood sugar by using its own insulin. It can also restore essential vitamin levels and helps your body to use glucose as its fuel.

Banaba Corosolic Acid

Just as all the above mentioned compounds, Banaba can serve a wide array of critical roles. It can treat a long list of health problems, having a big antioxidant, antiviral, and anti-fungal value.

Vanadyl Sulfate

Chromium Picolinate




Alpha Galactosidase


HumaSLIN is definitely a mixture of ingredients you don't see every day. However, because of the carefully dosed highest graded ingredients, it is capable of doing a lot of good stuff for both your mind and body. It is one of the most exciting formulas we laid our hands on lately, and we are curiously waiting to see how are others going to react to it.

HumaSLIN Side Effects

Despite the fact it is packed with a big number of ingredients safety is still very high. We haven't found any side effect reports, but only a time will tell what are the risks taking it. If it is to judge on the ingredients found within and their dosage (which is 99% correct), you should worry too much about its negative side, because it doesn't represent almost any sort of a treat for your health. However, if you experience any sort of negative changes on your body, make sure to stop taking it for some time and consult your doctor.

HumaSLIN Reviews

Unfortunately, it hasn't yet reached millions of customers, but we'll take that on brands youth. It has the potential of becoming great, which can be easily seen in first customers reviews. Here are some of their thoughts:

“Currently prepping for a show and most say, this product work, allows me to take full advantage of my carbs meals.“

“WOW!! Will be buying again, and will be checking some of their other products for sure. Already recommended it to few of my friends that have a huge experience when it comes to supplementation. They didn't want to believe me at first because I am a newbie when it comes to this topic, but after trying it out they fell in love with it.”

“Insane! Never felt carbs can actually do so much, but was I wrong.A great addition to anyone's diet that takes dieting relatively seriously.”

Lastly, let's take a closer look at a review that has caught my attention at the first glance:

HumaSLIN Conclusion

Once again Condemned Laboratoriez did an excellent job in designing something special with a lot of potential. This innovative formula is capable of using carbs for energy rather than storing it as fat. Besides that, it can also promote the growth of lean muscle tissue, and make a better usage of the proteins and other nutrients that are already part of your diet. With all that in mind, real results should be only a matter of time!

There is a lot of misconception about the carbs, and whether an athlete can benefit from them like from some other more “body friendly” ingredients. A product like these shut those silly theories and show how it is possible to experience awesome positive changes with just a bit more care and smarts put into the diet plan.

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Grabbing a bottle in a local store will be a mission impossible. You'd have to have some serious luck to find it, and even if you do it isn't going to come for cheap. Ordering it online for the fair price and fast delivery is the way to go with this one.

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Energy and Endurance

DNA Dispatch

Although you may not have yet heard of them, they are making a big impact on supplementation market only a year after being established! You heard right, Condemned Laboratoriez is a brand formed in 2016. with one goal, creating a high-quality efficient supplement line capable of treating your body the way it deserves to be treated. Some of the stuff they came up with is pretty awesome, and DNA Dispatch makes no exception.

It is a nitric oxide booster designed for the ones willing to push their limits in the gym in order of gaining maximum possible results. If you are a gym rat you can expect some great changes, if not, however, we suggest checking out something that suits your lower intensity training style. Ingredients found within are put together to provide all the benefits you will need; from energy boost, strength and endurance increase, to improved focus.

DNA Dispatch Ingredients

All the parts of the formula are already known to anyone who has previously done a bit of research or used some nitric oxide boosters. It is relatively simple, but well dosed and put together, which is most of the time one thing that separates high from low-quality products.


A protected patented blend making more than 20% of the formula. It is packed with various beneficial nutrients raging from Organic Militaris to Lentinula edodes. PeakO2TM‘s main function is to provide clean and sustainable energy. Besides that, it will improve endurance, power, strength, exercise capacity, and much more.

Agmatine Sulfate

One of the most important compounds found in many nitric oxide boosters. Agmatine Sulfate has been shown to have a great impact on muscle pumps, mainly due to the inhibition of nitric oxide synthase. It is also appreciated for improving mental clarity, stress management, and taking good care of mental health in general, making it a perfect nootropic addition.

Citrulline Malate

This non-essential amino acid is the third major component found within the formula. It comes with various benefits, most popular ones being improved circulation, stronger immune system, heart and blood vessel health, and nitric oxide creation.


Although not so popular in the past, lately gains a lot of attention for everything it has to offer. Glycine Propionyl L-Carnitine aids in fatty acid transport while exercising, enhances metabolism and may have some positive effects when it comes to athletic performance.

Beet Powder

One of our favorite ingredients that can be found in dietary supplements. It is considered by many to be a super food, and if you ask us, has every right to claim that title. It is packed with lots of antioxidants, calcium, iron, dietary fiber, nitrate, and much much more. For that reason, it is one of the best compounds you can get in a product, that besides numerous beneficial properties improves overall health and longevity.


Grape Seed

Coenzyme Q10

Vanadyl Sulfate

DNA Dispatch is a really interesting supplement that comes from one of the most exciting “young companies” out there. It is carefully dosed and has all the right parts for success. Overall we don't see any areas it doesn't cover and that you might need to take your workout to another level.

DNA Dispatch Side Effects

Just like any other supplement, it carries its own risks. Fortunately, there aren't many, and you really shouldn't be too concerned about them. If you experience any negative changes on your body while taking it, make sure to stop with the consumption and consult with a doctor to check out what is a possible problem. We haven't found any side effect reports, and the ingredients found in the mixture are pretty safe, mostly causing minor gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea or nausea.

“DNA Dispatch works great and so far I haven't had a single issue with side effects. 10 out of 10 ladies and gentlemen, 10 out of10!”

DNA Dispatch Reviews

Most of the people who used it had only kind words to share. Although there wasn't many, a negative comment was in particular hard to find. Here are some of the customer thoughts:

“I am always looking to get the best pump. I had been using convict stimulus for a while and decided to give the DNA Dispatch a shot. Definitely without a doubt one of the best decisions I made. Everything I have tried from this company has never let me down and always exceeds my expectations. They have never met them, always exceeded. “

“When it comes to surprises, this one was the biggest one for me in this year. Definitely made me try some of Condemned Labz other stuff, and they were great, I would even dare to say one of the best I have ever tried! I recommend everyone giving this brand and their products a chance. You won't regret it!!”

Rarely we come across something that people love so much. It definitely leaves a big mark on our view on the product, even the manufacturer itself.

DNA Dispatch Conclusion

To be honest, we didn't expect too much from Condemned Laboratoriez, but after trying one of their products we had to learn more about the company and their other creations. We can confidently say they are one of the most valuable uncut diamonds when it comes to dietary supplementation industry.

DNA Dispatch is a cutting-edge formula having everything one nitric oxide should have. Those willing to try it out and put enough work in the gym while testing it should experience great improvements in strength, power, endurance, energy levels, focus, and overall athletic performance. Due to its health and longevity caring properties we would recommend it to anyone passionate enough to train at intense and envious level.

Buy DNA Dispatch Online: Promos & Discounts

If it caught your eye, and you believe it can take you a long way. you may end up having some difficulties purchasing it. Only chances getting your hands on a bottle is by ordering it from some of the worlds biggest nutrition web shops.

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