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Engaging into intense lifting and rigorous training to achieve that athletic figure will all be for nothing if workouts’ post-recovery phase will not be done well. It is suggested by health experts to take creatine monohydrate to help aid muscle recovery. But not all creatine were made even, others may not reach its destination and be converted into waste called creatinine.

Thankfully, EFX formulated the remarkable Kre-Alkalyn–the only creatine monohydrate with a pH of 12 that is up to 10X more powerful than ordinary creatine and is guaranteed to stay 100% stable all the way to the muscle cells. Plus, it comes with much more benefits!

To know more about this product, we are going to cover all its components even possible side effects to prove if these claims are actually true or not.

Karbolyn Product Image

Imagine yourself as a car running out of gasoline, of course, you’ll try your hardest to get to the pumping station to refuel and once you do, you’ll be up and running again. The same goes for our bodies —you’ll need to refuel when you run out of energy. That’s what Karbolyn of EFX Sports is created for, representing the dawn of a new generation of carbohydrate supplementation.

When we talk about carb-loading, we commonly associate it with eating pasta and white rice, which are examples of simple carbohydrates. However, the problem with this kind of carbs is that it spikes your insulin level which eventually crashes down your energy right in the middle of your performance. Well, there’s no need to experience such horror with Karbolyn.

This product is a “homopolysaccharide”, meaning it is a relatively complex carbohydrate that has been proven to be absorbed faster than simple carbohydrates. With Karbolyn you get to have that over-the-roof and sustained energy all throughout your workout without the sugar crash and bloating.

So, let’s go take a closer look at this product’s features and see what good it can offer you.


Optimally conditioning your body before hitting the gym is a priority to really achieve the goals that you’ve set in your training program. Aside from ensuring that your energy and strength levels won’t unexpectedly lag in the middle of your workout, you’ll also keep clear from unwanted crashes as well as issues with mental focus and concentration when you do so.

K-Otic is a pre-workout supplement that promises it can help you take your workout routine to a whole new level by ideally prepping up your body for action even before you start the action. Why don’t we check out this product closely in a bit to see if it can really get the job done?