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EVL Test

There’s a new hype in the market wherein T boosters double up as a sleeping aid. It is designed to hype up your body and give you energy. Luckily, EVLTest fits into this 2 in 1 concept of the new excitement. It constantly supplies the body with the nutrients it needs to reach the nonstop and steady spike in testosterone levels.

What is EVLTest?

This formula doesn’t only support the growth of your muscles, strength gains, and fat loss. Apparently, you will also get to enjoy a better night’s sleep too. This product is said to do the following:

  • Support natural testosterone levels
  • Increase muscular strength
  • Increase stamina
  • Enhance performance
  • Support optimal sleep

For more information about the product, continue reading and we will get to know the possibility of side effects, the key ingredients, and customer feedbacks.

EVL Test Ingredients

Vitamin D3 – Technically more of a hormone than a vitamin. D3 has been linked to boosting testosterone and improving bone density time and time again in clinical studies. There isn’t that much in here compared to some T-Boosters, however, 1000 IU should be enough to make a difference.

Vitamin B6 – This vitamin is linked to the reduction of estrogen. Vitamin B6 has a role in the body’s C2 pathway involving hormone regulation – it has been linked to reducing the gene activity of estrogen which slows the production of the female hormone in the body.

Magnesium – This mineral helps promote free testosterone. Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) claims over 60% of the body’s natural testosterone, which removes its anabolic potency and makes it permanently unavailable for future use. The magnesium takes the place of the testosterone and promotes T levels. Although there could be more than 160mg in this T-Booster.

Zinc – Whereas this mineral is more involved in the production process. Needed for certain reactions in the brain, zinc can help towards creating the luteinizing hormone, the precursor to testosterone. There are numerous studies on zinc helping with testosterone production.

D-Aspartic Acid – A great T-Boosting component that is generously supplied in EVLTEST. D-Aspartic Acid has been proven to be a regulator of testosterone synthesis. In 90-day studies, 2.66g of DAA has been seen to raise T-Levels anywhere from 30-60%. EVLTEST contains 3.12g.

Tribulus Terrestris – Although there is a lot of trib in this T-Booster, the nutrient itself is massively redundant. Trib has been proven on multiple occasions to have no effect on T-levels. The only effect it may have is a slight increase in libido.

Fenugreek – On the other hand, this traditional Indian herb has a lot more benefits. For starters, it’s a powerful libido enhancer, and although not directly linked to producing testosterone, it does help promote it. This is done by how fenugreek reduces insulin levels, which can help with diabetes and the reduction of SHBG which increases the amount of free-flowing testosterone.

Diindolylmethane (DIM) – Most commonly found in broccoli, DIM is thought to show promise as an aromatase inhibitor (estrogen suppressant) but so far there has been no concrete proof

EVL Test Side Effects

No side effects have been reported with this product, but it would still be best to consult an expert first prior to taking this product.

EVL Test Reviews

“Coolest thing ever is that you are supposed to take 3 bottles and then stop, so basically 3 months’ worth lasts you for 4 months and here's the best part.”

“I am someone who tends to benefit from a well thought out Test Booster and this definitely is one! I am on my third bottle and really feel the increase of energy and differences in my physic! Plus, best of all this is a great Test Booster not only for the price but for a Test Booster period!”

“I love that this product offers a nice combination of the test boosting supplements.”

Although some of the product’s ingredients have yet to be proven to be effective, this formula still sounds promising considering the other ingredients that have certain beneficial effects to the human body.

Most of the adults that have difficulty in sleeping would surely benefit from this product as it enhances the quality of sleep.

Aside from that, the muscle growth and fat loss that EVL Test brings is somewhat more than enough.

EVL Test Conclusion

EVLTest is a good product that fitness freaks should give a try especially if they are still not satisfied with their current T boosters. This formula might just be the test booster for them! It’s that kind that will increase your aggression too much at the gym but it can really deliver results as you can see improvements in muscle strength and stamina.

You may purchase this product through accredited websites for safer transactions.

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Energy and Endurance

Pump Mode

Due to their extremely beneficial and efficient content, pre-workouts have become one of the most popular dietary supplements on Earth. The main function of such a supplement is the improvement of athletic performance, allowing you to train at your best for the best possible results. Most of the pre-workouts available today are based on nitric oxide creation, giving your body everything it needs for muscle growth and strength enhancement.

In this review, we will be taking a look at Evlution Nutrition NO booster called Pump Mode. Not only it is great for improved performance, but also improves vascularity and supports intense pumps. With all that in mind, it is great for anyone having trouble keeping their energy, focus, and strength at a high level throughout the workout. It is designed to help you make that extra few reps that really sets your training apart from regular or easy to high intensity.

Pump Mode Ingredients

Although at first look it may seem Pump Mode has poor ingredient content, it couldn't be more false. Evolution Nutrition created simple formula capable of doing a lot for your body, allowing it to function the way it is supposed to.

Vitamin C

Vitamin D


A glycerol-based patented formula designed to take your pumps and performance to another level. It is also recognized for its excellent endurance enhancing properties, muscle hydration, greater muscle fullness, regulation of body temperature, and much more.


Due to its positive effects on blood flow and vascularity it has a perfect role in prolonged exercising. Just like HydroMax, it promotes great pump and provides you power necessary for a successful training session.

Pump Mode by Evlution Nutrition just as its name suggests is oriented mostly towards improving pump and blood flow. It is clinically dosed and despite having only two major compounds (except Vitamins C and D) manages to deliver much more than you would expect. It is definitely a pleasant surprise and we are looking forward to seeing what is the next creation coming from their labs.

Pump Mode Side Effects

The risk for your health with this one is pretty low. We had a hard time finding negative review talking about the side effects. It is a relatively popular supplement, so lack of such a reviews definitely makes a good statement regarding this issue. Few minor side effects, such as bloating or nausea are the only problems you should worry about. However, if you experience some major negative changes in the way your body functions, make sure to contact your doctor.

“Felt a bit dizzy with the first couple of doses, but carried on and now everything goes as promised.”

Pump Mode Reviews

Almost 90% of the customers on Amazon gave it a five-star rating. You cannot get a clear picture of the value and efficiency of the product based on a single or a couple of experiences, but such a huge percentage of positive comments considering there are more than 200 reviews, does tell a lot!

“After about 15 minutes of taking Pump Mode I could feel my veins start poppin'. It gave me a huge pump and energy for my workout! It's definitely as good as described. Though it's hard to go wrong with EVL products.”

“Really helps with enduring more intense workouts and actually helps with a bigger pump. After taking this for a couple weeks, I feel more satisfied about my workouts and it's helped me actually make gains every week.”

“Great pre-workout without all the extra caffeine and stimulants that can cause nausea for me. Felt the extra boost in the gym!”

Every single one of us that shares a certain passion for the supplements and workouts in general, have experienced a disappointment with a single product or even a certain type of supplements in the past. Luckily top notch creations such as Pump Mode can open our eyes and show us the real value of such a product if done properly.

Pump Mode Conclusion

Pump Mode may not have the versatility some other pre-workouts have, but it does the job it promises with an extreme efficiency. It is definitely something we appreciate and hope to see from many other products and dietary supplementation companies in the future. Its main mission is to improve blood flow which ultimately results in numerous benefits you can notice both in and outside of the gym.

If you are looking for an amazing pump, followed with an energy boost, enhanced endurance, and overall better performance, this one just might be the perfect choice for you. We recommend it to anyone in search for a phenomenal nitric oxide booster for a great price and with a ton of positive reviews.

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Unfortunately, it isn't easy to get your hands on it at a local sports equipment and supplementation store. However, if you think this one is the perfect addition to your diet and will help you get to your goals make sure to check it out on Amazon for a great price and fast delivery.

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ENGN Shred

When it comes to high-quality supplementation Evlution Nutrition is known for being one of the best in business. It is a brand, unlike many others that listens to its customers and shapes their products based on their needs. If you take your time and search some of their creations online one thing that you will notice is lots and lots of positive five-star reviews. Such an accomplishment is definitely an indicator of top quality and what to expect when deciding to try something from their selection.

ENGN SHRED is one of the finest products you can find in Evlution's assortment. It is a cutting-edge pre-workout formula with one of the best ingredient contents you can get for that price. Not only is it good for improved performance during the workout, but also has amazing fat burning and weight management properties.

ENGN SHRED Ingredients

To be able to achieve so many positive reviews and satisfy different needs for so many customers Evlution had to come up with something special. And they did just that, creating one of the most impressive and carefully designed mixtures you will ever see!

ENGN® Mind to Muscle Matrix

A nootropic part of the supplement that makes sure you don't lack any focus or mental acuity during the workout. This mini blend besides doing heavy work in above-mentioned categories is also great for fighting stress, depression, and anxiety.

Betaine Anhydrous

Choline Bitartrate


Agmatine Sulfate


Huperzia serrata extract


When it comes to beta-alanine there is nothing on the market capable of taking the CarnoSyn's crown away. This non-essential amino acid increases exercise performance, muscle endurance, strength, and power.


The main goal of this matrix is to help you control your weight and burn unwanted fat. It makes sure your metabolism is at top of its game, and the mobilization of fat is active for additional creation of energy.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid Powder

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate

Coleus extract


Yohimbe extract


With few other compounds on the list having a role in energy production, it was unnecessary to add crazy powerful energizers when these two are capable of doing the job more than you'd guess. You can be sure Natural Caffeine and Green Tea extracts will provide solid amounts of sustainable energy even for the most demanding workout programs.

Natural Caffeine

Green Tea Extract

ENGN SHRED definitely has one of the richest and most well-rounded formulas you will ever find. It has everything you need for a successful high-intensity training session, nothing more and nothing less. Ingredient dosage is done flawlessly, which was a hard thing to do considering how many compounds are found in one serving.

ENGN Shred Side Effects

The risk for your health with this one exists but is pretty low. With so many ingredients found within it is actually very surprising there aren't more complaints regarding side effects. Some customers did report some problems such as nausea or diarrhea. Considering negative side effects related comments per positive five-star reviews ratio, chances of you experiencing any sort of problems with this one are pretty small.

“Taken as directed and with no sensitivity to caffeine I spent more time in the bathroom after taken this product then I did in the gym”

ENGN Shred Reviews

Comments like the one above are extremely rare. Most of the customers we talked to and the ones that left a review online had nothing but words of praise. Here are some of their thoughts:

“ENGN Shred is one of my top products that I use everyday. It gives me a lot of energy while burning my fat at the same time. It helps me throughout my workout session with incredible pump. After a couple weeks of using this product, I noticed that my body looks more defined and more shredded. I am so happy with the result.”

“I do crossfit, and before this I wasn't good at it since I am in bad shape, but after this PW I can finish my WODs in really good time, I can feel more energy and a lot of focus during the workout, it is like there's nothing else and you can focus on your reps.”

“The SHRED seriously makes me sweat so much. It feels great. Slight tingly feeling in fingers that last maybe less than 5 seconds, but I never feel any other symptoms like shaking, chills, or whatever else some other bad preworkouts and thermogenics give you. No crash either, but a great energy boost.”

There is nothing in this world that we like more than a simple and to the point comment revealing nothing but helpful information.

ENGN Shred Conclusion

All things considered, ENGN SHRED reserved its spot at the very top, not only among the pre-workouts and thermogenics but in the supplementation industry in general. Evlution Nutrition is a very respected brand, but despite all the positive reputation I still didn't expect something of such an immense quality. It is designed to provide intense and long lasting energy, increase focus, improve explosive power, and improve overall athletic performance. We recommend it to anyone looking for the best budget-friendly efficient pre-workout and/or thermogenic.

Buy ENGN Shred Online / Discount

If you are the type of guy that likes to get his stuff from a local sports nutrition store, you are going to have some trouble purchasing this one. Despite its popularity it is still pretty hard to find in such a stores, at least in my area. We would recommend ordering it online for a more than fair price and a fast delivery.

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Genius BCAA

There are a lot of nootropics or brain enhancers out there. But these supplements are made out of diverse sources. Some have been scientifically proven to be effective while some are not. Genius BCAA Powder is a product packed with energy for the brain and helps in maintaining lean muscle mass before, during, and after a workout. What is interesting with this product is that it is promoted as a pre-workout supplement instead of a nootropic.

In this Genius BCAA review, we will delve in and see if this pre-workout and nootropic is indeed capable of supplying the optimum brain energy and workout support its manufacturer claim by analyzing its ingredients, side effects, and customer reviews.

What is Genius BCAA?

Genius BCAA is a BCAA manufactured by The Genius Brand. BCAAs are the building blocks of protein and can increase protein synthesis, muscle recovery and endurance during workouts and have also been shown to reduce body fat.

There are amino acids with a side chain (a branch) are known as branched‐chain amino acids (BCAA). The BCAA play an important part of the generation muscles and of the signaling chemicals in the brain.

While most BCAAs are made from human hair and duck feathers, rest assured Genius isn’t one of them. The manufacturers promise that this type of BCAA is fermented and of the highest quality. Its BCAAs are in the form of InstAminos, a vegan form of amino acids.

Genius BCAA Powder provides daily muscle support while boosting memory & concentration — a perfect combination for a healthy body and mind. Genius is about getting the most out of your body — a fully functional product that actually serves a purpose.

Genius BCAA Ingredients

Genius BCAA also includes rhodiola rosea, a neuroprotective herb known to promote physical/cognitive vitality

Many coffee drinkers find Genius BCAA to be a suitable replacement for their morning hot drink. In addition to substituting with natural caffeine, Genius BCAA also provides a cognitive edge which makes mental tasks done with ease.

GENIUS BURN is made with vegetable capsules and the finest ingredients nature has to offer.

The remaining ingredients are the flavorings, which are natural ingredients. No sucralose or other chemicals. Just natural flavors, organic stevia leaf, malice acid, need root and monk fruit.

There are no side effects reported after taking this product. BCAAs are considered to be safe as long as taken according to its recommended dose. The only area that may be a concern is if this is taken with a pre-workout supplement that already contains a high amount of caffeine. This may trigger some caffeine-related side effects like trembling, anxiousness, and palpitations.

Genius BCAA Reviews

When the BCAA came out my initial inclination was to stack it with Genius Burn because of the 100mg of caffeine. My initial hesitation was “What are my goals??” I can’t burn fat and build muscle. And then I asked myself “why not?”

Both I and my husband use the Genius BCAA. My husband uses this as a pre-work/wake me up before he goes to the gym early in the mornings. He says that he really likes it and once he gets to the gym (10-minute drive) he feels awake and ready to work out. It doesn't give him the jitters or make him feel too pumped up. I myself use it mid-day when the kids have a lot going on and I'm feeling tired and need a pick me up. We got the orange power and it tastes pretty good. You have to make sure you mix it well or it will have a chalky taste to it. It’s not overly sweet or sour.

It has a good taste to it. For me, it’s easy to make a quick drink when I am going out the door to the next activity and I feel much better by the time I get to the next place and not like I am dragging. It is way healthier for you and cheaper than grabbing an energy drink. I would recommend this to anyone needed some energy!

The combination triggered the thought and my head and the trust in both formulas enabled me to pull the trigger. It’s been steady on both fronts but I’m definitely lean as can be while seeing more and more muscle growth. Lean muscle growth is the key here and I think I could recommend to pretty much anyone.

With the BCAA, I’d say use about 20mg of water and it tastes pretty good. Less water makes it really concentrated and I really don’t like the flavor at a certain point but 20-25oz of water works. It says that on the directions but I think people naturally try less like me lol. Don’t make the same mistake! Pretty cool company and they even hooked me up with a tank.

With tons of positive customer reviews, this pre-workout and nootropic looks to be capable of providing the benefits it claims. One good thing to note here is that most of the ingredients, especially the BCAAs used have been proven to be really effective in providing the necessary energy boost the mind and body would need after a long day or strenuous activity.

Is it Worth it to Take Genius BCAA Powder?

Genius BCAA does what it aims to do. It is a high quality, vegan-friendly, natural BCAA that can be used by anyone looking for a boost in the gym. This pre-workout and nootropic is definitely recommended to anyone looking to consume natural, safe and effective products.

It is not the cheapest around, but the quality helps make up for that. Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Buy Genius BCAA Online

This nootropic and pre-workout supplement can be purchased in various online Distributors. Just make sure to only buy from legit and accredited suppliers.

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Fat Burners


So many of us are constantly on the lookout for ways to burn fat, but the market is full of different products, many of which are not very effective. Some products, like the one we are looking at today claim that you can use fatty acids to actually burn fat, so we went out to research if this is really true.

Evlution Nutrition brings us CLA1000, a product designed to reduce the body fat by improving base metabolic processes. CLA1000 is a dietary supplement promising weight loss with only slight diet and exercise regiment changes.

CLA1000 Ingredients

CLA1000 is a soft gel pill containing 1000mg of Conjugated Linoleic Acid, and is pretty straightforward with the only other ingredients being gelatin, purified water, glycerin, and carob extract.

CLA is both a trans fatty acid and a cis fatty acid, made of isomers, namely Cis-9 Trans-11 and Trans-10 Cis- 12 in a 50:50 ratio. It actually prevents the accumulation of body fat and helps lean muscle mass working as sort of a fueling agent for your exercise regimens.

CLA can be found in meat and dairy products in limited doses, but most people don't take enough of these through their normal diet. This is why a CLA supplement like this may actually be a great way of shedding some extra body fat. Here is the complete supplement label by Evlution Nutrition listing all the ingredients and dosing:

CLA1000 Supplement Facts

CLA1000 Benefits

At this time, there is no hardcore scientific data to prove the potency of CLA in either muscle growth of fat burning aspects. While the product's manufacturers do promise great things, there are simply no studies to conclusively prove CLA will help you lose fat.

However, CLA1000 has very good user and verified buyer reviews and so many pleased customers can't really be a conicidence! There seem to be next to zero side effects to speak of and despite the pills being kind of large, this doesn't seem to present a big problem.

The pills seem to prevent the fat cells from growing in size, which automatically works to keep your muscle/fat balance in check and keep you thinner and leaner. While it is hard to say if CLA1000 is as effective as the manufacturer would have us believe, it does seem to have some potency and with no reported side effects it is hard to see why you should not give the product a shot.

CLA1000 Dosage

CLA1000 is taken as a dietary supplement, usually before or with meals three or more times a day to reach its full effect.

It’s important to consult a doctor or a nutritionist if you are experiencing any medical conditions or if you are to take CLA1000 together with any prescription drugs. Of course, it’s also important and best to define a dietary program with a nutritionist as well as exercise regularly while taking CLA1000.

CLA1000 Reviews

“For those not too sure on CLA… it's basically targeting fat storage, it's under rated and you should really give it a go if you want to make that change.”

“I was very happy, with the lack of after taste. No nasty burps after taking this. Does what it is supposed to do and is of good concentration. I bought mine on a Buy 1 Get 1… so it was a great buy for me.”

“I am a huge fan of CLA and EVL makes quality CLA. I weight train 4 times a week and CLA really helps with recovery after my workouts. It’s reducing body fat while increasing lean muscle mass. Basically, it maximizes the results I would get with weight training alone.”

CLA1000 Conclusion

CLA1000 is a fat-burning dietary supplement still shrouded in mystery. While some studies seem to show it as ineffective, others have shown great results with fat burning, muscle growth and even potential for cancer treatments.

User reviews are overwhelmingly positive and the effects are definitely there for most of the users. Of course, it’s not a magical pill and diet and exercise regimes must be adapted accordingly. What we really think is that, since there are no known side effects with CLA1000, you should really give it a try and see how you personally react to the product. With some luck, you will join the hundreds of happy customers for whom CLA1000 was a life changer.

Have you used CLA1000? Let us know how you did – we’d love to hear your feedback!

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