S4 Elite

Still finding it tricky to get the lowdown on S4 Elite? Well, you've come to the right place. Make sure you read on to get the key details on this product.

If you're anything like most bodybuilders, chances are you've probably encountered some issues trying to get that ultimate shredded look you've always wanted. See, achieving your dream physique isn't just about how rigorous your workout routine is. The supplements in your arsenal also play a key role in pulling the whole thing off.

The product we are checking out today is S4 Elite by Focused Nutrition. It is a SARM designed to help you on your way to realizing your ideal ripped physique by making your muscles as lean and hard as they can be. As its name suggests, this product is based on S-4 or Andarine SARM, which is quite known for its cutting potency.

How about we start the ball rolling right now?

S4 Elite Ingredients

A capsule of S4 Elite contains 25 mg of the S-4 SARM also known as Andarine.

At its simplest, S-4 is a great cutting SARM and is quite popular for its potency in terms of blasting away excess fat while making muscler leaner and harder at the same time. Now while the product does not contain any other compounds, here is the complete label for your review:

S-4 Elite Supplement Facts

S4 Elite Benefits

Andarine is not something new on the market. It's already proven to be very potent when it comes to cutting. Although this compound will not really help you gain tremendous amounts of new muscle mass, S4 Elite will absolutely help you make your muscles harder, take your pumps up a notch and pick up the pace your body is getting rid of unwanted flab.

Moreover, S-4 is a fairly mild SARM and does not come with many side effects to speak of. This makes it an excellent pick for the less experienced SARM users as well as seasoned ones with many cycles under their belts. No matter how long you may have been bodybuilding, S4 Elite will be fantastic for your cutting process.

We highly recommend this product not just because it is manufactured by Focused Nutrition, which is one of the industry leaders, but also for the proven potency of its primary inrgedient. Focused Nutrition has always brought us top-notch products and you can bet that S4 Elite won't disappoint.

S4 Elite Dosage

Depending on your previous SARM use and your tolerance, you will want to increase the dosage of Andarine as your cycle advances. We recommend starting off with 2 capsules of S4 Elite per day and increasing your dosage by one capsule every two weeks or so. Keep in mind not to exceed 5 capsules daily. You'll need to cycle the product for about 6 weeks, after which you should start having your post cycle therapy.

S4 Elite Reviews

Here is what some people who have tried it have to say about S4 Elite:

“Fantastic cutter, been running for about 3 weeks and I can literally see my muscles getting harder and leaner, will keep running and will use again.”

“The best SARM I have ever used for sure, helped me burn fat, maintain my muscles and I really felt the strength go up lots. Can’t wait to see what more this can do for me, will run another cycle asap.”

S4 Elite Conclusion

When reviewing products like S4 Elite, we already know what we can expect, being based from a known SARM that we have already encountered in the past. And the formulation isn't sloppy either. If you are looking to run a cutting cycle using a SARM, we surely recommend S4 Elite. It's not just proven to work, but manufactured by a reputable company.

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Quad Elite

Have you had the chance to check out Quad Elite yet? If not, make sure you follow along since we're going to give this product a careful once-over shortly.

Experienced SARM and prohormone users are always on the lookout for new, more potent formulas. There are quite a lot of products on the market today that promise to help you build your physique more quickly, but most of them come up short when it comes to potency.

Quad Elite by Focused Nutrition is a brand new SARM formula that combines four of the most powerful prohormones out there, namely LDG-4033, S4, MK-677 and Arimistane in a single product.

How about we take a closer look at Quad Elite and find out if it's something that you should consider the next time you're shopping for a SARM?

Quad Elite Ingredients

Quad Elite contains four powerful SARMs in its formulation, which are explained in detail below:

LDG-4033: One of the most potent bulking and recomping SARMs whose potency almost matches that of anabolic steroids. Coming with almost no visible side effects, LDG-4033 is a versatile SARM that's not just known to help build up mass and prevent fat buildups, but improve recovery times significantly as well.

S-4: Also known as Andarine, this SARM enhances vascularity, optimizes your strength and endurance levels, does miracles for your joints and makes you harder and leaner in every sense. S-4 is another great addition to Quad Elite.

MK-677: Designed to increase the amounts of lean muscle gains on your body while preventing fat from accumulating in the process, MK-677 is one of the finest lean mass builders out there. This potent SARM is also known to help tighten up the loose skin and heal injuries of all sorts faster.

Arimistane: Formulated to increase the testosterone in your body while reducing estrogen, this compound will significantly increase your libido as well as reduce your body fat content and cortisol levels. Excellent SARM to keep you in shape and stop you from wasting away.

For the detailed look at the dosages, take a look at the label below:

Quad Elite Supplement Facts

Quad Elite Benefits

Whether you are looking to bulk up fast, define your muscles, improve your recovery speed, enhance your libido or control your hormone levels, Quad Elite is a product you should look into. As most of us want to achieve all of those things, it is very common to see people stacking various SARMs and prohormones, but with Quad Elite you won’t have to.

The product mixes four of the most potent SARMs on the market today and you can expect amazing results from this combo. Although it is still crucial that you run some on-cycle support and get a post cycle therapy going to make sure your organs are kept safe and your hormones back to normal, you should not experience too many side effects from using Quad Elite.

The general consensus among the bodybuilding community is that Quad Elite is an effective product and we simply have to agree to these opinions given its ingredient lineup. We absolutely recommend this product especially to those who are looking for a bulking or recomping SARM that really gets the job done.

Quad Elite Dosage

Take two (2) capsules of Quad Elite per day and cycle for 6 to 8 weeks. Remember to take the necessary on-cycle support and PCT supplements while you're at it, too. Do not use Quad Elite if you are under legal age, pregnant, nursing or taking any medication.

Quad Elite Reviews

Here are some positive comments about Quad Elite from users who have already tried it:

“Have seen some size increase, stamina is better also. I seem to be a more tired at first but adjusting now. Will probably reorder this stack.”

“Been taking quad elite with Slin Max and cycle support for just over 3 weeks, being an MMA fighter and a weight training this stack is the bomb, my strength has increased my recovery and definition also. Looking into the future I can see myself being a life member to jw supplements”

Quad Elite Conclusion

Quad Elite is no doubt one of the finest SARMs on the market – or rather SARM stacks – that you can get your hands on these days. Besides being very useful during your bulking and recomp phases, it will also help you build and keep lots of lean mass, improve recovery times and practically get you on your way to your dream body.

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Trest Elite

We took a look at Trest Elite to find out just how well this product works and if it is a product worth buying. We present you with our findings in this review.

Somewhat different compared to most prohormones you can reach for these days, Trest Elite by Focused Nutrition is a prohormone formula based on Trestolone aka Trest, a wet compound whose main characteristics include heightened libido, energy and aggression, along with significant muscle mass gain.

Trest Elite Ingredients

Trest Elite is a prohormone formula that contains only one active ingredient, Trestolone. Chemically known as 17β-hydroxy-7α-methylestr-4-en-3-one, it is relatively new, but already has a growing fanbase who consider it as not just your run-of-the-mill bulking or cutting prohormone.

What's really interesting is Trest sets off an effect in the body similar to a pre-workout formula. Besides prepping you up for harder and longer workouts, it will also help your body bulk up and achieve the gains that you're gunning for.

According to the information we've gathered, Trest Elite can be either used as a standalone supplement or a test base for stacking with other prohormones to intensify the effects that you'll be in for. Check out its complete supplement label below:

Trest Elite Supplement Facts

Trest Elite Dosage

Trest Elite can be taken as a standalone product or perhaps used along with other prohormones, as you can stack it with pretty much anything. It is recommended that you load up on it at least half an hour before heading to the gym.

Moreover, it is important to keep in mind that you should not exceed the dose of 2 capsules per day and should only cycle for a maximum of two months, taking a one month break in between cycles.

Trest Elite Benefits

If you are looking to gain some serious strength, libido and aggression to take your workouts to a whole new level, then Trest Elite is the exact kind of product you should be considering to include in your arsenal.

We tried the product ourselves and noticed that Trest Elite is an effective prohormone that helped up the ante on our strength and aggression levels. Given that these are the results that we experienced, we can say that this product can be even more powerful when stacked with other prohormones.

Moreover, the gains that you will get from using Trest Elite will be wet, which are very visible to the eye and rather bulky. This means you may need to do some cutting at some point, but the gains you'll achieve are going to be very real.

We also found it quite interesting that we didn't experience dry joints or the slightest symptoms of it when we cycled with Trest Elite, which deserves a big mention here.

One thing is for sure when cycling with Trest Elite: you will feel much stronger and more energetic when you're pumping iron. The significant boost it provides allows you to lift more than you normally would and feel like a real badass while doing it.

Now while you can already expect surefire wet muscle gains from using Trest Elite alone, cycling it with other prohormones such as Epistane can fortify the benefits that it can offer.

Trest Elite Side Effects?

Trest is a compound that can aromatize to estrogen and can potentially trigger side effects such as gyno or lack of sex drive if their levels get too high. For this reason, it is recommended to use Trest Elite along with an aromatase inhibitor like E-Control RX 2.0, which will help keep these side effects at bay.

Other than these, there should be no other side effects that can be expected from using Trest Elite. However, it is still important to take not that prohormones should not be used by minors or people who have serious health issues. Always consult your doctor before starting a prohormone cycle.

Trest Elite Conclusion

With the results that we experienced with Trest Elite, we think that it is a smart move to include this on your next prohormone cycle. Apart from the benefits that it offers when it comes to taking your gym performance up a notch, its ability to enhance the libido is also a nice attribute that you'll find useful.

Even if you are not cycling other prohormones, simply using Trest as a standalone supplement before your workouts will help turn you into a beast at the gym, which translates to more gains. As long as you keep safe by using an aromatase inhibitor when cycling with this prohormone, you should experience no downsides with this product.

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MK Elite

Before we start giving MK Elite a closer look in a bit, here's a quick introduction…

Bodybuilders across the world have been looking for ways to enhance the natural process of muscle growth. First there were anabolic steroids, which were injected straight into the bloodstream and gave amazing results but at great costs as the side effects of anabolic steroids often outweighed the gains and not by a small margin either.

Next came prohormones. Prohormones are often used nowadays as well and they have managed to control the side effects of steroids by quite a bit. Some prohormones even come with almost no side effects and those that do occur are easier to manage. But in recent years it is the SARMs that have been in the spotlight.

The Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) are often just as potent as steroids, with practically none of their usual side effects. Today we are presenting MK Elite, a product based on MK 677, a powerful SARM designed to increase the amount of growth hormone in your body and help burn fat, build muscle as well as promote other positive physical effects.

MK Elite Ingredients

The formula of MK Elite is super simple, or rather, there is no formula. The capsules contain 100% MK 677, with each of the 90 capsules holding 10 mg of the SARM. There are no other active compounds in MK Elite and here is the complete label showing the ingredients of the product and other key details:

MK Elite Supplement Facts

Benefits Of MK Elite

MK 677 also known as Nutrobal, when ingested orally, promotes the creation of new growth hormone molecules in our body. The SARM was originally used to treat certain illnesses such as osteoporosis and obesity and it was later realized that it could also be very helpful in bodybuilding.

Growth hormones were used by bodybuilders in the past as well, as they will really get you growing fast, but the problem is it was extremely expensive to keep getting the hormones themselves into your body, and there were serious side effects. With MK 677, the side effects are gone and the growth hormones are produced naturally by your body at an affordable price.

Once in your system, the extra growth hormones will promote the building of new lean mass as well as fat oxidation, leading to your body looking leaner with time and your skin tightening up. After running MK Elite for a while you should really start to see some noticeable results as your body becomes more and more lean and tight and your fat sheds away.

MK Elite Dosage

MK Elite comes in a bottle of 90 capsules, like other Focused Nutrition SARMs. For best results it is recommended to take 2 capsules per day, in 12 hour intervals. The product is not recommended for use for persons under the age of 21 nor should it be used if you are suffering from serious medical conditions.

MK Elite Reviews

Here is what some of the users had to say about MK-677 in general and MK Elite:

“Just started the product about a week ago, I have noticed that it does have a leaning out quality to it, still early in the cycle to really judge though.”

“This stuff is the best getting ready to order another two bottles. Shipping was fast and over all great service!! Very happy customer.”

MK Elite Conclusion

MK Elite is another powerful SARM by a very reliable manufacturer, Focused Nutrition. As such I would definitely recommend trying this stuff out for at least one month or so, where you can see for yourself what kind of an effect it will have on your organism.

MK 677 has always shown solid results, and there is absolutely no reason you should not benefit from the potentially huge benefits this product has to offer with practically no side effects to speak of.

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SR Elite

What is SR Elite, you ask? Those of us suffering from low endurance or diseases that inhibit their ability to work out and train hard are always looking for something extra to give us a push in the right direction. This is where SR-9099 excels as this powerful SARM affects your body to increase the levels of growth hormones which serves to increase your stamina as well as help build muscle mass and lose fat.

SR Elite is a product based on SR-9099 which binds to Rev-erba molecules in our body influencing glucose and lipid metabolism in our liver, thus improving overall metabolic function. The better metabolism leads to the variety of positive effects that come from using this SARM.

SR Elite Ingredients

As usual with Focused Nutrition SARMs, the capsules of SR Elite hold nothing but the SARM itself, with 12.5 mg of SR-9099 per capsule. The dosage is not further supplemented with anything, making sure that the only effects you get from using the product come from the SARM itself.

Here is the complete SR Elite label:

SR Elite Supplement Facts

SR Elite Dosage

Like most Focused Nutrition SARMs the product is dosed so that two daily doses of one capsule should do the trick. It is not advisable to go past this dose, or take this product if you are under the age of 21 or experiencing any serious medical issues.

SR Elite Benefits

SR-9099 works to increase the metabolic activity in your skeletal muscle tissue. This effect is achieved by the SARM binding to Rev-erba molecules which influence lipins, glucose and fat cells, which in combination works to increase the metabolic activity.

Higher metabolic activity in the skeletal muscle tissue has been proven in mice when using SR-9099 and the product has proven its worth in humans as well. The product also increases the amount of the growth hormone in your body which naturally leads to development of new lean muscle, but also better sleep quality and overall metabolism.

SR-9099 has also shown as a great solution for fat loss and post workout muscle recovery and for those suffering from obesity or diabetes, it has shown not only to help reduce the fat storages but also help alleviate effects of diabetes and other metabolic syndromes.

The one thing that is certain is that using SR Elite will increase your endurance during workouts and improve your overall metabolism, making it easier for you to work out but also perform any other activities.

SR Elite Conclusion

Absolutely. Especially if you are suffering from obesity or any other condition that inhibits your endurance, SR Elite will be the exact product you need to get you working out hard and growing fast in the right direction. The product will help you burn off fat and quickly build lean muscles while also feeling great.

Unlike many steroids or prohormones, SR Elite comes with no side effects whatsoever, and you will not have your hair falling off, your breasts growing or any of the other nasty stuff that happens to people when they try to grow on steroids. This product works like a charm and it will not disappoint.

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YK Elite

For starters, YK Elite is looking to start a new trend in the bodybuilding scene. While many bodybuilders tend to go for steroids in their journey to achieve serious lean muscle mass, they are actually very dangerous compounds that usually come with a host of unwanted side effects that will make the results you gained fade in comparison to the sides you experience.

This is why SARMs were invented. Selective androgen receptor modulators have been known to possess much of the same potency as steroids, but the side effects with these compounds are miniscule in comparison. YK-11 is exactly one such SARM for which scientists have determined to act very close to certain steroids.

YK Elite by Focused Nutrition is the newest YK-11 based product that introduces the powerful SARM in a bottle of 90 capsules, each containing 4 mg of YK-11, one of the most potent SARMs on the market.

YK Elite Ingredients

As I mentioned each capsule of YK Elite contains 4 mg of YK-11. Other than this, the capsules contain no active compounds, making the product very simple to understand when it comes to what does what. Any positive or negative effects that may come from using YK Elite will be from the YK-11 SARM.

Here is the full label of YK Elite:

YK Elite Supplement Facts

YK Elite Benefits

Talking chemistry can get confusing for most of us, as the formulas and specific structures of the compounds we use in our supplement regimens are simply too complex to be fully understood by a layman. One interesting chemical fact about YK-11 is that chemically speaking this compound really resembles steroids in a big way.

The backbone, or structure of YK-11 is identical to that of steroid hormones. This is why the compound was not even recognized as a SARM until Japanese team of scientists lead by dr. Kanno discovered it to be one and in their two papers on the compound explained much of how the compound works in human body and what it does for us.

To go down to what it will do, YK-11 will help you build muscle, FAST by inhibiting Myostatin in your body. It acts much like an anabolic steroid or a very powerful prohormone and the reality is, from what we have seen so far on this compound, it does not cause nearly the side effects that using an anabolic steroid would. YK-11 is likely one of the most powerful and potent SARMs on the market and all scientific and anecgdotal data points to it really doing what it claims to do.

YK Elite Dosage

As I mentioned beforehand, YK Elite comes in a 90 capsule container. You should take 1 capsule twice a day for best results. I highly advise against taking more than this recommended dosage. The product is only meant for persons over the age of 21 and if you have any kind of a serious medical issue consult your physician before using, or steer clear of this or any other SARMs.

YK Elite Conclusion

In theory, YK-11 produces really good results and has been known to do so in animals. By inhibiting Myostatin, the compound will let your muscles grow without much control. However, inhibiting Myostatin may be dangerous as it may weaken your tendons and reduce your stamina, as much of your energy will be drained by your exponentially growing muscles. The verdict is still out on exactly whether or not YK Elite is the product to buy, but if you like to experiment a little, a single cycle certainly won’t kill you. They say learning from your own experiences is the best and in the case of YK Elite, as a fairly new compound, I would say this is the best plan you can have at the moment.

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