DecaPlexx 850

Prohormones are usually extremely potent compounds that significantly increase the speed at which we gain muscle mass and strength and for beginners using even a single prohormone at a time can be an extremely powerful and exhilarating experience.

For the more experienced bodybuilders and prohormone users however, more power is often needed and that is exactly what the product we are presenting today offers. Decaplexx 850 is a complex prohormone formula consisting of THREE prohormones designed to elevate strength and endurance and help you gain many pounds of new lean muscle mass.

DecaPlexx 850 Ingredients

Decaplexx 850, unlike most prohormones, is a complex formula. Instead of going for just one prohormone, Gentech Pharma Labs decided to mix three powerful prohormones into one formula, making up a powerful and complete product for maximum gains. The three prohormones contained within are:

Deca: A well-known prohormone that promotes huge muscle gains and lubricates the joints reducing the effects of potentially dry joints that can occur from other bodybuilding supplements.

Methylstenbolone: Imagine Superdrol on steroids. This product is exactly that, an enhanced form of Superdrol, with more power and fewer side effects to speak of. Since Superdrol was made illegal, this prohormone is a major blessing for the bodybuilding community. Four week cycles of this prohormone alone have been reported to show 10 to 18 pound gains which is completely insane.

M1, 4ADD: The final prohormone in this blend, this prohormone converts to Dianabol which again tends to add massive amounts of strength and lean muscle mass when cycled alone. One can only imagine what it does in this combo.

Here is the full supplement label with the dosage of the prohormones:

Benefits of DecaPlexx 850

This compound packs some immense punches at your body and clearly with the amount of prohormones in it there is no way you won’t feel the gains in both strength and muscle mass. The one problem with this product is that it is so packed with prohormones that your liver will be under severe attack and your hormone levels will be all over the place. This means that on cycle support and post cycle therapy will not be an option but an absolute necessity and that you may experience some major side effects with this product.

The product has not been massively popular among bodybuilders so far, most likely due to the possible side effects but this does not mean it doesn’t work and taking it will surely give you all the expected effects, it is only the side effects that you should be careful about.

DecaPlexx 850 Dosage

Start your cycle by taking one capsule per day for the first 7 days of the cycle, along with food. As your cycle progresses you may increase the dosage to 2 or 3 capsules, but under no circumstances go past the three per day. Do not take if under the age of 18 or if you have any serious medical issues.

DecaPlexx 850 Side Effects

As we already mentioned, Decaplexx 850 can possibly choose some serious side effects. Primarily, this compound will hurt your liver and you will need some serious cycle support to keep your liver and other organs safe. Other side effects including potential hair loss, gynecomastia or loss of erectile function during or after the cycle. Generally speaking, this product is one of the heavier on the side effect front and you will need to be very careful with it and under no circumstances take more than the recommended dosages.

DecaPlexx 850 Reviews

Here are a few testimonials on Decaplexx 850:

The “triple stack” prohormone by Genetech Pharma Labs consisting of “M1,4ADD, Deca, Methylstenbolone” …forget all that technically mumbo gumbo! The product was effective in gaining lean muscle mass and strength gains (I went from 70lbs single arm preacher curls to now 100lbs!) and my strength overall for all my exercises, have increased tremendously EVERY week that I was taking this product!

I never used prohormones before but decided I needed some size before my competition. Packed on some considerable size and strength by the end of the second week. I was on this for about 5 weeks and definitely saw the full results. I highly recommend taking cycle support but other than that. This product was amazing and did what it said it would do.

DecaPlexx 850 Conclusion

Decaplexx 850 is one of those products that causes quite a bit of mixed feelings when talking about. On the one hand it features a fantastic label with three separate powerful prohormones, which all tend to add great size and strength even when taken alone. On the other hand such a stacked product is prone to causing side effects which most people will want to avoid. If you are one of those hardcore guys who don’t care much about moderate side effects, you will do well to take this product and just use it with care. Decaplexx 850 is certainly a product that will give you the results you want though, so in that aspect we would certainly recommend it.

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Alpha Drol 1000

Gaining lots of lean mass quickly is the single most important goal for bodybuilders but achieving this goal without using special substances is really hard and painful. Using steroids on the other hand can be fairly dangerous and this is why the prohormones market has become so huge in recent years, as they cause fewer side effects and still provide great results.

Today we will be looking at Alpha-Drol 1000, a prohormone by Genetech Pharma Labs. This powerful and potent product is a M1A prohormone, which converts to Methyl-1-Testosterone, one of the most potent anabolics out there, which is banned from use in the pure form.

Alpha Drol 1000 Ingredients

The most important ingredient in Alpha-Drol 1000 is the Alpha One or M1A, which is the active compound in this product, providing powerful boosts to strength and lean muscle gains. This prohormone works in two ways. First, it is already an active anabolic, which means even without conversion it will do miracles for your physique. Secondly, this prohormone converts to M1T which is a more potent anabolic, at a rate of about 15-20% for even more strength and gains.

The compound also contains some Milk Thistle and N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine which add some aditionl bioavailability and potency to the product.

Here is the full product label:

Alpha-Drol 1000 Supplement Facts

Alpha Drol 1000 Dosage

Alpha-Drol 1000 comes in a container of 60 capsules. The capsules are to be consumed between 1 to 3 per day, depending on your size and tolerance. It is recommended to start with one capsule per day and move up to 2 or 3 as you notice the single capsule is no longer doing the trick. Do not exceed the 3 daily capsules.

Alpha Drol 1000 Benefits

There is no argument that Alpha One is a powerful steroid in its own right and with its ability to partially convert to M1T it gives even more great results. When it comes to gaining muscle mass, size and strength, Alpha One is certainly one of the fines legal compounds on the market and the fact you can take it orally is another great news as many of us simply don’t like sticking needles in our arms.

Alpha Drol 1000 Side Effects

Alpha One is a steroid, and like all steroids, it is so potent and powerful that physical manifestations of its use are not all positive. For starters, the compound is methylated, meaning it is liver toxic and needs to be taken along with proper on cycle support in order to protect your liver. This is the case with many prohormones and steroids out there and using proper on cycle support should keep you safe.

Further, Alpha-Drol 1000 has been known to cause some other side effects, such as acne, a tingly, edgy feeling in your body, reduction in sex drive as well as potentially sensitive nipples or gyno caused by Testosterone turning to Estrogen. If you are someone who likes to play it 100% safe, Alpha-Drol 1000 is probably not for you, but if you don’t mind suffering a little short term for the long term gains, than this is exactly what you have been looking for.

One thing to note is that, being so powerful, this compound is certainly not meant for beginners. If you have not been lifting for several years and don’t do it on a regular basis, or if you just eat a normal diet and work out a little, this product is NOT for you, it will not work well and may cause many side effects. Alpha-Drol 1000 is meant for experienced bodybuilders.

Alpha Drol 1000 Reviews

Here is what some of the people who ran cycles of Alpha-Drol 1000 had to say about it:

Probably the best strength and mass gaining supplement I've taken. Saw results after the first week. Started going heavier with weight and built more dense muscle.

I’m not sure what to say, so I’ll tell you what my gym partner told me. After 2 weeks on this product he said “what the heck got into you, your strength went way up and your endurance is through the roof!!!” after talking with him, he went on the product and had the same results. We both used it for strength, and lean hard muscle mass gains!

Alpha Drol 1000 Conclusions

Alpha-Drol 1000 is one of the most potent products in the prohormone industry. The product is actually so potent that if you are not an experienced bodybuilder and prohormone user, you should probably start with something milder and build your way up to Alpha-Drol 1000.

That said, if you are someone who knows exactly what they are doing, than this product is guaranteed to give you lots of hard lean mass and the strength you need to lift more and longer than ever before, letting you rip your muscles apart and build them back up, stronger and bigger than ever.

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Tren-V 600

The modern day pro-hormone market is very saturated with various pro-hormone products aimed at muscle mass increase and gains. The ingredients in each of these usually convert into a powerful anabolic that helps increase your muscles. Today I will be reviewing Tren-V 600, a Tren based product that converts into Trenbolone, one of the most powerful steroids out there.

Tren-V 600 is a powerful prohormone to be sure, but our research has discovered that it may not be all that it is advertised to be, mainly because the product seems to come with a lot of side effects that you may not want to deal with.

Tren-V 600 Ingredients

Tren-V 600 is a Genetech Pharma Labs prohormone based on Tren and Anavar, with the addition of milk thistle. As such, the product will enter your system and will than convert to Trenbolone, a powerful anabolic that will greatly increase your strength. Tren based prohormones almost always work as Tren is extremely powerful, but the side effects are what worries most people.

Tren-V 600 Supplement Facts

DTren-V 600 Benefits

The product works, yes. That is the short answer. Once your system is hit by the dose of Trenbolone it will undoubtedly allow for good gains and some fat burning while giving you the power of a horse and great desire to workout. These are the good things it does for you, but don’t decide on buying it before you hear the bad.

Tren-V 600 Side Effects

This is where it gets bad. The simple fact is, Trenbolone is simply too powerful. In its pure form Trenbolone is injected intravenously and is a classic steroid, one of the most powerful ones out there at that. Trenbolone was often used in the past by body builders, but was banned from the market with all other steroids.

Tren-V 600 Dosage

If you do decide to buy Tren-V 600 the product will come in a container of 60 capsules. A single pill taken twice a day will be the highest allowed dosage. Do not exceed this dosage. Do not take if you are under the age of 21.

Tren-V 600 Reviews

“I don't have the balls to take those oral steroids anymore. They are way too fucking powerful. Results are off the charts though.”

“This stuff made by Genetech. Bought it online… Stuff is nuts. Had to come off after a week. Basically an undercover oral Trenbolone. I was getting the night sweats, sleepless nights and aggression through the roof.   man I was pissed. the strength increase was damn good too. just couldn’t tolerate the sides……considered a “prohormone” …..ha! How they get away with selling this legally?”

“This is huge down here even among hardcore juicers, people love it, very powerful compounds, just a matter of time before it is officially labeled steroids.”

Tren-V 600 Conclusion

To be perfectly honest here, Tren-V 600 is not in itself a bad product. The product delivers on what it promises for most people. In this particular case it is the immense side effects that worry me and we only listed the short term ones we could have a testimonial on… who knows if other longer term side effects are likely from using it. I personally would probably skip on this one and go on to get something milder and build it up at a slower rate. A product like 1st Phorm’s Conquest HD will be more likelz to give you the gains and strength you are looking for, while avoiding the nasty side effects.

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If you are an experienced bodybuilder, there is little doubt that you have tried your fair share of prohormones and may be looking for a more potent product to help you realize your goals further. Gentech Pharma Labs introduces Trenplexxx, a prohormone with incredible potency, coming from an incredible five compounds it uses to create an extremely powerful formula.

Now, most prohormones are based around one or two compounds that serve a very specific function but GPL decided to experiment and create something more potent for the experienced users. We look into the end product to find out if it lives up to the expectations.

TrenPlexxx Ingredients

Trenplexxx contains:

  • Estra-4,9,11-triene-3, 17-dione
  • 17b-hydroxy-2a, 17b-dimethyl-5a-androstan-3-one-azine
  • Methyl-1, 4-androstenediol
  • 2, 17a-dimethyl-5a-androsta-1-en-17B-ol-3-one
  • 5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin
  • Milk Thistle (85% Silymarin)
  • N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine
  • Gelatin (capsule)
  • Maltodextrin
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Silicon dioxide

Ingredients Breakdown

There are five basic compunds included in Trenplexxx. Here is what they do for you:

  • Methyl-1, 4-androstenediol or M1, 4ADD is a compound that converts to Dianabol in your body, but may also convert into Estrogen at times, which means an Estrogen blocker should be used on the cycle along with this product.
  • 5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin is a compound that mainly influences the protein synthesis, proven to increase it by up to 200%. This increase leads to improved strength and muscle bulk.
  • Methylstenbolone is derived from DHT and helps you build lean muscles without losing definition as it is a dry compound.
  • DMZ aka Dymethazine is an extremely powerful designer anabolic that improves your vascularity and helps build lean muscle at a maximum pace.
  • Trenavar is a prohormone that converts into Trenbolone, a hormone 10 times as androgenic as Testosterone, making it a powerful addition to your cycle.

TrenPlexxx Dosage

A daily dose of a single capsule per day is recommended for the first week. After the one week perion you are allowed to increase your dose to 2 and eventually 3 pills per day, but do not exceed this dosage. The product is only to be used by the persons over the age of 21 and you are highly recommended to consult a physician if you are suffering or have suffered from any serious medical condition.

TrenPlexxx Side Effects

Unfortunately, despite its claims and the potential for great things due to its formula, Trenplexxx is not a very popular product in the community, and seems to have never really caught on. There seems to be very few people who have used it and due to the recent regulation it is now banned in America leading to reduced consumption and an overall diminishing trust. What is more the product may cause some side effects, and it may be very difficult to understand which of the compounds in it is causing them with all the compounds that are present.

TrenPlexxx Conclusion

Unfortunately, I have to go with a no on this product. Despite its unique formula and the clear attempts of Gentech to create a powerful formula for all you gym beasts out there, there simply isn't enough evidence out there confirming the formula works. What is more, the formula can cause serious side effects and involves some ingredients that are banned in America due to recent regulation and may be considered dangerous by some.

Instead, if you are looking for a powerful tool in building up some lean mass, I would personally recommend you go ahead and check out Conquest HD, a testosterone booster from 1st Phorm that has been proven time and time again to help build nice lean mass, while not causing serious side effects.

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TestPlex 450

Coming to us from Gentech Pharma Labs, TestPlex450 is a 4 in 1 prohormone stack promising great muscle gains and, as well as increased libido, great strength boosts and quality dry muscles. Based on Epistane, MAX LMG, H-Drol and 4ADD, this product is a real powerhouse when it comes to its ingredients and this kind of a label does promise a lot.

TestPlex 450 Ingredients

  • Haladrol
  • Epistane
  • Methyl-1,4 Adrostenediol
  • Milk Thistle
  • N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine

The product comes in pill form in a 90 pill container. The pills are to be taken as dietary supplement. First week take one pill a day and increase to two pills a day after the first week. The maximum dosage is three pills per day but we recommend caution increasing the dosage that high. Once you complete your cycle make sure to take post cycle therapy as a must.

TestPlex 450 Benefits

When analyzing a product the user testimonials and cycle reports are usually the best indication of whether a product works or doesn’t and when it comes to TestPlex450 the answer is yes, it absolutely works. Not only are pretty much all the reports favorable, but most users reported insane levels of strength and muscle boosts and are singing praises for this product.

When taken with a proper healthy diet and plenty of water, with regular workouts, you can expect a 15-25 lbs of lean dry muscle gain during your first cycle. Remember to take your post cycle therapy after, and you should be a happy customer.

Any TestPlex 450 Side Effects?

While many other prohormones often come with a bunch of warnings and users report various side effects after using them, it appears TestPlex450 comes with very few if any known side effects. We were barely able to find any mention of side effects from any users and this is another thumbs up for this great product.

We recommend consulting a physician if you are suffering from any kind of a long term condition that may have you worried about taking this product and definitely strongly recommend a post cycle therapy, but these are all just the standard steps to safe usage of prohormones.

What do the users say?

“Excellent product, coming into my third week now and already gained 17 lbs. no sides yet except mild aggression, dramatic strength increase however , and overall change in physique. surprised how fast results were shown. Will deff. use again. not for the weak indeed.”

“Very powerful it will make you strong as an ox and you will get big as mack truck you wont like it will love it but keep in mind what works for me may not work for you maybe i just wanted all to myself and don’t want you to buy it lol and keep in mind I’ve been training since i was 15 I’m 34 and next week starts pct for a month i don’t want to go off.”

TestPlex 450 Conclusion

At $69.99 TestPlex450 is an absolute steal. Almost all testimonials out there are claiming gains of over 15lbs of lean muscle mass with no noticeable side effects. The product absolutely delivers on all its claims and I simply have to go ahead and give it a massive thumbs up.

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Methyl-Tren 550

If you're anything like most bodybuilders, chances are you consider achieving serious lean muscle gains as the top item in your training program. Now while hitting the gym hard and keeping an eye your diet are two key factors in pulling it off, zeroing in on a reliable prohormone is also a must to get the job done.

One product that asserts it should be in your shortlist of prohormones to try is Methyl-Tren 550. Make sure you follow along to find out if this one is really worth giving a go.

What is Methyl-Tren 550

The effects of Methyl-Tren 550 should be quite similar to the injectable trestolone acetate. It is a relatively strong anabolic and moderately androgenic compound, which has been proven in numerous clinical tests to promote a significant boost in strength as well as pick up the pace on high-quality muscle growth and development.

Methyl-Tren 550 Ingredients

Let's take a quick look at the ingredients that were used to put Methyl-Tren 550 together:

Methyl-Tren 550 Side Effects

Based on the information that we've gathered in our research, the use of Methyl-Tren 550 can make you prone to hypertension, HPTA disruption, adverse shifts in lipoprotein subfractions (increased HDL, lowered LDL cholesterol), acne, hair growth or loss. This product is also not recommended for women or teens.

Methyl-Tren 550 Reviews

Let's start with the positive ones:

“I have to say that I did not expect these kinds of gains when I first ordered this product. I used it in a short cycle because I was too afraid of the side effects. Basically, those side effects are the only real flaw of Methyl-Tren 550. If you are looking for a great product for increasing your muscle mass I highly recommend Methyl-Tren 550 by Genetech Pharma Labs. Try it out and you'll notice the difference!”

“When I first started using this product I was really worried about those nasty side effects that I've seen online before purchasing it. One of those side effects that really concerned me was the loss of libido. Luckily, that did not happen. On the contrary, I actually experienced an increase in my libido, it was amazing! I really did not expect this to happen.”

Now for the negative one:

“I don't recommend this product because I have experienced a couple of side effects and they are not nice at all. After the first week of using, I noticed quite a steep increase in my blood pressure rate. It was going crazy. At that point, I started to question the quality of the product. Nonetheless, I decided to keep using it. I was not going to stop my cycle because of a heart rate issue. A few more days have passed when I started noticing I have hair starting to grow on my knuckles. After noticing that I immediately threw away the bottle. I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT!”

Methyl-Tren 550 Conclusion

After doing my research on Methyl-Tren 550, I think that even though it has ability to trigger decent anabolic effects after a short amount of time, the possibility that you're going to be prone to nasty side effects is quite high.

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