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Before we start let’s just mention the product we are going to analyze in today’s review is aimed towards someone already having a decent experience in bodybuilding. Also, if you haven’t yet tried any sort of supplementation, we suggest starting with something less powerful. Iron Legion released few highly efficient products in the past and hopefully, this one lives up to the standard.

The whole function of Invictus and all of its main benefits are based on cortisol control. Reduction of this stress hormone can lead to many positive changes in the body. It has the potential of increasing energy, relieving joint pain, promoting lean muscle mass, boosting libido, also helping you manage weight and lose fat.

It provides all of its ingredients with a simple spreading on the skin. If you notice any negative changes on the skin while consuming it, make sure to contact your personal doctor. Ideal sites to apply include chest, neck, and shoulders.


VII-KT claims it’s going to help blast away unwanted flab so you won’t have a problem achieving your ideal cutting goals. We will give it a careful run-through in a bit to see what it can really bring to the table.

Are you finished with a prohormone cycle and entering the post cycle therapy phase? Are you using a fat burner to get rid of excess fat? The product we will check out in this review may be a very helpful addition to your supplement regimen.

We are talking about VII-KT by Iron Legion, a transdermal 7-Keto DHEA product designed to help speed up your body’s fat burning capability and stave off surges in cortisol levels. This product is designed as an addition to your post cycle therapy arsenal or as an accompaniment to fat burners of all sorts, improving the efficacy of either supplement.

We take a closer look at VII-KT to find out whether the product is truly as potent as the manufacturer promises and what kind of results you can actually expect from using it.