Cycle Support and PCT


At this point in time, another PCT support supplement has hit the market. This time, Iron Legion, a renowned supplement manufacturer who is looking for increasing their share of the market with their new line of products. As I already mentioned in the introductory sentence, Virtus is a PCT support supplement that has a wide variety of uses. It is a transdermal aromatase inhibitor and can be applied to many places on your body, but more on that in the “How to use this product” section. For now, let's take a closer look at this product and see is it worth the price. With this in mind, let's jump straight into action.

Iron Dosage

In order to appropriately use this product, apply .5 to 1ml one to two times per day. Empty dropper into the palm of the hand and then spread thinly onto clean skin over a large surface area. Ideal application sites include the chest, clavicle region, shoulders, neck, and upper back. Wash hands after applying. If local irritation occurs discontinue use. Do not use continuously for longer than eight weeks without a period of discontinuation. Professional athletes should consult their regulatory body before using.

As I said earlier, this product can be used in a wide range of scenarios. Here you can see some of them:

  • On cycle to control estrogen related side effects of “wet” steroids
  • During PCT to mitigate estrogen rebound and enhance HPTA recovery
  • Off cycle to boost natural testosterone production

Iron Ingredients

If you want to know more about the ingredients of this product, make sure you check out its entire ingredients label down below:

Let's take a closer look at the key ingredient of Virtus.


As its name implies, this ingredient is a derivative of flavan which is most commonly found in tea or chocolate. It shows extreme aromatase inhibitory potency with quality research to back it up. This ingredient is well known to be 127x more potent than aminogluthemide (prescription brand – Cytadren).

Iron Reviews

Yes there are, let's take a look at a couple of them so you can learn more about people's opinions on this product:

“Let's start off at the beginning – I have been using Virtus actively for the past 3 weeks and I have to say that I am loving it. It boosted my confidence to the max and now I'm feeling i can take on anybody. With a lot of work I've been having recently, I was in a pretty bad mood all the time, probably because I was stressed AF, but after 3 weeks on Virtus, I actually feel a lot better in that department as well. It's as if has some mood enhancing effects as well… All in all – it's a great PCT for sure!”

“I did not know Iron Legion makes such good products! It made me sceptical at first but after 2 weeks of usage, I have started noticing first results. It improved my strength and confidence. At first, I was not sure if it was because of Virtus, but lately I am positive that's the real reason behind them. Virtus is a good product and I recomend you to try it out! I love it.”

“Been taking this for more than a month now and I have to say that my muscles are at their peak. I did not even expected this from Virtus becuase my primarily wish was that it normalizes my hormone levels after a tough PH cycle. Now, 1 month after starting taking this, I have to say that it is doing wonders for me. I can't get enough of it!”

Iron Conclusion

If we take all things into consideration it is fairly easy to conclude that we are talking about a high-quality product. Iron Legion did not joke around when producing it and they are making sure it is noticed. With a huge variety of uses across different scenarios, I am sure Virtus is going to make its way into thousands of homes worldwide.

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