Vitamins and Antioxidants


It has been a while since we last did a review on a multivitamin formula. A lot of our readers are focusing too much on more potent supplements without actually understanding the simplest needs of their own diet. Yes, pre-workouts, testosterone boosters, proteins, and so on, can take your physique to another level, but to do so in the most efficient matter you have to take a close look at what your body actually needs the most. Very often people don't see so wanted results, mostly because they skip few important steps in building a diet plan.

TruMulti by PEScience is a multivitamin that provides all the necessary vitamins and minerals for the proper functioning of both mind and body. It comes in two different forms, one for men and one for women, serving a wide array of critical roles for both of them.

The importance of this type of products is overlooked, as many rush to other more advanced forms of supplementation without taking care of their primary needs first. Such an approach may work for some, who already import all the nutrients and micro-nutrients through a high-quality food intake. But let's be true, most of us don't, due to lack of money or time to prepare such meals. Even if managed to do so, we may still lack some crucial ingredients for our health.

TruMulti Ingredients

TruMulti is packed with a couple of dozen ingredients just as you would expect from a multivitamin. However, folks from PEScience went a step further and did a great job in designing two different formulas, for both genders and their different needs. It isn't something we see for the first time but is definitely something to be appreciated. Pretty much every compound on the ingredient list is dosed in a different ratio depending on the gender, and if you ask us they did a great job on dosing both types of the formula.

Vitamins and Minerals

Performing hundreds of roles in our bodies vitamins are alongside minerals considered to be essential nutrients. These two make sure your immune system is functioning the way it is supposed to, support organ and cell health, improve quality of growth and development, and do so much more. Deficiency of a single vitamin or mineral can possibly have a big negative impact on your health and cause some major side effects. In order for your body to work properly, you are going to need to make sure you consume enough of them.

Ashwagandha Root Extract

Not only does it provide a hand full of vitamins and minerals, but TruMulti comes with few other amazing and extremely beneficial ingredients as well. Ashwagandha has been recognized thousands of years ago for having a positive impact on our health and has been used ever since. Scientist discovered it can reduce blood sugar levels, fight stress and anxiety, boost testosterone, reduce cortisol levels, enhance strength, promote muscle mass, and even improve brain function.

Passion Fruit Seed Extract

Yet another addition to the formula that improves overall health and longevity. It can improve circulation, enhance the immune system, protect the heart, prevents cancer, and does much much more. Some even go that far to consider it a superfood.

Multivitamins are widely considered to all be pretty much the same, but it is one of the worst misconceptions people make when deciding to purchase one. TruMulti deserves to be treated like a top quality product, and should never be put in the same conversation with most of the multivitamins on the market. It is properly dosed and has one of the best ingredient profiles you can get for such a price tag.

TruMulti Side Effects

When it comes to supplements, multivitamins are by far the safest ones you can get. In fact, their main function is overall health improvement, so there isn't much wrong that can happen while consuming it. There is a small possibility that you experience some negative side effects such as nausea or dizziness, but those are considered to be minor and chances even for those to happen are very small.

TruMulti Reviews

It is one of the best-rated multivitamin supplements, but still didn't gain that global popularity it deserves. Here is what some of the customers had to say about it:

“Honestly you can't ask for more, it has the perfect vitamins blend for any athlete plus KSM-66. It's so light on the stomach and doesn't make you sick. “

“The capsules are small and not hard to swallow. No stomach issues either. Bought the wife the women's formula, but she doesn't take it regularly yet, so can't comment on that one. ”

“I enjoy the profile. Great multivitamin for anyone. Good value and a top shelf quality compared to other vitamins. ”

Most of the comments were short and to the point, expressing nothing but appreciation for the quality of the product, just as this one we ran across looking for other people’s opinions:

TruMulti Conclusion

PEScience already has quite a lot of fans, and the fact most of their customers stay loyal says a lot about their quality and engagement. TruMulti is their multivitamin formula designed to improve your overall health and make sure your body functions the way it is supposed to. Capsules are filled with highest graded vitamins and minerals, and also contain few additional ingredients for better results. When it comes to multivitamins this one is one you just can't go wrong with. For everything it has to offer it is one of the best products we can recommend to anyone trying to improve diet quality.

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Well, this is something you wouldn't expect, but the problem with this one is that it gets out of stock almost immediately when it becomes available to purchase. Make sure you act fast and get it for the right price and fast delivery.

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Cycle Support and PCT

Erase Pro

Now that you have already achieved that dry, hard look you’ve worked really long and hard for pumping iron at the gym, would you dare risk losing it because you just didn’t have the right post cycle therapy lined up in your bodybuilding checklist? And when it comes to helping you achieve the ideal PCT results, Erase Pro is one of the products you can grab these days that claims to help you pull it off. We’re going to subject Erase Pro to a meticulous review shortly to find out if it really can help you accomplish the right results when you’re having your PCT…

Erase Pro Benefits

Manufactured by Physique Enhancing Science, Erase Pro is formulated with three key ingredients that help restore and optimize ideal testosterone levels in the body after cycling with prohormones or anabolic steroids of any kind. Apart from making you vulnerable to gyno, sailing blood pressure and a number of other health issues sooner or later, not bringing back your testosterone to the right levels will also put you at risk of losing your gains just like that.

Let’s have a closer look at these key ingredients Erase Pro contains that not only bring back your testosterone levels up to par, but also help stave off the adverse effects that could happen if you don’t have a good post cycle therapy planned ahead…

Erase Pro Ingredients

According to the manufacturers of Erase Pro, it contains a solid mix of ingredients that make it one of the must-have testosterone boosters in the market nowadays. Here’s a quick look at the components that Erase Pro is packed with that can help you accomplish the PCT results you want when you use it:

Erase Pro ingredients

Erase Pro contains 3 very potent main ingredients to help pick up the pace on testosterone production in your body. Let’s have a closer look at each ingredient one by one for better understanding:

  • Euonymus Alatus Extract – When it comes to PCT, keeping estrogen levels down is the top priority. This is to help your body bring back its normal testosterone levels so you won’t be prone to developing gyno and other serious problems one day. Scientific studies show that Euonymus Alatus Extract has the ability to inhibit aromatase activity in the body, especially in high-risk tissues like the male breasts. You can easily think of Euonymus Alatus Extract as an insurance against gyno.
  • Boerhaavia Diffusa Extract – The role of Boerhaavia Diffusa Extract in bringing back testosterone to ideal levels in the body after cycling with prohormones or anabolic steroids is not that tricky to describe. It basically builds a barrier between estrogen and its receptor site, preventing the two from making a connection. When this happens, an estrogen surge is prevented after a cycle and you’ll be able to easily restore your testosterone levels in no time. Another benefit of Boerhaavia Diffusa Extract is its ability to regulate cortisol, a type of stress hormone that can trigger a significant loss in muscle gains if allowed to go haywire in the body.
  • Androsta-3,5-Diene-7,17-Dione – A naturally occurring aromatase inhibitor, Androsta-3,5-Diene-7,17-Dione works by promoting an increase in the production of androgen or male hormones instead of their estrogen counterparts. Erase Pro’s manufacturers assert that it’s got a full 75-milligram dose of Androsta-3,5-Diene-7,17-Dione, the most powerful dose you can ever load up on among all natural testosterone boosters available commercially these days.

Erase Pro Benefits

You can expect the following results when taking Erase Pro:

  • Boosts testosterone production
  • Staves off a surge in estrogen
  • Regulates cortisol in the body
  • Improves libido

Erase Pro Dosage

Take one (1) capsule of Erase Pro with your first meal daily.

  • Do not use more than 1 Erase Pro capsule in a 24-hour period.
  • Do not use Erase Pro for more than 8 weeks.

Erase Pro Side Effects

For most users who already tried Erase Pro, the only side effect that they experienced is a feeling of dryness in and around the joints that can be a bit uncomfortable from time to time when taken.

Erase Pro Testimonials

Hear it straight from someone who tried out Erase Pro…

A lot of people agree that Erase Pro does what exactly as it claims when it comes to boosting testosterone levels in the body. Here are some of the positive comments from users I’ve come across the web:

“It worked great and recovery time was quick same with the gains. You get what you pay for this.”

“Only been on it for around two and a half weeks. Definitely does what it says it does. Noticeable difference in leanness.”

“This product works flat out. I had great gains, great increase in libido, a very clear reduction in subcutaneous water and fat. I thought this was WELL worth my money.”

“I got to say that this is a great product. Muscles definitely looked fuller and harder. I'm a believer! I would use this product again 100%.”

“Great product to use if you are looking to get lean and shredded!”

Erase Pro Conclusion

With all the nice stuff users are saying about Erase Pro, I'd have to say that this is one of the testosterone boosters that you have to check out if you’re planning to have a PCT going soon. Sure this product can potentially cause a sensation of dryness in the joints that could get uncomfortable and its price tag of $43.99 for 30 capsules can be a bit high, but Erase Pro can really deliver. You can click here to get your very own bottle right now.

Fat Burners


Fat burners are among the fastest growing supplements on the bodybuilding market, and for a good reason – they are becoming more effective with each passing month. New technological advances have improved their quality and nowadays they are able to effectively burn fat quicker than ever. That's exactly what can be said about Alphamine by PEScience. It is a brand new product on the market that already has lots of positive praise from its users.

This is actually not surprising considering the sheer power (and dosage amounts) of its ingredients. And that's just what we are going to examine today. In addition to its ingredients, we will also check out how exactly does it work and what benefits can you expect from it. So without further adue, let's start with the Alphamine review!

Alphamine Benefits

Alphamine can be considered as a special type of fat burning product. Why? Well, because it selectively burns fat from particular body parts (the ones which you exercise the most during the usage period) while preserving all of your muscle mass. It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman – Alphamine will do the trick for you and burn the fat from places you want the most. The greatest virtue of Alphamin is not its powerful fat burning capability but its potent muscle hardening agent that will sculpt your body to its ideal style. Combined with demanding cardio excercises will put your body in an extreme fat burning state that will definitely produce the wanted results.

Alphamine Ingredients

Alphamine Supplement Facts

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine is the world's most popular stimulant. It has powerful characteristics that separate it from the competition by a mile. Anhydrous represents the purest chemical structure of caffeine known to mankind. It is extremely powerful in providing its users with a massive spike of energy and enhancing their cognitive functions as well as determination.

Choline Bitartate

Choline Bitartate is a wonder medicine used for a variety of health issues ranging from depression, memory loss, dementia, and even during pregnancy for prevention of neural tube defects. In bodybuilding supplements, Choline Bitartate is used because of its cholesterol-lowering effects. In addition to that, it is also known to delay fatigue which is always helpful during demanding workout sessions.

Yohimbe Bark

Yohimbe is a popular ingredient commonly found across a wide variety of different supplements on the market. It is there due to several of its beneficial abilities including the promotion of weight loss and improvement of athletic performance.

As you can see, Alphamine is packed with well-known ingredients that are bound to do the trick. But, good ingredients aren't the only factor in a quality product. The key is in all of them working synergically together, which is exactly what folks at PEScience managed to do with Alphamine.

Alphamine Side Effects

Unfortunately, Alphamine does have several mild side effects. They are not dangerous but can be disturbing if they last longer than a couple of days. Side effects include anxiety (Yohimbe), sweating (choline) and headaches (caffeine).

Alphamine Reviews

As I have already mentioned in the beginning of this review, there are plenty of people praising Alphamine for its effects. Still, despite that, I found a lack of reviews available online. These are all I could find, but they still prove my point of how good this fat burner is.

“This is amazing! Not only did I lose weight but I also got way better energy than before. I don't know is it because of Alphamine or is it just my natural reaction to weight loss. All in all, I'm pretty satisfied with the results and I will definitely but another bottle!”

“So far so good! I've been using Alphamine for the last 2 weeks, following the dosage instruction carefully (as always). I've lost 3 pounds (not a lot, I know, but it's still something, right?) but what's even more awesome is the fact that I am feeling amazing. It boosted my confidence and it seems as though it improved my overall mood as well. Great stuff!!!”

Alphamine Conclusion

All things considered, I believe it is pretty clear that folks over at PEScience did a fairly good job with Alphamine. It is an excellent weight loss product consisting of powerful ingredients that will definitely do the job. Still, you need to stick to your diet plan and workout as hard as you can otherwise you won't get decent results. What I am basically trying to say is that you should not consider Alphamine as a magical fat burner. It PROMOTES weight loss and fat burning but it cannot do all the job by itself (not a single supplement product in the world can do that).

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Joint Support


Joint support is certainly one of the most overlooked aspects when it comes to bodybuilding supplementation, with many people lifting and not using joint support products at all, experiencing severe joint pains as a result. Those who do use them usually end up taking products based on Glucosamine and MSM, which are relatively effective but could be improved upon.

This is why PEScience came out with GenoFlex, hoping to improve on the old and introduce something new to the joint support supplements market. GenoFlex is quite a bit different than most joint support products out there and based on some cool new ingredients.

We set out to find out just how effective if at all GenoFlex is and how valuable of a purchase it may be.

GenoFlex Ingredients

As we mentioned, the ingredients in GenoFlex are quite new to the market and not the ones you would be used to seeing. The three active ingredients in GenoFlex are:

Apresflex: Derived from the Boswellia Serrata Extract, this compound is something brand new from PEScience, and is a more bioavailable and faster acting version of the extract. Multiple trials of this compound have been run and showed it to significantly reduce joint pains and discomfort.

Cissus Quadrangularis & Passion Fruit Seed Extract: The two compounds were added as PEScience believe them to be a perfect match with Apresflex as they are both known to alleviate joint pains and help keep them safe.

In combination, these three should make for quite a potent product and PEScience take great pride in advertising that this is not you grandma’s joint support supplement, meaning this packs an actual punch rather than just being an old people’s medicine.

GenoFlex is advertised as a supplement of the future, something ahead of its time and more effective than any other product of the sort currently on the market.

Here is the complete GenoFlex label from the manufacturer:

GenoFlex Supplement Facts
GenoFlex Supplement Facts

GenoFlex Benefits

After taking a look at numerous user testimonials and seeing how positive they were, we decided we had to try the product ourselves and see what the fuss is all about. To make things even better, all the claims seem to be true as we experienced the effects ourselves and can say with certainty that GenoFlex is indeed a working joint support formula.

Within a week or so of using, you should start seeing some very real results as the joint pains you previously experienced during workouts will significantly diminish and in time almost completely go away. For many of us, this is actually a game changer as joint discomfort can be a serious hindrance when trying to put in a serious workout.

Based on our own and other users’ testimonials, we must say we absolutely support and recommend this product and believe GenoFlex is indeed one of the finest joint support products available.

GenoFlex Dosage

Take 4 capsules of GenoFlex per day, preferably 2 times 2 capsules with large meals. Do not exceed 4 capsules per day.

GenoFlex Reviews

Here is what some of those who tried GenoFlex had to say about the product:

“Today makes the 1 week mark I've been on GenoFlex. My knees and right wrist pain are at about 50% of what they were before I started.”

“The pain in my knees is essentially non-existent. The last two days have been the best my knees have felt in I don't even know how long. In the past, walking down stairs and pushing myself back up to standing from a lunged position.”

“As a guy in his 30s with army knees this stuff has been nothing short of a godsend. I have been using it for around 4 days now and already have relief in the knees.”

GenoFlex Conclusion

Coming at a very good price and with exceptional recommendations from the community, GenoFlex is likely to be the best money can buy in terms of joint support at the moment. We tried it ourselves and the product absolutely raises the bar for joint support supplements in every sense.

It will alleviate the pain and discomfort you are experiencing from grueling workouts and allow you to keep pushing yourself and growing without the annoying pains in your knees, wrists and ankles. If we had to recommend one joint support formula, at the moment it would be GenoFlex.

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Energy and Endurance


What is TruCreatine

TruCreatine is the new product by PEScience and it seems to be really good, mostly because it features creatine anhydrous which is the purest form of creatine. It is basically a creatine monohydrate with the water part removed. The second difference is the fact that creatine anhydrous provides slightly more creatine on a gram to gram basis. Keep in mind that just because it offers more creatine per gram does not mean you it will do wonders and that you will notice significant improvements. There is no evidence which shows that creatine anhydrous is in any way stronger than creatine monohydrate!

TruCreatine Ingredients

Creatine Anhydrous

Creatine anhydrous is the purest form of creatine available. As I said earlier, it provides slightly more creatine per gram than creatine monohydrate. Keep in mind that the difference is really small, around 10%, so don't expect to see massive improvements or any improvements at all. It is basically a creatine monohydrate with the water part removed. There is also no hard evidence that creatine anhydrous is in any way stronger than the creatine monohydrate!

Let's take a look at the label of TruCreatine:

trucreatine supplement facts
TruCreatine Supplement Facts

TruCreatine Dosage

This product is only intended to be consumed by healthy individuals 18 years of age or older. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Consult with your doctor before using this product, especially if you are taking any prescription or over the counter medication or have any medical conditions. Discontinue use and consult your doctor immediately if you have any adverse reactions to this product.

TruCreatine Reviews

“I just love this product! Can we take this more than once a day? The taste is so unreal I want to drink it all day! Nevertheless, I have to admit that I don't see any difference from 1st Phorms Micronized Creatine Monohydrate..”

“TruCreatine is back in my life and I'm feeling MUCH tighter. I know a lot of ladies are nervous to take creatine because they think you will gain weight and look bloated. WRONG! Bloating is a layer of water under the skin, creatine holds water within your muscles. Your weight will go up a 3 lb or so but you actually just look fuller and tighter and tinier. I take 3g daily before my workout.

I have to say this product is pretty decent. Even gives me amazing power and endurance while tasting amazingly. I mix my tropical punch flavor with water and it is just amazing. I could drink this stuff all day. Great job PEScience!

TruCreatine Side Effects

Luckily, this product features no significant side effects if properly dosed. It is mainly due to the fact that it is indeed the purest creatine available on the market.

TruCreatine Conclusion

PEScience did a pretty good job with their newest creatine supplement called TruCreatine for which they created the purest form of creatine currently available. Even though the pricing of similar creatine monohydrate products is below $10, TruCreatine can hardly be found below $15. Is it worth the extra price just because it tastes a bit better? I THINK NOT! That is why I think you should not opt for this product! You can get creatine monohydrates for half the price and still get pretty much the same exact effects.

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Fat Burners


How you get rid of fat can easily make or break your chances at successfully achieving the bodybuilding goals you’ve set. What’s really interesting is that it’s not just your workout routine and diet plan that you should look into when it comes to blasting away flab. You’ve also got to make sure that your metabolism and thermogenesis are working like they should.

One product that claims to help take your body’s thermogenesis and metabolism up a notch, so you’ll be able to shed off unwanted fat faster and more efficiently is Alphamine. How about subjecting this fat burner to an in-depth review to see if it really works?

What is Alphamine?

Produced by Physique Enhancing Science, Alphamine is a fat burner in powder form that is specifically designed to boost the metabolism and make it easier for the body to raise its internal temperature at the same time. This promotes an increased amount of fat deposits eliminated when the metabolic process kicks in, which is definitely a plus if you’re looking to raise your chances of getting rid of unwanted flab and achieving your bodybuilding goals. Alphamine also comes in a variety of flavors, namely Raspberry Lemonade, Cherry Limeade and Fruit Punch.

Editor’s Tip: Check out Blіѕѕ Gо Pack for an even better option.

Alphamine Ingredients

Produced by Physique Enhancing Science, Alphamine features a mix of ingredients that make it a stimulant, appetite suppressant, thermogenic agent and metabolism enhancer all rolled into one package. Let’s check out the main components that this fat burner consists of:

Alphamine ingredients
  • Choline Bitartrate – A known natural brain supplement, Choline Bitartrate helps the brain produce and store more acetylcholine, a type of organic molecule that improves the overall function of neurons. Besides improving learning abilities and memory, Choline Bitartrate can also help maintain focus and concentration, especially during challenging situations where a lot of physical and mental stress is involved.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – You can easily think of Caffeine Anhydrous as a substance that has all the fat burning benefits of caffeine, but without the extra water content that can somehow affect its efficacy when it comes to enhancing athletic performance and improving the way the body naturally gets rid of flab. Clinical studies also show that Caffeine Anhydrous can help suppress the appetite.
  • Higenamine HCL – Derived from a variety of plants, particularly the Nandina evergreen shrub, Higenamine HCL has been traditionally used in folk medicine as an asthma remedy. However, experts recently discovered that Higenamine HCL shares similar stimulant effects with Ephedrine, but without the unpleasant side effects that can get in the picture sooner or later. Moreover, Higenamine HCL can help promote an overall improvement in circulation and heart function when used in a regular basis.
  • N-Coumaroyldopamine – Based on scientific studies, N-Coumaroyldopamine have the ability to increase cAMP via beta2-adrenoceptors in U937 cells. Sure this may sound rather technical, but it simply means that this phytochemical can help pick up the pace on the body’s usage of stored fat as an energy source and take your metabolism to a whole new level.

Benefits of Alphamine

  • Keeps focus and concentration up to par
  • Helps suppress the appetite
  • Improves heart function
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Helps raise thermogenesis and improve metabolism

Alphamine Dosage

Drink one (1) scoop of Alphamine mixed with 4 to 5 fluid ounces of water on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes before breakfast for the first two (2) days to assess tolerance. Once your body becomes used to its potent stimulant effects, an additional scoop of Alphamine may be added to the morning serving on the 3rd day.

  • Men should drink at least 125 fluid ounces of water daily when using Alphamine. As for women, 91 fluid ounces is ideal.
  • Never exceed more than three (3) scoops of Alphamine in a 24-hour period.
  • Do not use Alphamine for more than eight (8) weeks, followed by a 4-week break from taking this fat burner.
  • Do not take Alphamine with alcohol, coffee, soda, tea and similar caffeinated beverages.

Alphamine Side Effects

While researching for this comprehensive review, I discovered that the only side effect that users experienced while using Alphamine is a temporary feeling of jitteriness, especially among people who don’t have a high caffeine tolerance. This side effect goes away after two or three days of regularly taking Alphamine though.

Alphamine Reviews

Many people agree that Alphamine can really pull off the things that it claims to do, particularly in terms of intensifying the metabolism and boosting energy levels. Here are just some of the positive comments that I’ve come across while putting this review together:

“I've achieved great results (obviously with a predominantly clean eating regimen and a solid gym schedule of both weights and cardio) and would recommend this product solely based on performance, taste and price.”

“Alphamine is literally a dream in a tiny tub. This will be the cornerstone thermo I resort to every time I want to cut or recomp from here on out until I find something that works better, which will be incredibly hard to do.”

“Compared to the MANY products I've tried, this is my number 1 product. If you are looking for appetite suppression, this is it. If you're looking for thermogenesis without jitters, THIS IS IT. Anything else I can't vouch for.”

“One of the only fat burners I trust. It tastes amazing and has the perfect amount of caffeine to help push me through workouts.”

“Alphamine is in my opinion, the best fat burner, weight loss product on the market today that you can buy over the counter. There are other products out there that are solid, but nothing does a better job of reducing fat levels, than Alphamine.”

“Alphamine is the best preworkout/fat burner I've came across. The taste (raspberry lemonade) is phenomenal and will tingle your tongue. The energy from this is controllable and lasting. I've yet to experience any crash from it.”

Alphamine Conclusion

With a solid lineup of ingredients and all the raves it’s getting from a lot of users, I think Alphamine is a product that you should check out if you’re still having a tough time choosing which powdered fat burner to go for. It’s got a bit of a kick to individuals who don’t have a strong caffeine tolerance though. You can click here to grab a bottle right now.

Alphamine Alternative

You can also try the Cоmmаndеr Gо Pack as a milder alternative if you don’t have a strong tolerance to caffeine.

Fat Burners


Accomplishing your bodybuilding goals starts with getting rid of excess fat, which is one of the trickiest things to pull off. While having a strict diet regimen and sweating it out long and hard at the gym can help you start eliminating flab, it isn’t enough to transform your body into a fat-burning furnace. You’ll need an effective fat burner to achieve this and Norcodrene claims to get this process going when you use it.

Produced by Physique Enhancing Science, Norcodrene is formulated to be a step higher than most fat burners you can get your hands on these days by doing more than just intensifying your basal metabolic rate to reach your fat loss goals.

Let’s check out if Norcodrene really does help deliver the results it asserts by subjecting it to a meticulous review…

What is Norcodrene?

The manufacturers of Norcodrene maintain that this fat burner is loaded with carefully picked and science-backed ingredients that help you eliminate flab by setting off four key effects when you use it. Apart from taking your body’s thermogenesis and energy levels up a notch so you can easily burn fat faster and more efficiently, this supplement is also formulated to help you stave off unnecessary cravings while keeping your mood up to par.

Editor’s Tip: Check out Commander for an even better option.

Norcodrene Ingredients

Norcodrene’s makers claim that what separates this fat burner from other products in the market is its ingredients, which aren’t just all-natural, but also proven by numerous studies as extremely potent in getting rid of unwanted flab. Let’s take a quick peek at the components that this fat burner is packed with:

Norcodrene Ingredients

Although it is impossible to assess every single ingredient that goes into each Norcodrene capsule, let’s have a closer look at its most powerful components that its producers say are already revolutionizing the way fat should be blasted nowadays:

  • Caffeine – Besides helping tweak your body’s metabolism so you can burn more fat in a shorter period of time, caffeine is also a known stimulant that perks you up, boosts your mental focus and keeps you going for as long as you can even during strenuous activities. While caffeine can be found in most fat burners available commercially, Norcodrene only has a very precise amount in it that is just enough to make you feel always ready to go while doing away with the overly hopped up sensation in the process.
  • Cirsium Oligophyllum – Related to the thistle and completely edible from the roots up, Cirsium Oligophyllum is a plant that is endemic in the regions of Europe and Africa. Although it is primarily used as a food source, scientific studies show that it has the ability to turn up the body’s fat burning capabilities by optimizing the function of the uncoupling protein 1 (UCP1), which is one of the major proteins that stimulates the cellular mitochondria to start utilizing stored fat as an energy source. The more efficient UCP1 proteins are doing their job, the quicker you’ll shed off excess fat deposits.
  • Cirsium Japonicum – Used in traditional Chinese medicine for decades as a uretic, anti-hypertensive and anti-hemorrhagic agent, Cirsium Japonicum has been seen in modern clinical tests as having the ability to optimize lipolysis in the system by as much as 20 times when taken properly. When the lipolytic function of the body is improved, it doesn’t just speed up the burning of white adipose tissue (WAT), but also accelerates the elimination of the more stubborn types of fats like subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT) and visceral adipose tissue (VAT). Cirsium Japonicum is also shown to be more effective when combined with its close cousin, Cirsium Oligophyllum, and caffeine. Moreover, this plant is also loaded with antioxidant components that have positive effects in circulation and maintaining a good mood.
  • Grapefruit (seed) Extract – Grapefruit has been long used in many parts of Asia, Europe and South America as a natural disinfectant as well as a hair and skin cleanser. However, when subjected to a more rigorous scientific study, Grapefruit (seed) Extract or GSE is found to contain loads and loads of bioflavonoids and antioxidants like nomilin that can keep illness at bay and activate the TGR5 pathway, which plays an important role in the metabolism of glucose and fat. As a bonus, nomilin has also been seen to have natural mood-enhancing and appetite suppression properties.
  • Selaginella Tamariscina Extract – Amentoflavone is a type of flavonoid that is very abundant in Selaginella Tamariscina Extract. Based on the results of various clinical runs, amentoflavone not only helped improved alertness and wakefulness among participants, but also acted as a mental pick-me-up when they went through psychological stress. Getting rid of fat can leave you quite drained and unmotivated and having a regular dose of amentoflavone will help you stay on the right track.

Benefits of Norcodrene

  • Keeps you feeling energized and focused
  • Enhances your overall metabolic rate
  • Inhibits unwanted food cravings
  • Stimulates the body to burn fat deposits as energy source
  • Helps improve circulation
  • Prevents you from loading up on more food than you need to

Norcodrene Dosage

Take one (1) Norcodrene capsule at least 30 minutes to an hour before breakfast to assess your tolerance. If you don’t feel overly stimulated after taking this fat burner, you can have an additional capsule 5 to 6 hours later.

  • Do not use this product with alcohol or caffeinated beverages like sodas, teas and coffee blends.
  • Do not take this fat burner if you are taking over the counter or prescription medications for diabetes, kidney or thyroid disease, stroke, cardiac arrhythmia and hypertension.
  • Do not take at least 5 hours bedtime.

Norcodrene Side Effects

Norcodrene contains Yohimbe, which can spike up blood pressure levels among some individuals and can even make them suddenly feel anxious. There were no other side effects reported by people who have already tried using this fat burner.

Norcodrene Reviews

I learned that Norcodrene has already built quite a fanbase among people who are trying to shed as much fat as they can to reach their bodybuilding goals. Here’s a quick look at some of their positive comments on this fat burner:

“I've tried a lot of different fat burners and this by far is the best. It’s gentle on the stomach, a good boost of energy without crazy jitters, cold sweats, etc. This is also the first time I have experienced appetite suppression from a fat burner.”

“This is a great fat burner/appetite suppressant. I’ve had a lot of experience with fat burners. Follow the instructions if you haven’t taken a lot of fat burners. You will see results.”

“Solid appetite suppression and energy. Weight loss seems to be more linear/consistent since using this product. I would recommend to someone looking for a fat burner.”

“With my on the go lifestyle, this product has kept my mood and energy at good levels, while burning fat. This is the best I have actually felt in quite some time. I recommend this product to anyone who needs that extra boost!”

“My energy is through the roof! And with this in my arsenal, I'll have no problem getting cut for the spring.”

Norcodrene Conclusion

I think Norcodrene is a fat burner that you should check out if you’re looking for a solid fat burner that does exactly what it claims to do. Apart from having ingredients that are backed by science in terms of effectivity, the testimonials this product has are also very positive.

The only thing that I think is negative about Norcodrene is its rather unpleasant side effect among people who are prone to hypertension and anxiety issues. If you’re not vulnerable to these issues, then I recommend that you should give it a try by all means.

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