Cycle Support and PCT


The body normally goes through a surge of estrogen after you cycle with anabolic steroids and prohormones. And it doesn’t matter if you’re using the most cutting-edge products in the market these days.

As long as you don’t normalize the estrogen levels in your system with a proper post cycle therapy, you’re just going to be extremely vulnerable to adverse side effects sooner or later.

But the thing is that getting the right PCT program going isn’t just about grabbing the first estrogen blocker that you come across to use with your testosterone booster. You’d have to go for one that is proven to really get the job done.

One anti-estrogen that’s gathering a lot of followers nowadays is Estrodex and we will subject this product to a comprehensive review in a bit to see if it can really help bring down estrogen levels after cycling with anabolic steroids and prohormones like it claims.

Estrodex Benefits

Manufactured by SAN Nutrition, Estrodex is basically formulated as an aromatase inhibitor, which helps block the conversion of testosterone into estrogen hormones. It is also designed to transform active estrogen into inactive metabolites to prevent the former from progressively accumulating over time and triggering unpleasant side effects like erratic blood pressure levels, development of “bitch tits,” as well as making you lose a significant amount of the gains that you’ve worked really hard for.

Estrodex Ingredients

Now let’s take a look at the ingredients that are used to put Estrodex together:

  • Diindole Methane (DIM) – Diindole Methane (DIM) is a compound that not just helps promote a healthy balance of testosterone in the body, but also breaks down harmful estrogen metabolites that can set off a number of health issues in the long run if not properly regulated. It is derived from cruciferous vegetables like Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli that are loaded with the nutrient called indole-3-carbinol.
  • Calcium D-Glucarate – Akin to a naturally occurring chemical called Glucaric Acid, Calcium D-Glucarate has been seen to help bring down estrogen levels when used in a regular basis. Apart from its ability to control estrogen hormones, Calcium D-Glucarate also helps get rid of free radicals and cancer-causing toxins in the body.
  • Urtica Dioica – Commonly referred to as stinging nettle, Urtica Dioica is capable of reducing sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) levels to allow free testosterone to circulate in the system. This doesn’t just keep estrogen hormones from surging, but also promote an increase in the size and strength of muscles.
  • 3,5,4′-trihydroxy-trans-stilbene – Also known as Resveratrol, 3,5,4′-trihydroxy-trans-stilbene is a natural compound that is derived from blueberries, peanuts, Japanese knotweed (polygonum cuspidatum) as well as the skin of red grapes. Clinical studies reveal that besides having potent antioxidant properties, 3,5,4′-trihydroxy-trans-stilbene can also stimulate testosterone production and stave off the excessive buildup of estrogen. 

Estrodex Benefits

  • Blocks the conversion of testosterone into estrogen hormones
  • Transforms active estrogen into inactive metabolites
  • Reduces sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) levels
  • Has antioxidant properties

Estrodex Dosage

As a dietary supplement, take three (3) capsules of Estrodex twice a day with meals.

  • Do not take more than the recommended dosage of Estrodex in a 24-hour period.
  • Not recommended for individuals suffering from heart problems, kidney disease or diabetes.

Estrodex Side Effects

Based from the information that I’ve come across while researching for this review, I learned that most users did not experience any major side effects when taking Estrodex.

Estrodex Reviews

Here are a few comments from people who have already tried using Estrodex:

“Used with testosterone boosters and had very good results. I highly recommend it.”

“This is a great product if you are using a testosterone supplement.”

“So far, this has been the one in terms of supps that works without the sides.”

“Great to use in combination with any test booster…been using it for years now for a reason…it works.”

“I have found the perfect product for coming off a powerful prohormone stack. I feel great with no loss of testosterone.”

Estrodex Conclusion

As for my final take on Estrodex, I’d have to say that this product not just features the ingredients that are proven to set off the right results, but is also backed by positive testimonials from users. All in all, I recommend giving this product a try if you’re looking to have a post cycle therapy soon. And you’re just going to dish out $23.75 for 90 capsules of this anti-estrogen, which is definitely not bad if you’re price-savvy. You can click here to grab a bottle of Estrodex right away.

Vitamins and Antioxidants


Lipoic acid effects have been known and investigated for decades. However, the LA and ALA are known to be unstable and practically useless in high temperatures. Have the Scientifically Advanced Nutrients (SAN) may have solved this issues.

SAN claim they have made a fully stable and bioavailable form of the R-ALA with Na (sodium).  If the formula works, it should have some great antioxidant and boosted nutrient partitioning effects. Let us dig a little deeper and find out if NA-R-ALA actually works.

Na-r-ala Ingredients

NA-R-ALA is a product based on R-Lipoic Acid. Lipoic acid is actually an organosulfur compound which is originally a resultant of octanoic acid. Lipoic acid has been known to have great antioxidant potential but its short lifespan has always made its use basically impossible.

SAN seems to have stabilized the compound using Sodium in a fairly revolutionary way. Although Sodium is known to have negative effects in supplements, they are rather inconsiderable in Na-R-ALA compound as one serving has about 1% of its Daily Value and doesn't really affect the blood pressure at all.

The are no other active ingredients in this product and the only other ingredients are there to color, texturize and thicken the end product, including Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Gelatin, Colors, and Titanium Dioxide.

Here is the complete supplement label by Scientifically Advanced Nutrients with all the ingredients and doses:

NA-R-ALA Supplement Facts

Na-r-ala Benefits

The Lipoic Acid is known to improve liver transmission, protect against diabetes, help treat different heart and liver diseases and help combat oxidation and inflammation.

The Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) in this product actively works to provide all the above mentioned effects as well as with premature aging and degenerative diseases. ALA could never really be used in supplements in the past as the product's bioavailability and lifespan at normal temperatures was simply too poor. Now, SAN have stabilized the compound, finally making it possible for ALA to find its place in a dietary supplement.

NA-R-ALA works even better if you stack it with other products like CLA 1000 but even as a standalone it is a great nutrient partitioning agent and we highly recommend you give it at least one shot.

Na-r-ala Dosage

SAN's NA-R-ALA comes in a container of 60 pills. It’s suggested to take three pills a day with meals, never exceeding 4 pills in a 24 hour window.

As we said, it can be combined with other supplements but it’s of course better to consult a doctor or nutritionist before doing so.

Na-r-ala Reviews

“I have been using NA RALA for a few years now. SAN has the best quality on the market. I can physically see the changes in my body the very next day. My only con is the cost. I definitely recommend this product.”

“I love this product. Don't buy pure ALA as it is unstable and easily degradable with temperatures. Na-R-ALA is more expensive than normal ALA but offers way much more results. I take it to increase my insulin sensitivity. I take 2-3 pills a day or during my workout days, 3 pills post-workout.”

“I’ve taken it for 3 months now. Stack with CLA, L-carnitine, and NA-R-ALA. See a huge difference in my appearance. Leaner and losing fat. Take 3 times a day after each major meal. Recommend.”

Na-r-ala Conclusion

Na-R-ALA is a fully functional and bioavailable Lipoic Acid and it certainly seems SAN have gone above and beyond in making NA-R-ALA into a fantastic glucose disposal and nutrient partitioning agent.  Being water-soluble, the product can now be completely absorbed and utilized by the body.

NA-R-ALA is also a potent antioxidant, which is a great tool to fight the free radicals from damaging the internal organs. With so many positive user reviews, it is clear that this product does provide most or all of its promised effects for the majority of users and you can expect to see ALA become the staple of bodybuilding diets in the future now that there is a way to make it bioavailable.

Have you tried NA-R-ALA? Let us know how it worked for you and if the product lived up to the promises. Remember, your feedback makes our reviews better, so don't be shy about telling us what you think.

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Joint Support


So you've already heard about Flexatril. Now let's see if its claims are really spot on.

You have been hitting the gym hard for quite a while now and your results and performance keep getting better and better. And then all of a sudden, every single joint in your body starts acting up. Your knees, elbows and wrists simply feel as if they can’t take it anymore. Who hasn’t had this happen to them?

At one point or another, your joints will start feeling the pressure of intense workouts and this is perfectly natural.

This is why joint health supplements such as Flexatril exist in the first place. Manufactured by SAN, this product promises to help you relieve joint pains and improve your overall joint performance while at it.

How about we take a look at the composition and efficacy of Flexatril to give you a clear picture if whether this is a product really worth the purchase?

Flexatril Ingredients

Flexatril flaunts a specialized Mobility Blend that combines Microlactin, Ayuflex and Sensoril all in one formula. So what about these three ingredients?

Microlactin: This compound is derived from the milk of lactating cows, particularly from those that were given immunostimulants. It contains higher concentrations of Immunoglobulin G, a compound clinically proven to help alleviate joint pain and increase the joint mobility.

Ayuflex: This ingredient comes from the Asian tree called Haritaki and is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compound. It has also been seen to be quite potent in alleviating the effects of various inflammations by removing the free radicals from the body.

Sensoril: Extracted from Ashwagandha, this ingredient is most significant for its ability to reduce the levels of stress hormone, cortisol. This compound also seems to help with the alleviation of symptoms of arthritis and similar diseases in humans and should help further alleviate joint issues.

Here is the complete label with all the other ingredients:

Flexatril Supplement Facts

Flexatril Benefits

The big question with every dietary supplement out there is of course, does this stuff actually work? When it comes to efficacy of Flexatril the answer is yes, the product absolutely does work. The actual level of efficacy may be questioned, but given the ingredients that this product flaunts, it will surely help alleviate joint pains when you use it.

The ingredients in it are meant to reduce the potential inflammations and take away the pain that builds up from excessive pressure you place on your joints when working out. This is actually a key attribute that we're looking for.

We've also managed to gather a number of positive testimonials from people who have already tried it. They point out that is one of the finest joint support supplements out there, helping both the young and old alike.

Flexatril Dosage

Take three (3) tablets of Flexatril two times daily with water for 10 days. You should now take 3 tablets once per day after this period. Do not take this product if you are under legal age, pregnant or nursing. Consult your doctor if you are consuming any medication.

Flexatril Reviews

Here are a few of the testimonials regarding the efficacy of Flexatril:

“Not only have I have felt immediate joint relief from the loading dose, but as I keep using, my knees and elbows have been feeling better and better. I recommend this product to ANYONE that has joint issues or needs some relief from inflammation.”

“I have had bad knees since I tore my acl in high school, this stuff has been an absolute life saver! It has allowed me to squat heavy again!”

Flexatril Conclusion

If you are hitting the gym as hard as you can on a regular basis, Flexatril is a product that you will absolutely love. It features a formula that helps alleviate the pains in your knees, shoulders and other joints that are almost inevitable for heavy lifters.

From what we can tell, this is quite a potent formula and while it may be a bit costly, especially during the loading phase. However, your joints will thank you for it and you will need a product like this if you plan on doing some serious lifting.

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While most protein products designed for bodybuilders contain the fast absorbing proteins needed for post workout recovery, there is something to be said for slow absorbing proteins as well. In fact, such proteins are necessary for our organism to keep well-nourished for hours to come after a workout and at night time when we are sleeping.

In reality it would be kind of tiring to constantly take in various proteins separately, which is why SAN formulated Meta Force 5.0 a potent mix of both fast and slow absorbing protein. This powerful blend allows you to be well nourished with protein throughout the day, while also giving the excellent post workout absorption of protein necessary for bodybuilding.

Meta Force 5.0 Ingredients

In essence Meta Force 5.0 is a protein blend, bringing a total of 26 grams of protein per serving. Additionally, Meta Force 5.0 also provides a number of other micronutrients and amino acids which combine to give a more complete product. The product comes completely sugar free and with low carbohydrate amount as well as barely any fat at all.

When it comes to the protein present in this blend, they can be split into fast and slow release protein. The fast release protein in Meta Force 5.0 are SPI-90, Whey Protein isolate and micro-filtered whey protein concentrate. The slow release protein in the blend are casein, caseinate and milk protein isolate. All of the protein are mixed into the 6-Stage Fast & Controlled Multi-Dispersed Protein Matrix, patented by SAN.

On top of the various protein, Meta Force 5.0 also features a plethora of essential fatty acids, vitamins and other micronutrients including Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Vitamin A Riboflavin and others. Here is the full product label with all the micronutrients:

Meta Force 5.0 Supplement Facts

Meta Force 5.0 Benefits

Meta Force 5.0 is a multi functional protein blend which seems to work quite well for both its purposes. When it comes to fast post workout muscle recovery, the product does very well in comparison to other similar product. What is even more, Meta Force 5.0 provides substential fat loss and body fat % decrease as it is very low in carbs and since you will be using your protein shake as meal replacement, this will translate into fewer calories.

The fast absorbing protein of the mix will enter your bloodstream within minutes and will serve to shuttle key nutrients through your body with great speed. On the other hand, the slower protein in the blend will work for hours after injestion making sure your muscles are well nourished at all times.

The addition of various amino acids and micronutrients also serves to improve the overall product effectiveness. These ingredients serve a number of purposes and will help keep your body healthy and your muscle mass lean as you take the product.

Meta Force 5.0 Taste and Dosage

The product comes in two possible tastes, chocolate and vanilla almond. According to various testimonials, the chocolate flavor is far superior so we would recommend that one. The product comes in a tub containing 67 servings of 26 grams of protein each. A single scoop is mixed into 8oz of water and the product is best used two times per day. Best times to have it is after a workout for its post workout recovery properties and before bed as it will keep you well fed through the night without taking in much carbs or fats.

Meta Force 5.0 Reviews

Meta Force 5.0 is a product that comes highly recommended by most of its former and current users. Here is what some of them had to say about it:

“Really good quality, mixes well and the taste is awesome! For someone who doesn't want to buy overpriced protein, this if for you.”

“One of the most cost efficient, no filler proteins available from a great company full of honest individuals. Taste reminds me of Silk almond milk.”

Meta Force 5.0 Conclusion

SAN really came through with Meta Force 5.0. Coming at $39.95 for 67 servings of powerful protein blend that actually works really well, this product is probably the best value on the dollar you can find. The product comes highly recommended by experts and users alike and has shown to provide some excellent fat loss and lean muscle building support. We highly recommend this protein mix and give it 5/5 stars.

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