Can Apricot Seeds Really Help Cure Cancer?

What's the real deal on apricot seeds as a cure for cancer?

If you’re anything like most people, chances are you consider cancer as one of the most horrible diseases that you can ever go through.

Apricot seeds could be the next cancer drug.

Apart from setting off some pretty nasty symptoms like sores that do not heal, unusual bleeding as well as long-term constipation, the treatments for the same like radiation therapy and chemotherapy can be also as aggressive and uncomfortable to the body.

However, there’s a little known cancer-fighting nutrient that could revolutionize the way this disease can be eliminated in the long run if it’s used in a more mainstream application. What’s really interesting is it’s even possible that you’ve got lots of this one at home right at this moment.

This nutrient is Vitamin B17, which is highly abundant in apricot seeds. Sure this sounds surprising right now, but you’ll find out more when you read on.

The Lowdown on Vitamin B17

At its simplest, Vitamin B17 is a type of cyanogenic glycoside that is found in many plants, particularly in the seeds of plums, bitter almonds and peaches, but is highly concentrated in apricot seeds. It is also called laetrile and amygdalin.

Apricot seeds can be used in a variety of ways.

Vitamin B17 is commonly derived from phenylalanine, an aromatic amino acid that most plants belonging to the Rosaceae family are loaded with.  It is also quite similar to another cyanogenic glycoside called prunasin.

There are basically three (3) forms of Vitamin B17 that you can use: directly swallowing the seeds or kernels of apricots, pill or capsule form as well as in liquid form. Although you won’t find this vitamin commercially available in most drugstores and pharmacies, you can buy it online.

How the Vitamin B17 in Apricot Seeds Stops Cancer

Composed of hydrogen cyanide and glucose, Vitamin B17 works by targeting cancer cells and injecting itself in them. After it does this, it “hits” the cancer cell with a shot of benzaldahyde and cyanide that promotes apoptosis, leading to cellular death.

There are lots of methods to prepare apricot seeds.

Vitamin B17 also flaunts some key components that have been seen to help build up the overall immune function of the body, which prevents future outbreaks of cancer cells from taking place in the long run.

Why Isn’t Vitamin B17 Considered as a Mainstream Cancer Drug?

Vitamin B17 still hasn’t been accepted as a mainstream cancer remedy because it is deemed by most medical professionals as extremely toxic and can even be lethal when used in large amounts due to high amounts of cyanide it contains.

Are you looking at the next cancer drug?

But the thing is with more and more people getting on the Vitamin B17, laetrile and amygdalin bandwagon these days, it won’t be long until this natural cancer drug will have the recognition that it truly deserves.

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