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We know you’ve waited a long time for this one. After a few weeks of pulling your responses together, we’ve finally finished assembling the results of our poll on what you think is the best muscle builder supplement. You can check out the results below.

Product Breakdown

The products that we will highlight shortly in our countdown of the most potent muscle builder supplements of the year have earned their respective spots because of four (4) key reasons: they have the right ingredients, a reasonable price, numerous positive customer reviews as well as passing our rigorous in-house testing with flying colors.

Now without further ado, here are the muscle builders that you definitely shouldn’t miss out on…

#1: Spartan Mass

#1: Spartan Mass

Spartan Mass bagged our top choice for the best muscle builder supplement of the year.

Manufactured by Sparta Nutrition, this product got the Number One spot in our countdown for its revolutionary formulation that not just features two of the most potent prohormones available today, namely Androsterone and Super-19-DHEA, but also for its ability to rev up the bioavailability of the same for maximum absorption by the system. (Read our full review here.)

At its simplest, Androsterone is a precursor to Stanolone, a highly androgenic hormone that is known for its proven benefits in boosting strength, endurance and sexual desire levels as well as promoting rapid muscle development. Unlike some prohormones that are synthesized via chemical means, Androsterone occurs naturally in the body.

This means that the possibility that you’re going to experience unwanted side effects while cycling with it is extremely minimal.

On the other hand, Super-19-DHEA converts into Nadrolone when metabolized by the system. The latter is considered as one of the most powerful hormones in the athletic and bodybuilding world in terms of putting on mass. It is so potent that it boasts a much higher anabolic activity compared to Testosterone, and only a select few hormones possess this characteristic.

And to top it all off, Spartan Mass also contains an innovative Absorption Enhancing Matrix that guarantees all of the Androsterone and Super-19-DHEA in it will be absorbed by the body when taken. Quite impressive, right? It’s so impressive we made it Number One in our countdown.

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#2: Andromax

#2: Andromax

Next up in our countdown of this year’s most effective muscle builders is Andromax and it earned the Top Two spot for providing an innovative feature that not just bolstered its overall potency, but also optimized the way it is absorbed by the body.

See, most of the prohormones you can get access to these days are contained in capsules. When you take one, there is a big possibility that some of the potency of these prohormones could be “thinned out” in the stomach before they can reach the bloodstream, specially when you drink lots of water.

And all the good stuff that you’re supposed to get in terms of strength and muscle gains will plummet in the process.

Manufactured by Sparta Nutrition, this supplement is packed with a super potent prohormone called Androsterone that has gathered quite a following in the athletic and bodybuilding world since the 90’s for its ability to promote huge gains in muscle mass, recovery, strength, endurance, libido and aggression, while doing away with bloating and water retention at the same time.

Andromax also contains the innovative Tetrasorb Advanced Delivery Matrix – made up of two absorption enhancers and two metabolic modulators – that guarantees all that Androsterone in its formulation will get to where they should be in the body with every capsule you take.

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#3: Epicurus

#3: Epicurus

Epicurus snagged the Number Three spot in our countdown of the most effective muscle builder supplements available today because it offers a no-nonsense approach to building serious gains with a natural touch.

What this product primarily does when it gets metabolized by the body is prevent myostatin levels from rising. Myostatin is a type of hormone that inhibits muscle growth and development. Its levels tend to spike up after age 30 and can potentially cause a condition called sarcopenia if neglected.

Sarcopenia is the condition in which you lose approximately 50% of your total muscle mass. Sounds scary, right?

Having Epicurus in your arsenal of supplements basically staves off myostatin hormones from wreaking havoc in your body so you can get on your way to achieving the serious muscle gains that you are gunning for. And it’s not done just yet.

This muscle builder from Sparta Nutrition is also loaded with an interesting component called Epicatechin, which is a type of flavanol derived from green tea, cocoa seeds and grapes. It has been seen to have a great deal of benefits in terms of boosting the body’s ability to burn fat, take vascularity, power, stamina up a notch as well as promote increased muscle growth and development.

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#4: Hercules

#4: Hercules

The 4th pick in our  lineup of the highly rated muscle builder supplements is Hercules. What impressed us the most about this product is the addition of a natural steroid in its formulation that has been proven to take muscle growth and development to a whole new level.

Compared to most prohormones out there that are loaded with actual anabolic steroids to set off the results they claim, Hercules from Sparta Nutrition features the component Laxogenin, a type of plant steroid that simulates the effects of the former without making you turn up positive during a doping test. (Check out our full review.)

Interestingly,  the benefits of Laxogenin are quite similar to the steroid Anavar, which has been deemed by athletes and bodybuilders around the world as one of the best choices to go for when you’re gunning for serious size and strength gains.

And for the clincher, since this plant steroid is completely natural, you’re also keeping clear from liver toxicity and other nasty side effects when you cycle with it.

Moreover, you’re also getting the innovative Tetrasorb Delivery System – the proprietary blend that ensures all the good stuff gets to your bloodstream –  when you grab Hercules, which is definitely a very nice bonus in our book.

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