Ingredients: Clascoterone (CB-03-01/Breezula)

Ingredients: Clascoterone (CB-03-01/Breezula)

Though in its initial stages of clinical testing, CB-03-01 seems to be one of the most promising drugs for a wide range of applications. The drug may even replace a class of drugs known as finasteride in the days to come.

CB-03-01 is an external anti-androgen and has grown quite popular with many people suffering from problems of hair loss etc.

In this review, we will try to find out more about this drug, its usage, its advantages and side-effects if any.

Basic Drug Information

Let us begin by looking at the basic information about this drug and every pertinent information available in this regard. This is a topical anti-androgen that displays good skin penetration. This compound has been patented by Cosmo and investigations and studies are on under the name Breezula.

Some Basic Details of this drug:

  • Name – CB-03-01
  • Alternate Name – 17 Alpha-propionate
  • MW – 402.52
  • CAS – 19608-29-8
  • Purity – 98 percent
  • Color & Appearance – Crystalline White and Off-White colored powder
  • Packaging – Aluminum foil packaging comes in 1Kg/bag
  • MOQ – 10G

Application and Functions

The drug is in its clinical testing phases and though the effects of the drug on bodybuilders are not really proven anecdotal evidence proves their effects. The drug is supposed to be used externally and as such does not enter the human bloodstream. As such it does not affect the normal hormone system in humans. It does not have any effect on your testosterone levels as well.

Its wide applications include treatment of hirsutism, hair loss, acne, etc. Its effects are still a subject of comprehensive study but there have been innumerable testimonials of users benefiting from the drug. This is, in fact, the only topical antiandrogen that has been approved as a hair loss prevention treatment.

CB-03-01 works in a different way – it is not an inhibitor like Dutasteride and Finasteride but it leaves the androgen levels as they were but competes with androgen receptors.

So what are the benefits? Let us find out.

The Benefits

The compound is said to have great benefits in cases of extensive hair loss and helping people grow some hair who have gone completely bald. Extensive studies are underway to develop this compound as a medicine to prevent hair loss and induce hair growth.

The best results are experienced when this drug is taken as a preventive aid following a proactive approach. This is also one of the safest treatments that you can rely on. It does not affect the endogenous hormonal profiles at all. If the user has been using this compound before hair loss or once the first signs of hair loss are seen, it helps in maintaining the best hair for years.

The Limitations

Apart from the benefits, there are certain downsides of using this compound as well which can be listed as under:

1. Price

The price of this compound is, in fact, the biggest limitation. There are very few companies that are selling it as of now and all of them are selling it at extremely high prices.

2. High Dosage Required

To achieve good results you would need anywhere between 150 to 450 mg of this drug and that means more quantity needed which can go up to $100 to $300 per week.

3. Efficacy

In some isolated cases it may not be that effective at all and that means that it would need some additional compounds for them to show some results.

Now that we have seen the benefits as well the limitations let us find out more.


The ideal dosage that can show any visible results is 150 to 450 mg per day and that is dependent on the scalp area on which the compound is applied. There may be a need for a 7.5 percent solution required to be applied twice a day. The compound is not approved by the FDA and so the dosage guidelines mentioned above are purely based on user testimonies and observations.

It is recommended that you buy from companies which stock genuine compounds and thus selecting companies of certain repute is advisable.

Final Verdict

With all that being said and done, we can comfortably arrive at the conclusion that CB-03-01 is a promising compound however it is still to emerge as a standalone therapy or hair treatment solution.

We will still have to wait till this compound gets approved by the FDA and maybe is available at a price that is affordable by all.

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