The Best Protein for CrossFit Finally Revealed

If you are trying to figure out what’s the best protein for CrossFit, then here’s best way to know the kind of protein you are looking for.

Zeroing in on the Best Protein for Crossfit

When it comes to the best protein for CrossFit that you should get your hands on, here’s what you should know about it.

The best protein for CrossFit is needed to take on its grueling workouts

There are different categories of proteins available in the market and one of those is micellar casein protein. This kind of protein is a slow digesting protein source and is ideal to take before bed which means it can help you sustain for a heavy training.

Based on clinical tests, micellar casein protein has three (3) important functions for the body:

First, it promotes muscle growth. When it comes to Crossfitting, one of the goals that you're looking to achieve is building lean muscle gains. Loading up on micellar casein protein basically promotes a steady stream of amino acids that don't just trigger muscle protein synthesis, but also stave off muscle breakdown in the process. That’s one of the benefits we can get from it.

Micellar casein protein is proven to build muscles and prevents catabolism

Second, it will also reduce the muscle breakdown. Of course, no one will ever want to have a muscle breakdown. We do this kind of sport to stay healthy, not to gain unwanted body pains and whatsoever. It is important to reduce the possibility of it to have a continuous training.

Preventing muscle breakdown is a key benefit of micellar casein protein

Lastly, it provides long-term protein absorption. In other words, it can sustain the energy that you need to keep on going even through the most punishing of workouts. It is important to stay active and strong while the routine is not yet done. Persistence is key to achieving the goals that we want to achieve.

Micellar casein protein is slow-digesting

It is important to know the kind of protein our body needs for a specific sport like CrossFit. We need the best one to make it right. And to make it right, micellar casein protein is the best answer which can promote muscle growth, reduce muscle breakdown and provides long–term protein absorption.

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