5 Facts You Need to Know about Cannabidiol

We’ve all heard of marijuana and how it has been pushed to become legal in the field of medicine. While the chemical THC is what gets users high, there has been a lot of attention on Cannabidiol, also known as CBD. This compound does not present the side effects THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) has, and its health benefits continue to increase.

If you’re looking for more info on CBD, then you’ve come to the right place! In a bit, you will learn five basic facts of this distinctive compound.

Fact #1: Cannabidiol Is A Main Ingredient in Cannabis

Cannabidiol is a natural element that is still currently being studied. CBD is one of 85 compounds found in cannabis, popularly known as hemp that belong to cannabinoids (a class of molecules). It represents 40% of its extracts making it the second most abundant compound in hemp. While showing great promise, there is still a lot of information to be known about this substance, especially when it comes to the possible side effects it can cause to users.

cannabidiol molecular structure

For better understanding, let us define what hemp is….

It is a common misjudgment that hemp and marijuana are similar. A manufactured hemp is solely made from Cannabis sativa that was specially raised to yield the lowest amounts of THC. A hemp-producing cannabis has tall, stringy stalks that are very strong and with scarce flowering buds, while a marijuana strain is short, thick and have high concentrations of THC.

Fact #2: It Will Not Make You High

This compound is not intoxicating unlike THC. Studies say that it is safe and well-accepted by the body so it will not impede with your mental and psychomotor functions, no memory loss and paranoia. It’s extracted in oil form and is mostly mixed in hemp oil extracts in different concentrations.

However, most people mistake cannabidiol with THC.

Fact #3: It Is Legal

Cannabidiol is legal (although it is a Schedule II drug in Canada) but under strict regulation. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the US just officially permitted a request to test a pharmaceutical type of CBD in kids with sporadic forms of epilepsy. The drug is known as Epidiolex and is made by GW Pharmaceuticals.

CBD is different from THC, though they share some similar features, they are made by diverse paths which makes cannabidiol legitimate and harmless to consume.

Fact #4: CBD’s Benefits are Undeniable

A 2013 study states that cannabidiol has the following benefits:

  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-depressant (decreasing bouts of anxiety and depression)
  • Increased calmness and relaxation
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Decreases nausea
  • Fights off seizures
  • Anti-tumoral (combats cancer and tumor cells)
  • Decreases psychosis conditions (scientific trials are being done on cannabidiol as a treatment for schizophrenia)

Fact #5: It Is Safer Than THC

There’s been a constant battle between cannabidiol and THC. Again, the use of CBD is authorized while THC’s is regulated by authorities. Many research shows that cannabidiol only emits positive effects and it even protects the user from the adverse effects of THC. In addition, cannabidiol can neutralize the tranquilizing effects of THC. Even though both compounds do not lead to fatal overdose, medical users are recommended to take cannabis with higher levels of cannabidiol to decrease possible side effects.

Want more information on CBD? Here's a video you should watch!



To close this post, while cannabidiol displays several therapeutic effects, a lot of research still needs to be done to fully support its use. There are issues that need to undergo rigorous clinical trials in order to claim that cannabidiol is 100% open to be used by individuals.

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