The Link Between Carnitine and Autism Explained

Is there really a link between carnitine and autism? Well, most people think that carnitine is just for burning away fat. But the thing is evidence has been found that this amino acid can also significantly decrease the risk of autism. Read on to find out more.

The Link Between Carnitine and Autism

Carnitine reduces the risk of autism

Several researches have been conducted to prove the link between carnitine and autism. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 68 children has been identified with Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD.

ASD is a type of disorder in the brain. It slows down the brain’s development which makes it difficult for the patient to communicate with others whether verbally or non- verbally and very short attention span.

Experts say that genetics, immunological, and environmental factors affect autism. It is usually being observed during the first three years of an infant’s life. It is difficult to diagnose autism for unborn babies or during pregnancy.

Interestingly, the link between carnitine and autism has been discovered in a study that was conducted in 2012. According to the information gathered from the results, this compound reduces the risk of autism while taken during pregnancy.

At its simplest, carnitine is an amino acid like compound that is made from lysine and methionine, which our body naturally produces. It is also known to help convert fats into energy or fuel. Imbalance or deficiency might lead to serious health risks such as obesity, enlarged liver and muscle weakness.

Researchers also found out that the fitness supplement helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Continuous studies also proved its contribution in reducing symptoms of angina and heart arrhythmia.

Bodybuilding and Carnitine

Carnitine has been proven to help improve endurance during workouts, improved fat loss, strength gain, and muscle growth. If you want a healthier cardiovascular system and a stronger body, this powerful supplement is for you. About 2 to 3 grams (L- carnitine or L- tartrate  (Carnipure) is advised during your first meal in the morning, as well as your pre and post-workout meals. You can also take it with a protein shake or even with high carbohydrate diet.

Carnitine burns more fats

How You Should Take Carnitine

There are several things to put into consideration before using pro hormones. Health, medical condition, age, duration of training, and your willingness are to be thought about beforehand. A consultation with your doctor will also help in determining if pro hormones are safe for you.


For beginners, you may take the lowest dosage to check how your body would respond to the supplement. An initial dose of 50 to 100 mg was proven to be the most effective.  If you suffer from side effects like heartburn, nausea, vomiting, and seizures, you must check with your resident physician immediately. Dosage may be reduced if you are also taking other medications that cause an increase in energy.

Where to Find Carnitine

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