If you’re anything like most people, chances are you’ve already heard about wearable technology, such as bracelets that measure your heart and breathing rates as well as arm bands that gauge how many calories you’re burning when you hit the gym.

But have you already heard about wearable nutrition? Sure this sounds rather surprising right now, but Le-Vel Thrive’s Derma Fusion Technology also known as DFT has definitely got you covered on the subject.

How about we give Derma Fusion Technology a closer look shortly to see if it’s really worth having in your arsenal of wellness products anytime soon?

What Exactly is Derma Fusion Technology?

At its simplest, Derma Fusion Technology is one of the options that you can go for in the Le-Vel Thrive product lineup. Besides being made for both men and women, it’s also loaded with the same awesome ingredients that you can find in other Thrive products like multivitamins, dietary shakes and nutritional supplements.

However, what’s really interesting about Derma Fusion Technology is its cutting-edge delivery system. Unlike other products in the Thrive roster, it’s worn as a patch over the skin to get it going in terms of releasing the beneficial ingredients that it contains. The innovation DFT uses is so revolutionary that it is the only product in the market that’s able to do so.

What Does Derma Fusion Technology Do?

Derma Fusion Technology basically provides all the essential nutrients that your body needs to support healthy weight management, boost mental acuity, stave off unwanted food cravings as well as improve the metabolic function.

Now while Derma Fusion Technology is a stand-alone wellness product, it will work best when used together with Le-Vel Thrive’s Premium Lifestyle Shake Mix and Premium Lifestyle Capsule. Moreover, there is also a DFT Ultra variety that you can go for if you want something that’s stronger and more potent.

What’s in Derma Fusion Technology?

Although we won’t be able to list down all of the ingredients that are integrated in Le-Vel Thrive’s Derma Fusion Technology, here are some of the key components you can find in the same:

  • Cosmoperine or Tetrahydropiperine (THP) that increases the bioavailability of vitamins and minerals
  • White Willow Bark that helps ease muscle aches and pains, especially after going through intense physical activity
  • CoQ10 or Coenzyme Q-10 is a vitamin-like substance that not only helps optimize metabolic function, maintain ideal mental acuity and improve stamina levels
  • Garcinia Cambogi has the ability to inhibit the activity of a major enzyme called citrate lyase that can promote the accumulation of adipose tissue if not regulated
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract is pretty loaded with chlorogenic acid that takes the body’s ability to burn fat during lipolysis up a notch

To top it all off, these ingredients have also been seen to be quite effective based on clinical findings. And these are just some of the stuff that you can find in Derma Fusion Technology. How much more if we get the chance to give all of them a thorough once-over?

So Should You Try It?

If you’ve been following my posts in SuppReviewers.com for a while now, you probably already know that overall convenience and the list of ingredients are two of the crucial factors that I check out whenever I give a specific product a closer look.

Come to think of it. You simply have to put the Derma Fusion Technology on your skin to start getting its benefits. And given the awesome benefits that it can provide when it comes to weight management, mental focus and concentration as well as having the premium lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed of, this one is absolutely a must-try.

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Informative review thank you. However I would like to know how the patch actually works how does it seep into my skin once on. I have been using Thrive for two months now, and upgraded to the Black Label patch, and today after exercising I had traces of blood dripping from under the patch. Does the patch puncture to get absorbed? Does the patch break the skin somehow? What would cause the drips of blood?

That is not blood. It is absorbed through the skin just like lotion or any other product that you apply to the skin….. but my suggestion is if you have questions like this you should be able to ask the person you signed up under. That is what they are there for and if they don’t know they should call someone in their up line.

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