Amfonelic Acid

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Amfonelic Acid


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History & Background of Amfonelic Acid

Amfonelic acid is without difficulty one of the imprecise materials around that has robust skills as a nootropic. What makes this substance fascinating is its mechanism of action. Amfonelic acid appears to have the ability to set off dopamine from non-vesicular stores and also can provide stimulant effects significantly longer than amphetamines using dopamine from vesicular swimming pools. What’s more surprising is that experiences show that amfonelic acid is a potent dopamine reuptake inhibitor, several instances more excellent in comparison with cocaine, yet it has undoubtedly no affinity to norepinephrine reuptake.

Amfonelic acid used to be unintentionally found out by way of scientists who’re finding out novel antibiotics. That is the reason why amfonelic acid also has antibiotic homes. It’s a potent and selective dopamine reuptake inhibitor (DRI), which is why it is now not most effective caught the awareness of the nootropic group. Still, it likewise sparked animated discussions on the message boards of online communities committed to recreational materials. Experiments exhibit that rats have an excessive tendency to self-administer amfonelic acid, which means that that the substance has an abuse knowledge. As of this writing, however, amfonelic acid remains authorized in the USA and that you would be able even to purchase it online if you’ll discover a provider.

Use in Supplements

Amfonelic acid is a study chemical and dopaminergic stimulant with antibiotic houses. In stories, it proved to be a reliable and enormously selective dopamine reuptake inhibitor (DRI) in rat brain preparations. Gain knowledge of determined a reasonably lengthy half of-life of roughly 12 hours and a dopaminergic potency approximately 50 fold that of methylphenidate in rat brain preparations. Regardless of lack of direct serotonin activity, rats handled with subchronic doses of amfonelic acid display subsequent decreases in 5HT and 5HIAA. Amfonelic acid displays no undertaking in the norepinephrine system.

Regardless of its exceptional mechanism of action, amfonelic acid shows discriminatory substitution with one hundred fifty% the stimulant potency of dextroamphetamine. Amfonelic acid has been proved to be neuroprotective against methamphetamine harm to dopamine neurons. It additionally raises the consequences of the antipsychotic medicines haloperidol, trifluoperazine, and spiperone. Rats are shown to self-administer amfonelic acid in a dose-dependent method.

Common Dosing

It can be proven that sublethal doses triggered marked alterations within the pattern of proteins produced by way of the telephone, for this reason suggesting a viable effect of 4-quinolones on gene transcription in mammalian cells.” When evaluated through broth microdilution, the MIC of AFA for Escherichia coli is a 125 µg/mL, an awareness thirty instances bigger than the MIC for nalidixic acid in the identical E. Coli strain.

Top Product Containing Amfonelic Acid

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Potential Side Effects of Amfonelic Acid

The possible side effect of administering amfonelic acid to the body are paranoia, anxiety, and restlessness. Though these are rare cases of side effects that happen.


Does anyone know dosing sizes for amfonelic acid?

if i were you, and i had my hands on some of this so called amfonelic acid, which has very little know in regards to its effects/pharmacology, I would make a tincture out of the amfonelic acid. This is a good way to test for potency and allergies to this chem with very little known about it. I would guess the amfonelic acid would be soluble in ethanol, since it is a carboxylic acid, and has some dipole. Hell, it may even be soluble in water. Anyways, start by getting a dropper bottle, a milligram scale, and a bottle of everclear, or at minimum, bacardi 151. Weight out 10mg of amfonelic acid. Now get your dropper bottle (i recomend the 15ml or 30ml amber glass dropper bottles, you can get a half dozen for pretty cheap online). Take the dropper piece and draw up some high proof ethanol. Measure out 100 drops of ethanol into the dropper bottle. Now add the 10mg amfo acid to the ethanol in the bottle and cap the bottle. Shake until dissolved. Gently heat with warm water bath if you have trouble dissolving. You know have a tincture of 100ug per drop. Test it buy consuming 1 drop to test for effects/allergies. If nothing is felt, wait at least 1 full day and revisit your experiment. This time, work the dose up to 2 or 3 drops. If no effects occur, go 4 or 5 drops. If nothing is felt at 5 drops, i think its safe to start uping the dose to 1mg and in 1mg increments until desired effects are felt.

Source for Amfonelic Acid?

Amfonelic acid is a structurally unusual, potent, selective DRI, useful for only one real purpose – scientific research into the dopamine transporter system.

There is a reason for the excessive price and account application requirement. When AFA is termed a “research chemical”, this term is not rhetorical.

There is almost no evidence that Amfonelic acid is a nootropic or cognitive enhancer, and it should not be thought of as one. It is a material that is of generally low relevance to this subreddit.

Amfonelic Acid Dangers?

I’ve seen a few threads and comments pop up here on occasion about Amfonelic Acid. There’s still not really a lot of data or anecdotes, so I wanted to share my experience.

I purchased 500mg during a Black Friday sale. Which is not a trivial amount, considering its active at around 20mg. The day after I received my order, I dosed low, around 10mg, to get a feel for it. There was some very mild stimulation, but little to no euphoria. I took a break for a few days, then dosed 20mg/day for 3 days . I must say I quite loved this substance. There wasn’t traditional stim euphoria (maybe a mild amount) or mania, but there was a marked mood enhancement. I was incredibly productive, and felt like I could focus and complete whatever task I set my mind to. It also provided very little sleep disturbances. There were a few mild side effects, mainly appetite (positive for some) and cold hands/feet. It also caused incredibly dry skin.


There may be little or no data on the nootropic results of amfonelic acid. Most stories involving the substance use it only to examine how dopamine works on the neurons in the brain, minus the interfering motives associated with amphetamines. Lots of the other stories on amfonelic acid best use it as diagnostic software. As a leisure substance, many of the information about its results are anecdotal.

The absence of experiences on its cognitive bettering effects makes it much more elaborate to invest in its effectiveness as a nootropic agent. Its mechanism of motion as a DRI suggests that it is effortlessly a “believe just right” drug that has anxiolytic residences. If its effects as a DRI are as robust as prompt in the forums, then its most possible contribution to cognitive enhancement would be accelerated readability of suggestion, a more fluid logical considering, elevated focus, and the enhanced ability to resist outside stimuli when concentrating.

Deliver of amfonelic acid is very tough to return by. The inherent challenge in synthesizing the compound also makes it very luxurious. A mere gram of amfonelic acid reportedly expenditures on the upwards of 80 bucks from legit suppliers. For the reason that it does have an abuse advantage as proven in rat experiments, it should soon be classified as a managed substance.

Final Review of Amfonelic Acid

In conclusion, Amfonelic Acid has the ability to activate dopamine from non-vesicular stores and can provide stimulant effects significantly longer than amphetamines using dopamine from vesicular pools. What is more interesting is that studies show that amfonelic acid is a very potent dopamine reuptake inhibitor, several times stronger compared to cocaine, yet it has absolutely no affinity to norepinephrine reuptake. These benefits make Amfonelic Acid an excellent supplementation for everyone, especially in bodybuilding. So you can have yours and refer to the product cited in this article.


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