History & Background of Fluorenol

Type: Nootropic
Potency: 8/10

Fluorenol belongs to a class of medicinal drugs known as Eugeroics. These are stimulants that produce lengthy lasting mental arousal main to wakefulness. The notion at the back of the creation of those medicinal drugs is to increase alertness with out always eliciting the peripheral body results or higher yet the abuse/tolerance/ dependancy of the common stimulants. And Fluorenol is not any one-of-a-kind.

This drug is an alcohol derivative of fluorine. Its hydroxyl workforce is placed between its two benzene rings on the bridging carbon. Oxidation system can be utilized to transform the hydroxyfluorene to fluorenone. This compound is not carcinogenic neither is it toxic to people. As a result, a learn used to be applied via Chemists working for Cephalon (a bio-pharmaceutical enterprise), ostensibly to provide you with a drug that might be successful Modafinil, the anti-narcolepsy drug.

Use in Supplements

Hydrafinil (or 9-Fluorenol) is a wakefulness-promoting agent, countering sleepiness and inattention. It can be an analogue and pro-drug of modafinil (sometimes called Provigil) – a compound used by Airforce pilots on long missions to stay awake and alert. Hydrafinil (aka 9-Fluorenol) is a novel eugeroic nootropic that could be very an identical in motion to Modafinil. It used to be firstly developed as a research compound to advertise wakefulness and application. Because of its pronounced efficacy as a eugeroic agent, it is fitting standard amongst advanced nootropics users. Apparently, customers record much less stimulating effects than Modafinil, however a larger capability to promote vigilance. Different mentioned advantages incorporate attentional enhancement, multiplied motivation, refined mood boost, extended cognitive perform and potential to be trained.


  • multiplied alertness and wakefulness
  • diminished fatigue and tiredness
  • higher concentration
  • enhanced intellectual energy
  • better productiveness

Mechanisms of motion

The unique mechanism of motion continues to be unknown. However, a couple of viable mechanisms were proposed. To begin with, it's believed that Hydrafinil (Fluorenol) may perform as a weak dopamine reuptake inhibitor, which means that it increases the phases of dopamine neurotransmitter. As a consequence, a quantity of cognitive methods are accelerated.

Secondly, it has been hypothesised that Hydrafinil (Fluorenol) acts as a serotonin 5-HT6 receptor antagonist. 5-HT6 receptors are placed within the central fearful process (CNS) and it seems that their blockage can lead to enhancements of cognitive performance in lots of one of a kind finding out and memory paradigms.2 furthermore, serotonin and its process performs a very main role in both cognitive and behavioural manage. Accordingly, one of the crucial mild mood improvements suggested following the use of Hydrafinil (Fluorenol) are attributed to this approach.

Common Dosing

Hydrafinil is an particularly amazing analogue of Modafinil and study chemical stimulant nootropic that will have to be taken in dosages various from not more than 50 to one hundred mg as soon as per day. Hydrafinil is something of one other molecule than that of Provigil, Modafinil, Adrafinil or Armodafinil, and is not like these medications in that it only lasts for about 4 hours on a single dosage, not twelve to fifteen like those listed within the former. That being mentioned it additionally has some pretty spectacular results that these other medications don't together with more energy, a much better outcome on the intellect and physique, and has tremendously extra euphoria when in comparison with other analogue medicines.

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Hydrafinil (aka 9-Fluorenol) is a novel eugeroic nootropic that may be very similar in motion to Modafinil. It used to be in the beginning developed as a research compound with the aid of a biopharmaceutical enterprise named Cephalon prescription drugs to advertise wakefulness and application. Results from the animal be trained mentioned a 39% expand in effectiveness at bettering wakefulness over a four hour period when in comparison with Modafinil.1 as a result of its pronounced efficacy as a eugeroic agent, it's becoming popular among developed nootropics users. Apparently, users file much less stimulating effects than Modafinil, but a bigger ability to promote vigilance. Other said advantages comprise attentional enhancement, expanded motivation, refined mood enhance, elevated cognitive function and ability to be trained.

Potential Side Effects of Fluorenol

Side effects of Hydrafinil/Fluorenol are comparable. These include headache,and dehydration. Complaints of loss of appetite have also been reported.


What is Fluorenone?

Fluorenone is an aromatic organic compound that is made up of three carbon rings fused together. There are two benzene rings with a five-membered ring sandwiched in between them. At the very top carbon of the five-membered ring, there is a carbon-oxygen double bond, also called a ketone.

How does this transformation work??

The fluorenone will have the ketone functional group reduced to an alcohol by reacting fluorenone with sodium borohydride, whose chemical formula is NaBH4. Sodium borohydride is a very mild and common reducing agent and is excellent for converting ketones to alcohols.

How does Mechanism of the Reduction works?

Let's take a moment and think about how the reduction reaction happens. Sodium borohydride, although it looks like a complicated compound, is simply a source of hydride ions for the reaction. The hydride ion is a single hydrogen atom with a negative charge. In the first step of the reaction, a hydride ion attacks the carbon-oxygen double bond, breaking it into a carbon-oxygen single bond.


Curiously, the learn pronounced that the prescription drug Modafinil only possessed a few lively metabolites, and one in all them was once 9-fluorenol. Apart from, the 9- fluorenol was said to have an efficacy of 39 percent more than the modafinil drug by myself.

FluorenolMoreover, the drug functions via weakly inhibiting the reuptake of dopamine. Reportedly, it is weaker than modafinil on the grounds that it has an inhibitory concentration- the amount of awareness required for a drug to inhibit a given organic system-( IC50) of 9M. It is remarkably fifty-nine per cent weaker than modafinil despite it being the improved eugeroic (wakefulness promoting agent) drug. However, this weak spot is a blessing in disguise due to the fact it makes it much less addictive in comparison with the prescription drug modafinil. Its affinity for the enzyme cytochrome p450 2C19 is non-existent. Alternatively, modafinil has been proven to have an affinity for the enzyme. This enzyme is part of the problematic cytochrome P450 combined function oxidase system.

In distinction, fluorenol has by no means been studied in humans, and it has barely been studied in rodents or primates. There's a big chance that fluorenol explanations mind harm, liver harm, melanoma, or agranulocytosis, and we simply do not know it yet given that we've not accomplished many experiments. Fluorenol may be nontoxic, however we do not know but. Modafinil and armodafinil are proven reliable already, with a long track report.

Final Review of Fluorenol

In conclusion, Fluorenol has a shorter half life having only 6 to 8 hours. According to studies, Fluorenol has also been shown to enhance short-term visual memory, as well as improving attention and information processing. Also, it may decrease impulsitivity and increase your logical thinking. Fluorenol is categorized under Eugeroics. This benefits make Fluorenol a great supplementation for everyone especially in bodybuilding. So you can have yours and refer to the product cited in this article.


Fluorenol- Is it the Alternative to Modafinil?




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