Ingredients: GW 501516 (Cardarine)

Ingredients: GW 501516 (Cardarine)

The History & Background of Cardarine

GW 501516, or as it’s more commonly known – Cardarine, is a rather old type of drug that has shown promise even back in the 1990s. Cardarine was being developed two decades ago and has been found to cure tumor appearances in breasts, prostate, and colon. A couple of studies at the beginning of the 2000s have also concluded that Cardarine (as well as other PPARs) were able to prevent certain metabolic disorders (including diabetes and obesity) from appearing by utilizing unique gene expressions.

GW 501516 Cardarine Chemical Structure

Cardarine is also fully capable of burning away extra fat and fatty tissue. It also improves recovery times and increases endurance levels which makes it a perfect addition to the lifestyle of an athlete and bodybuilder.

Cardarine is a very well-known PPAR that has exploded in popularity as soon as these benefits were found. But how about we take a closer look and help you understand this drug completely.


How Does Cardarine Work?

Cardarine, or GW 501516, is often mistaken as a SARM but it isn’t. It’s a PPAR which works similarly to SARMs but with a couple of differences. GW 501516 targets androgen receptors which are responsible for glucose uptake stimulation and skeletal muscle tissue.

Some people even recommend Cardarine as a great way to deal with obesity since its ability to melt fatty tissue is unparalleled. Phase II trials have shown that Cardarine is a great drug to deal with cholesterol as well. Researchers have noticed that GW 501516 was able to increase HDL by around 79% on average (the good type of cholesterol) and decrease LDL by an unspecified amount (the bad type of cholesterol).


Benefits of GW 501516

Multiple studies were conducted with the use of GW 501516 in mind and almost all of them were oriented towards figuring out all the benefits that it has. Cardarine has shown promise in both the medical field and in physical activity (the gym, running, and other similar activities). This makes it exceptionally versatile and flexible, which is one of the reasons why it’s become such a popular choice amongst bodybuilders and athletes alike.

Here’s the list of benefits that you get with Cardarine:

  • Provides Powerful Boosts of Energy and Stamina

Things are sometimes banned because they are simply too powerful. Cardarine falls into this category. WADA has actually banned Cardarine because it gives users and competitors too large of an advantage over their opponents. This is because GW 501516 grants the user an increase in endurance, stamina, energy, and performance. Elite athletes of all kinds use it to further their own gains so it’s definitely amongst the top when it comes to benefits.

  • Melts Fat and is Not Catabolic

As mentioned before, Cardarine helps with weight loss by burning fat pretty quickly. It’s also non-catabolic so you shouldn’t worry about your muscles breaking down and withering.

  • Quick Results

GW 501516 is different from other, similar drugs in the sense that it will give you the results you need even after your first dose.

  • Flexible

Did you know that you can stack Cardarine with virtually anything? This will give you that extra edge you might be looking for. You don’t have to stack anything with it since there are a lot of positive sides that most people look for, but if you truly must, then there are no risks associated with it.


Where to Purchase Cardarine?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of shady companies which are looking to sell you anything and everything, as long as it’s not the real deal (since it saves money and whatnot). However, this practice is dangerous and the only thing you can do is do your research. We’re here to help you take the short route by providing you with the best reliable Cardarine vendor out there. Without a doubt, the safest (and cheapest) method is to buy GW501516 via SARMS4YOU. Thanks to fast shipping and high-quality compounds, SARMS4YOU is the best place to purchase SARMs at the moment.


Side Effects of Cardarine?

In the very beginning of Cardarine’s existence, there were worries that it might cause (or speed up the appearance of) cancer. There were also concerns that it could cause liver damage.

However, both of these claims were disputed and put to rest in a couple of studies and experiments. The American Association of Cancer Research has done a trial in 2004 in which it was confirmed that GW 501516 has nothing to do with the proliferation of colorectal cancer cells.

Another experiment in 2008 involving human colon cancer and breast cancer cells concluded with the researchers confirming that GW 501516 does not, indeed, cause cancer to appear. In fact, they’ve found out that Cardarine actually inhibits the growth of cancer cells.

In the end, it’s safe to say that there are no side effects regarding Cardarine.


Cardarine Dosing

The dosage doesn’t differ much from regular SARMs but it should still be noted and shown to people. If this is your first time taking Cardarine, take between 10 and 20mg of the product since you have no sensitivity and tolerance to GW 501516. If you’re looking to increase your endurance levels (without caring too much about weight loss), then 10mg is what you’re looking for. On the other hand, if you want to burn fat and increase your endurance levels simultaneously, 20mg is needed. Basically, the higher the dose, the more fat burn occurs.

Keep in mind that these doses are daily so don’t take more than that per day (except when you’re taking higher doses; then you can take two 10mg doses every 10-12 hours).


Cardarine Reviews

As said before, Cardarine has become a favorite amongst bodybuilders and other elite athletes so it’s no surprise that the reviews are positive. Here are some of them:


“Ive been taking 10mg doses each day and i cant put into words just how effective it is. Ive noticed severe changes on my body already and will definitely continue with using it”

GW 501516 Cardarine Review

“AWesome! Been using Cardarine with my ketogenic diet and the results are there!”


Final Thoughts on GW 501516

Even though Cardarine has been around for quite some time and is considered ‘old’ by some standards, it still has quite a few benefits that people love. Fortunately, the formula that was created is strong and will surely stand the test of time.

If you’re looking to lose weight, increase your lean muscle mass, and even gain more energy and stamina – check it out. You won’t regret it!


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