S-4 (Andarine)

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S-4 (Andarine)


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The History & Background of Andarine

The majority of you reading this will be amazed after finding out S-4 (Andarine from now on) was not created to act as a safer version of steroids. Nope – the main reason behind Andarine is entirely different. You see, it started as a potential breakthrough for male contraception. It showed great initial results, to there was a noticeable decrease in spermatogenesis coupled with a high libido boost.

But, further studies on lab mice showed that this ingredient might not only be suitable for male contraception but muscle building as well. Lab mice tested with Andarine showed impressive results as far as the production of muscle mass and calcium was concerned. The results were sky high, which only triggered further research that’s going to be published soon enough and possibly make Andarine one of the bestselling ingredients in the entire industry!!!


How does Andarine work?

Andarine is a SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator), but I guess you already know that. What SARMs do is they attach to androgen receptors and change their structures, making them react in various ways. If we are to be more precise here, Andarine selectively increases the production of muscle mass and calcium (for bone density), ensuring that’s the only ongoing modulation. To summarize – Andarine attaches to an androgen receptor, and, whenever it interacts with testosterone, Andarine generates selective anabolic activity in the form of production increase for both muscle mass and calcium.


Main Benefits of Andarine:

  • Promotes lean muscle mass production
    A Stage 1 study showed a massive 3.3lbs increase in lean muscle mass in less than 90 days. This study was based on a healthy male with no changes in exercise intensity or diet. Another aspect worth mentioning is a substantial decrease in body fat that depends on genetics but is still more than noticeable across all tests. [1]
  • Female-friendly
    Andarine is yet another female-friendly SARM. What this means is that not only can it be used by women, but it also won’t cause any side effects. It includes enlarged sexual characteristics and any other excessive male features.
  • Low impact on prostate
    Given the fact that initial Andarine studies show minimal growth of secondary sex organs, it’s safe to say it does not have much of an adverse impact on the prostate.
  • No female characteristics
    Andarine shows no signs of aromatization, male breast lactation, or virtually any other female characteristic as side effects known to occur when using steroidal supplements.


Where can you buy Andarine?

If you’ve carefully read through everything stated above, chances are you’re already opening your wallet and searching for where to buy S-4 (Andarine). If that’s the case, may I suggest purchasing it via SARMS4YOU? They have the fairest price and fastest shipping, especially if you are a citizen in the USA!

Potential side effects

Something as powerful as Andarine cannot pass by without any notable side effects. However, before the list, I would first like to make one thing clear – none of these side effects are permanent and will completely go away after 2-3 days of not taking this supplement. That’s because Andarine is a ligand and it sports two unique side effects:

Yellow tint

One of the Andarine side effects is a tinted vision. More precisely, yellow vision tint as well as difficulty naturally adapting to night vision. If you experience these side effects while using this supplement, stop using Andarine for 2-3 days until they vanish entirely. Once they do, it is recommended to stay on 5-day on/2-day off-cycle for the best (and side-effect-free) outcome.


The other potential side effect of Andarine is depression, and it only occurs in a rather small percentage of users. However, it’s still worthy of being added to the list because of its destructive behavior.


Andarine dosage instructions

If you want to stay on the safe side of things as far as Andarine is concerned, then your best option is to go for 25mg three times per day. If you want better and quicker results, you can up the dosage to 50mg, but keep in mind that might cause some of those side effects described above. Even though they are not permanent, they can still be tricky to handle for some people.


Andarine Reviews

Here’s a quick look at some of Andarine’s reviews, so you have a better picture of what to expect from it if, by any means, you decide to purchase it:

“Expected around 3lbs of muscle mass gains across a 3-month cycle… Got close to 4lbs. This thing is impressive to say the least! I went with 40g dose and did not have any issues with side effects or gyno!”

“I set up my dose at 75Mg of S-4 and I am amazed with the results. It’s a huge dose. I know, but I’ve had good results and minimal side effects. only slightly tinted eyesight and that’s it. Warmly recommend S-4 but you might want to start off at lower doses tho.”

“I’ve never had prior experience with SARMs… and I gotta say starting with S-4 was a great idea on my end.This thing works like a charm, I’ve already built 1.5 lbs of clean muscle and it happened in just over a month. I’ll do a full cycle on this thing, hopefully without side effects!”

Final thoughts on Andarine

Before I jump straight to the conclusion, first, I’d like to say that I, personally, honestly believe Andarine could become the next big thing in the bodybuilding industry. First of all – Andarine is the 1st SARM that’s been officially approved for Stage 2 research study. This goes to show you what a potent ingredient it is. Furthermore, it might even be the most versatile SARM out there as it’s viable for lots of things, including osteoporosis treatment, age-related muscle-wasting, or final-stage renal diseases. [2]

With all that being said, there is no doubt in the fact S-4 (Andarine) could be huge. If Stage 2 studies confirm the results from Stage 1 and if it’s so selective in its modulation, this ingredient could indeed be a big deal. Remember – it sports higher increases in muscle mass and calcium production than DHT without any steroid-related side effects… If all that proves to be right after Stage 2 studies, we’re in for quite the treat!




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