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How Does Testolactone Work?

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Potential Side Effects of Testolactone

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Thanks to the wonders of science, certain types of breast cancer (especially with menopausal women) have been treated with the aid of testolactone. And with something that has been used in battling one of the most challenging diseases in humans, a deeper understanding of this wonder drug is indeed necessary.

What is Testolactone?

Testolactone is an antineoplastic drug whose primary function is to destroy breast cancer cells. It travels through the body and blocks estrogen production, which eventually contributes to the prevention of estrogen-activated breast cancers. Moreover, besides blocking other hormones that may promote the same effects in the body, they also aid in preventing tumor cells from being activated in the process.

Because of its aromatase inhibitor (AI) characteristics, testolactones is used in bodybuilding because of its ability to slow down estrogen production, especially in women. This results in greater endurance and strength levels as well as denser and more toned muscles.

Some Warnings Regarding Testolactone

Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer and Testolactone

Are you a pregnant woman? Or perhaps man diagnosed with breast cancer? Or maybe a person with high levels of calcium and allergies? If you answer “yes” to any one of these questions, be sure to avoid taking up testolactone as it may make you vulnerable to serious health risks.

To maximize the benefits that this drug has to offer, consulting with your physician is crucial. Stricter caution should also be observed for those suffering from severe medical conditions.

For people using this potent AI, some minor side effects may be experienced. This includes nausea or vomiting, itching, difficulty in breathing, and drowsiness. Though these are typical symptoms, it would be best to consult your physician if these persist. If you go through more severe side effects like severe allergic reactions, confusion, dizziness, and swelling of the feet, ensure that medical attention will be sought right away.


Like all potent drugs, your primary guide in taking up this supplement is the prescription from your physician. Make it a point always to follow the dosages and timing prescribed. Sharing it with other people is a big no-no. On the other hand, taking less may cause no improvement, and taking more may lead to overdose or other adverse side effects.

Always keep testolactone at room temperature and take note of the expiration date. Best results will be achieved if combined with a strict diet and proper exercise. With all this in place, you are sure to reap the maximum benefits from this beautiful drug.