Le-Vel SGT Move and Rest: 2 Sensational Products Worth Trying!

A supplement with complete efficiency in getting its useful ingredients to where it’s necessary at the correct time to trigger its nourishing benefits is possibly the biggest advantage it has over its rivals.

That’s what Le-Vel is all about. Le-Vel introduces its two revolutionary products that are a great addition to the Thrive Plus Line – Sublingual Gel Techonology (SGT) – SGT Move and SGT Rest. Want to know more about the Le-Vel SGT lineup? Stay with us as we give you the lowdown on these innovative products.

What Is SGT?

Before getting down to business, here’s a little background on SGT. Sublingual Gel Technology or “buccal administration” is the oral intake of supplement. The difference is that you hold the supplement under the tongue to be absorbed by the body rather than swallowing the entire thing.

Get to know more about SGT here.

What Is Le-Vel SGT Move?

An innovative nutritional supplement, Le-Vel SGT Move is a superior gel formulation that provides the body important nutrients necessary for joint support and lubrication, mobility support, flexibility support and inflammation care.

Le-Vel SGT Move is great for individuals who seek optimum joint health and a topnotch performance in every aspect of their lives – especially during exercise.

What Is Le-Vel SGT Rest?

Following the Le-Vel SGT Move, another first-rate gel formula in the form of Le-Vel SGT Rest is now available to give anyone better sleep (as we all know, sleep is a vital part of one’s health and fitness level) as it contains important nutrients to help enhance sleeping patterns, offer relaxation, stress support and a relaxing effect. As Rest is a double-acting gel, it not only helps your body get a good night’s rest, but it also helps you stay asleep and wake up reinvigorated the next day, giving you the energy to push through your schedules with a breeze!

How to Use Le-vel SGT Move and Rest?

You may add Move and Rest to your Thrive 8 week experience. Mix it with Thrive Premium Lifestyle Capsules, Premium Lifestyle Shake Mix and Premium Lifestyle DFT for optimal results.

Le-Vel SGT Move and Rest Testimonials


“I have been taking Move for almost 2 weeks now. It has an orange creamsicle taste in gel form, almost like an old-style push up popsicle. It is really pretty good! I will warn you that it is a mouthful but does not all need to be under the tongue. I have been taking it in the morning following my 3 core products or waiting and taking it right before I went into the gym. Either way has been great and I even have been getting an extra boost when taken before a workout.”

“Being a cheer and tumble coach, joint pains are not new to me. After taking Move for a week, I was able to do considerably more without pain and wasn't hurting the next day either! That makes a world of difference in my life so as far as I'm concerned, SGT Move is a winner!”


“The absorption is very fast through the area under the tongue so this product is taken 15-30 minutes before you lay your head down for the night. When I took SGT Rest for the first time, within 10 minutes I felt calm and relaxed. I am usually one that tosses and turns frequently before and during sleep. It will usually take and hour or more before I finally doze off. This time I only checked the clock about 15 minutes after laying down and the next thing I knew, it was morning!”

“After taking SGT Rest for about 5 days now, I have consistently seen improvements in my sleep.”

Final Review

Le-Vel SGT truly does not disappoint! With the addition of Move and Rest to your Thrive experience, your world will never be the same again. Better performance and sleep? Le-Vel SGT Move and Rest will take care of them! These two products will blow you away, the only thing you’ll be able to say is “Wow!”

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One Review on “Le-Vel SGT Move and Rest: 2 Sensational Products Worth Trying!”

REST- Doesn’t have any type of hangover effect. I am able to fall asleep easily and wake up refreshed and RESTED!! This product is HAND DOWN AMAZING!!!

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