Vitamins and Antioxidants

M-Factor Kiddos

It is important that our kid's health is protected against harmful bacterias or viruses. Also, we have to make sure that we prevent any nutritional gaps.

Deficiencies in certain nutrients can make them weak and easily acquire or develop different diseases. It also leads to poor performance at school.

Let's check the 1st-Phorm supplements for kids called M-Factor Kiddos. We have processed and condensed information you needed such as ingredients, benefits, side effects, and customer reviews to check if this is something that can really boost your child's health.

M-Factor Kiddos Ingredients

Vitamin A – Is a fat-soluble vitamin that maintains the normal function of your kids' immune system, heart, bones, kidneys, and lungs. It also promotes good eye-sight and prevents night blindness. There are researches that say it can reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer.

Vitamin C – is essential for the development and repair of body tissues of your kids. It promotes fast wound healing especially that they are prone to have bruises when they play. In addition to that, it keeps their bones, teeth, and cartilage healthy.

Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol) – It is naturally produced by our body when our skin is exposed to sunlight. It helps your kids' body to absorb calcium, phosphate, and magnesium that is necessary for strong bones. It is also used to treat vitamin D deficiency-related conditions. 

Vitamin E – It is considered a powerful antioxidant. It helps in cleansing your kids' body from free radical damages they get from food, water, and the environment. 

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) – It plays an important role in our body because of its various benefits. It promotes kids' brain health so that they can be mentally active at school. It is also essential in hemoglobin production to prevent anemia in children. 

Folate – It is vital in the production of healthy red blood cells so kids can prevent anemia. Aside from that, it also encourages the healthy growth of cells and tissues. This is also necessary for your kids' metabolism where their body converts the food they eat to energy.

Vitamin B12 – It is vital in the brain and nervous system health and function of your children.  It keeps their nerves and our blood cells healthy. It also prevents the megaloblastic type of anemia.  It also plays part in energy production and synthesis of fatty acids.

Biotin – This water-soluble vitamin is also known as vitamin H. It converts the nutrients from the food that they eat into energy.  It also keeps children's hair, skin, and nails healthy.

Pantothenic acid – Also known as Vitamin B5. It helps in the conversion of carbohydrates, fats, and protein to energy. It is is also important in blood cell production.

Choline –  It is recognized as essential vitamins because it plays an important role in neurotransmitter synthesis, lipid transportation, and cell membrane signaling. It also needed in acetylcholine production that is vital in mood, memory and muscle control.

Inositol – is one of the brain’s major components. It is vital in controlling your kids' blood sugar especially to ki It also helps in balancing chemicals in our brains. 

Iodine – is essential in synthesizing thyroid hormones that play a vital role in the development of tissues, growth mechanisms, and normal cognitive function of children.

Zinc –   It is necessary for children’s growth and development.  It also increases their resistance to different infections.

M-Factor Kiddos Benefits

Most kids are the picky-eaters which is the reason why nutrients deficiency is common in children. They tend to eat more junk foods, fast foods, and sweets. That is why it is important that we gave them supplements that will give them the necessary amount of nutrients they needed. M-Factor Kiddos of 1st Phorm is formulated to give your children vitamins and minerals that are essential to their growth, development and overall health.

Here is the summary of benefits that your children can get when they take these Multi-vitamin gummies:

Boost kids’ immune system.

Promotes brain health and development.

It makes the bone and teeth stronger.

It builds healthy muscle, organs and body tissues  

Promotes good eyesight.

It makes the skin, nails, and hair healthy.

It improves thyroid functions that control growth, development, and metabolism.

It converts nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, and fats into energy.

M-Factor Side Effects

There were no reported side effects on the reviews.  It is just important that we follow the recommended dosage which is two gummies daily or as per physician’s prescription. Make sure to tell your kids to chew it carefully and thoroughly.

If your kids have tried this and have experienced any adverse reaction, discontinue and consult your doctor. You may also leave comments below so we can update this review.

M-Factor Kiddos Reviews

There is a total of 31 reviews of M-Factor available on the 1st Phorm website. Currently, it has 5 stars average score. Among the 31 reviews, only 1 customer gave it 4 stars. Her reason is that she was hoping that there is a bigger bottle available that contains gummies that is good for more than a month.

Overall, the M- Factor kiddos get excellent feedbacks from customers. The opinions of those who have tried it is valuable to give us a better view of this product. Here are some of the reviews on the 1st Phorm website.

“When I saw 1st Phorm made kids vitamins I couldn’t wait to order them! My daughter loves them compared to her other vitamins. I even tried them myself and let me tell ya.. Wow! They are full of flavor and delicious. No wonder she throws a fit when I tell her she can only have 2 gummies. We love 1st Phorm! “

– Tommi N.

“My daughter has always had a bad immune system and I truly believe in the last 3 months these have helped her not get sick. She loves how they taste and now she’s the one reminding me that she needs to take her vitamins! “

– Alicia B.

“My son likes these. He says they taste good. I do wish there was a bottle you could buy with more than just a months worth however. I do feel these have more and better ingredients than the ones you can buy from Walmart.”

– Leah M.

“No longer is it a struggle to get my kids to want take their vitamins. 1STPHORM has outdone them selves again. I ordered the strawberry gummies and now My three girls take their vitamins every single day with no issues. They love the taste and I love the fact it provides them with quality vitamins and minerals crucial for their development. If you have kids this is a must have for your little ones!! If I could give this more stars than 5 I would! “

– Jon D.

“My kids love the mixed berry, and can't get enough of them. It gives my wife and I peace of mind knowing that our kids are getting their daily essential nutrients. “

– Ezauh T.

Final Verdict

It’s nice to know that 1st Phorm formulated multivitamins for kids. It’s amazing that M-Factor Kiddos contains the essential vitamins and minerals that are really needed by kids in order to have a healthy body so that they perform well, think better and prevent different diseases.

Beyond that, after reading the reviews, there are a lot of parents who are very glad that 1st Phorm released this kid supplements. It also seems that they trusted 1st Phorm products so much.

Also, it's funny yet so wonderful to know that kids and even the parents love the taste of this multi-vitamin gummy bears. This is an important factor so that kids will really take this product.

This really deserves a 5-star rating. No doubt that 1st Phorm made history again in the supplements industry. This is something that can be recommended to parents who are having problems in the nutrient intake of their kids. This is the vitamin that you might be looking for.

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Kids need to be healthy, especially since there are lots of bacteria and viruses causing diseases around us. The problem is the daily debate you may have with your kids on the table whenever you try to feed them with nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables.

Let's find out if the nutrients shake for kids of 1st Phorm called Opti-Kids is something you should try for your child. We have gathered information that you need to know about the Opti-kids, such as ingredients, benefits, side effects, and customer reviews.

Opti-Kids Ingredients

Opti-kids is a nutrient shake that has comprehensive nutrients and a unique blend of non-GMO vegetables, fruits, organic grasses, probiotics, and digestive enzymes that can support your kid's health.

Protein – They have included a low-temperature Processed Whey Protein, which provides the necessary amino acids needed for kids' growth and development.

Calcium –  This mineral gives your kids strong bones and teeth. It is also used by their body to maintain the normal function of our heart, muscle, and nerves.

Iron – It is a mineral needed to deliver oxygen from the lungs to other parts of our body. Insufficient iron in our body can lead to different conditions such as Iron Deficiency Anemia in children.

Potassium – This essential vitamin is needed to regulate children's fluids and nerve signals. It also prevents kidney stones and water retention, especially since there are kids who don't drink too much water.

Vitamin A –  It boosts your kids' immune system and promotes normal vision. It also keeps their organs normal functions.

Vitamin E – This is a powerful antioxidant that protects your kids from free radicals that can cause harmful diseases such as cancer and heart diseases.

Vitamin C – It also boosts your kids' immune system, repair tissues, red blood cells, and bones. It also promotes wound healing.

Vitamin K – It is vital for blood clotting when your kids got some cuts and bruises. It also prevents excessive bleeding like hemorrhagic diseases.

Vitamin B Complex- It contains different B vitamins that vital for your kids' growth and development. Vitamin B1, B6, and B12 support the nervous system's healthy function, average blood production, and DNA repair. Vitamin B3 and B7 convert the food to energy and keeps the skin healthy while Vitamin B5 necessary for blood production.

Kiddo Health Blend – This blend is composed of non-GMO vegetables, fruits, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and all organic grasses that will surely fill any nutritional gaps on kids. It is a combination of  Kiddo Reds (Variety of fruits), Kiddo Greens (natural herbs and some vegetables), Kiddo Digestions (foods that are good for digestive health), and Kiddo Probiotics (lactobacillus). So you don't need to worry about your child's health if they are too picky in foods because it is full of nutritious food that they don't usually eat. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, with high antioxidant properties, protects your kids from harmful diseases, and promotes normal organ functions.

Opti-Kids Benefits

It provides your kids with the essential vitamins and minerals to support their growing bodies.

It strengthens their immune function so that they don't get sick quickly.

It reduces the risk of developing different health conditions because of poor nutrition.

It supports the digestive health of your kids and prevents tummy aches.

It gives you peace in mind that they get the right amount of nutrients that their body needs to stay active and healthy.

It boosts their mental health so they can perform well at school.

Opti-Kids Side Effects

There is still no reported side effects on this product. Remember that this rich with fruits, vegetables, organic grasses that are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Please leave a comment if you notice any side effects to your kids after drinking Opti-kids shake so we can update this review

Opti-Kids Reviews

Currently, Opti-kids has 14 reviews. One customer gave it three stars because she claimed that her daughter doesn't like the taste. Two customers gave it 4-stars, claiming the chocolate flavor is not that strong, and looking for different flavors is available for children who don't like chocolate. The rest of the 11 reviews claims that their children love it.

Opti-Kids is a life savior to parents who are struggling to feed their children with vegetables. They are happy that 1st Phorm formulated this kind of shakes that is full of nutrients that can fill the gaps in nutrients, especially to kids who are very picky eaters.

Check out some reviews of the parents who have tried Opti-kids to their children.

“My daughter is a terrible eater, and we have a hard time getting the right nutrition in her. It is a constant daily struggle. She loves the movie “Charlie and the chocolate factory.” I saw the new Opti-kids chocolate powder and thought this would be a great way to get some of her daily nutrients and vitamins. I told her Willy Wonka made a delivery and brought her some Wonka juice. She went crazy! Mix it with milk, and just like that, she instantly loved it! Great product, right healthy ingredients, and a lifesaver for us. Try it. You won't be disappointed!” – Kelly W.

“My three and 4-year-old boys love it! They ask for their shakes every day. When it's a struggle to get them to eat veggies daily, knowing that they are getting so many awesome nutrients in their shake puts my mind at ease.” – Kristin

“The chocolate flavor isn't powerful, and it still has a slightly' greens taste,' but it's tolerable. I like that it's three products in one and doesn't have the potent raspberry flavor as the greens do.” – Ginny K.

“I am very particular in what I give to my kiddos. They love this! We make daily smoothies with this, and I'm able to sneak in lots of veggies without losing the chocolate flavor. Will be buying again.” – Kamila S.

“I love the fact you guys finally got this going for the kiddos. Unfortunately, I have that kid who doesn't prefer chocolate. I can't wait until you guys get vanilla and strawberry flavors! We will be customers for that! Kids needed this much, so thank you for putting it out! Be blessed, and keep providing the best nutrition supplements out there!” – Jodi W.

Final Verdict

The struggle is for real in feeding kids with fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods. They usually prefer sweets, processed foods, or fast foods. We all know that it is not suitable for the body. We might have tried different ways to feed them with hidden veggies, but there are times that they still recognize the taste.

Good thing that 1st Phorm created this chocolate shake called Opti-Kids that contains impressive and nutritious food. We are also hoping that they will come up with different flavors too to address the concerns of parents who like to try this to their children that don't like the chocolate taste.

1st Phorm deserves a thumbs up in creating this in shake form instead of tablets. Aside from that, you can serve it tp your kids, whether hot or cold. Opti-Kids will surely attract children to drink it every day.

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Fat Burners


An underactive thyroid is one of the most prevalent causes of obesity that afflicts over 30 million Americans across the country today.

Another 15 million may be suffering from a thyroid disorder, but have remained undiagnosed, choosing to suffer from the ailment silently.

Fortunately, science continues to produce amazing cures for diseases emanating from natural and lifestyle causes. ThyroDrive, for example, has been introduced by 1st Phorm Nutrition as a perfect antidote for weight loss issues resulting from abnormal thyroids.

Thyro 101

Our thyroid, located close to Adam's apple, produces thyroid hormone, which has great effects in many parts of our body. It regulates body temperature, heartbeat, and metabolism, all of which are vital life processes.

Among the triggers that cause the thyroid to malfunction are:






These are all constant threats to all of us who are weight conscious.

In this day and age, however, hardly anyone can afford to have a healthy metabolism in the face of our busy schedules and stresses, with the latter likely to cause an inactive thyroid and irregular thyroid hormone production within our body. A sluggish thyroid affects our metabolism and could lead to weight gain.

Some drugs are formulated to reverse this trend of suppressed thyroid hormone production or hypothyroidism. This condition is generally associated with uncontrolled weight gain.

Thyro-Drive Ingredients

Thyro Drive is custom-made for women to address this problem. It has a potent formula created to help optimize thyroid's role in the human body. It delivers the necessary raw materials to help stimulate thyroid hormone production that leads to optimal thyroid function.

It's available in 40-capsule containers in a serving size of two capsules a day. Its formulation is made from natural, organic materials designed not just to treat hypothyroidism, but also to a balanced metabolism that leads to natural weight-loss.

Chromium (as Amino Acid Chelate) – is a highly absorbable form of Chromium that is essential in regulating blood sugar, and transporting glucose so it can convert into energy. Aside from that, it may help reduce cravings, hunger, and even binge eating.

T3 Reactant –  It helps the body control the metabolism and helps in converting calories to energy.

Thyro-Lipo Catalyst from carefully selected natural herbs and organic materials –  It helps in optimizing thyroid functions by stimulating the production of thyroid hormones.

Vitamin B12  – This is an essential vitamin that the body cannot produce, so we have to eat foods rich with this vitamin. It helps the body to function well. It also helps in DNA synthesis and red blood cell formation.

Green Cofee Beans Extracts It has a lot of benefits to our body, such as improving brain functions, protects our heart from diseases, improves our mood, boosts our metabolism and maintains our healthy weight.

Raspberry Ketones  – It is known for its weight loss effect on the body.

Cayenne Pepper – It boosts metabolism and reduces hunger.

Coleus Forskolin It helps to burn calories and prevent fat gain in the body.

Thyro-Drive Benefits

Thyro-Drive‘s active formula helps to stimulate the production of T3 and T4 thyroid hormone in our body. Its objective is to allow greater control of our thyroid function and avoid ailing thyroids that could cause severe weight gain problems regardless of how much we try to control our diet.

Thyroid based thermogenic, or heat-based thyroid stimulation, has long been used by bodybuilders for their weight loss regimen but has mostly been ignored among mainstream fat-loss consumers.

Bodybuilders do not have exclusive use for thermogenic; everyone should have similar excess to this “secret” regimen and gain from some its natural benefits.

Thyro-Drive's thermogenic effects introduce us to this phenomenon that used to be reserved for bodybuilders. It can also be used by people with issues against caffeine and other stimulants that affect their central nervous city. It can likewise be stacked with stimulant-based fat burners, like 1-Db Goddess PRIME, to help maximize fat loss and overall results.

This combination is unparalleled in its results, and stacking in this precise way enables you to address your weight issues through two separate channels to both accelerate and maximize your results.

Thyro-Drive Side Effects

In taking any supplements, it's essential that you follow the recommended dosage so that we can prevent any unwanted effects. I recommend you take two capsules of Thyro-Drive in the morning. During training, two tablets are needed one hour before a workout.

Experienced users suggest continuous use of the supplement for at least eight weeks for the best results.

Thyro-Drive Final Thought: Is It Effective?

Thyro-Drive will not affect your central nervous system in any way. Take Thyro-Drive at any time of the day without fear of being jittery and restless. Because of this, Thyro-Drive is ideal for people with sensitivity issues to caffeine or other central nervous stimulants. After a decent gym work, you can still relax and take a sip of brewed coffee in your favorite coffee shop.

With Thyro-Drive, the effect of an inactive thyroid and fear of being fat is a thing of the past. This is a welcome development for women for whom a weight gain of 10 pounds if caused by hypothyroidism, could be a significant blow to their self-esteem.

Thyroid-based thermogenic used to be accessible only among bodybuilders. They regularly use it for their training and often pairing it with stimulant-based thermogenic for best results over shorter periods.

While it was popular in gyms, thermogenic did not appeal to ordinary fitness buffs. With Thyro-Drive, thyroid-based thermogenic is no longer a secret amongst bodybuilders, but a regular food supplement for your weight loss routine.

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Note: All 1st Phorm products have a 110% money-back guarantee!

Also, if you have tried it before or are going to try it, be sure to share your experience with it below.



Professional athletes, like weightlifters and long-distance runners, are prone to experience glycogen depletion, a phenomenon popularly known as “hitting the wall” where the body’s stored glycogen is depleted after long periods of intense physical exertion.

Glycogen depletion causes extreme exhaustion and fatigue, where athletes find it difficult to even just move their bodies. This is certainly not an uncommon occurrence in many gyms across the country, especially among athletes adhering to a “no pain, no gain” philosophy.

Ignition Carbohydrates Loading

This condition is usually addressed with a regular dosage of protein drinks to ensure immediate post-gym recovery. Another option is through carbohydrates loading, or consumption of large quantities of carbohydrates to increase the storage capacity of intramuscular glycogen.

Both options are valid, with 1st Phorm Nutrition recommending both protein and carbohydrate intakes. The premier diet supplement manufacturer recommends a formulation called Ignition, which is specifically designed for competitive athletes who must engage in intense workouts and training to be on top of their game.

According to the manufacturing company’s website, Ignition is intended to meet and address an overlooked component of appropriate workout nutrition – to keep glycogen at normal levels and to increase the body’s insulin production for utmost protein and nutrient absorption.

Ignition is best stacked with Phormula-1, 1st Phorm Nutrition’s whey protein isolate food supplement.

Ignition Carb Replenishment Is Key

The principle behind the need for post-workout carb replenishment is simple. Our body needs carbohydrates and stores them as energy called Glycogen in our muscle cells. When we engage in a heavy workout, our body taps into these stored energies and depletes them. This is why we need easily digestible protein and carbohydrates for use by our muscles to mitigate exhaustion.

1st Phorm Nutrition’s Ignition has fast absorbing carbohydrate to help increase our insulin levels, replenish glycogen in our body, and allow a more muscle-building protein to develop. In so doing, it takes an entirely new approach to ensure a stable glycogen store in our body, using a substance called Dexanhydrous Glucose or Pure Carbohydrate to ignite an immediate increase in our insulin level.

This approach is entirely different from the customary protein shake that we take after an intensive workout. The principle is practically the same as Ignition. The general idea is to allow a good quality hydrolyzed protein to convert into glucose and evolve into glycogen. This is good, of course. However, the process of conversion in protein takes longer than carb and, therefore, cannot promise immediate relief from exhaustion.

Ignition Ingredients

The company recommends a combination of both supplements, where both protein and carbohydrates are used simultaneously. Ignition’s main component is an easily digestible carbohydrate that works hand in hand with protein to repair our muscles more rapidly after a long strenuous workout. Ignition’s ingredients consist of the following:

Vitamin A helps to form and maintain skin, healthy teeth, and bone.

Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium.

Vitamin C helps to absorb iron and maintain healthy tissue.

Thiamine (vitamin B1) helps the body cells convert carbohydrates into energy.

Riboflavin (vitamin B2) is important in the production of red blood cells and body growth.

Niacin helps maintain healthy skin and nerves and can help to lower cholesterol.

Vitamin B6 helps red blood cell formation and brain function maintenance.

Pantothenic Acid is essential in food metabolism.

Folate works with vitamin B12 in forming red blood cells. It is also needed for DNA production, which controls tissue growth and cell function.

Vitamin B12 is another vitamin that is important for metabolism.

Biotin is an essential nutrient because it plays an important role for the proteins and carbohydrates metabolism.

Calcium is needed to have a strong heart, bone, and muscle.

Phosphorous manages how your body stores and uses energy.

Iodine plays an important role in thyroid health.

Magnesium can boost your exercise performance.

Iron is necessary for iron absorption and iron enables the body to form red blood cells.

Zinc helps in strengthening the immune system and metabolism function.

Manganese is a strong antioxidant that can help reduce inflammation.

Potassium is important in increasing muscle strength, metabolism, maintains water balance, keeps electrolytic functions, and maintains the nervous system.

Selenium is a trace mineral that is essential in assisting with cognitive function and fertility.

Molybdenum activates the enzymes needed to break down harmful sulfites and prevents the building up of toxins in the body.

Any serious bodybuilder spends hours in the gym. It’s a great feeling to be in it, and an even greater feeling after we’re done with our routines and head for home to be with family and friends. Without the right diet supplement, however, we would feel “flat” about an hour after that. This flat feeling is a signal coming from our body that it lacks glycogen, that we’ve used it up and our body wants to recover it to survive.

Like a reflex, our body is physiologically programmed for survival and will act to replenish its glycogen before it works on repairing the body and rebuilding affected muscles. It needs a form of carbohydrate that can be delivered directly to the muscles more efficiently and faster. Ignition is made up of that type of carbohydrate that can replenish our glycogen and ignite muscle growth.

Ignition Side Effects

No reported side effects yet. If you have tried Ignition and experience any unwanted effects, just leave a comment below so we can update. 

Ignition Reviews

“Just tried the post workout stacktoday and o.m.g I can't get over how good it is. The taste is out of this world!! Legit taste like Lucky Charms! Can't wait to see my results from it and can't wait to try other flavors! I will always choose 1stphorm!! “

– Alex A

” I use Ignition everytime post workout with Phormula 1. Ive noticed my soreness is dramatically decreased and has improved my recovery like nothing else ive ever tried. I wont workout without it anymore because if you cant recover you cant rebuild. “

“I used to think if a workout didnt hurt then it wasnt good enough. Soreness has its place, sure, but it doesnt have to keep you down and prevent you from performing WELL on your next workout. I have noticed a huge difference in my recovery time by bringing this into my arsenal. If you're curious about flavor…there really isnt much of one. Just an ever so slight sweetness. Mixed with other things, you wont even notice it…but what a difference it makes. Thanks 1st Phorm for another incredible product!”

-Francis P

Learn more about Ignition.

Ignition Effectiveness

Stacked with Phormula 1, a protein-based food supplement, Ignition helps increase insulin levels to allow optimum protein assimilation. This provides an optimal environment for recovery and muscle growth. Without Ignition, sugars take their regular course of being collected in the liver, before they are slowly distributed throughout the body. This can take several hours. Ignition shortens recovery time and adds more muscle-building hours to your day.

If you regularly train three times a year over a course of one year, for example, the use of Ignition translates to almost 30 days of extra muscle-building time. You don’t even have to wait one year to observe the results of your regular intake of Ignition. In a matter of days, you’ll discover some incredible pumps and hardness in your muscles as I did.

Although 1st Phorm Nutrition’s products are relatively pricier compared to other brands, the efficacy and effectiveness of Ignition is well worth its price. The extra cost could save you a lot of money in the long run because it saves valuable time and spares you from prolonged discomfort of waiting to get your body in recovery mode.

This review is based on my research and personal knowledge as a satisfied Ignition user. It’s not a standalone product to give you strength, more muscles, and a better physique, but it’s honest to goodness supplement to reduce pain and waiting time without sacrificing gain.

Buy Ignition Online

If you want to try Ignition for yourself, use this link here to get free shipping on your next order. All 1st Phorm products have a 110% money-back guarantee!

I hope you like it as much as we do, and after you try it (or if you ALREADY tried it), please leave your own review below!

Fat Burners

1Db Overdrive Prime

If you’re looking to get crazy lean then adding a fat burner to your supplement arsenal should be a real no-brainer.

1-DB Overdrive Prime from 1st Phorm is a surefire way to rev up your metabolism so that you’ll quickly see the fat start to melt right off.

What is 1-DB Overdrive Prime?

Where other fat burner supplements on the market act as little more than caffeine pills with a few extra herbal extracts thrown in for good measure, 1-DB Overdrive Prime offers a patented blend of proven natural ingredients.

These will kick start your fat loss and keep things chugging along week after week.

To give you some idea of what you can expect to find in each capsule, here is a rundown of just some of the ingredients:

Green Tea Extract

Cocoa Extract

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Choline Bitartrate

Guarana Extract

Cayenne Pepper

The interesting thing here is that while a lot of fat burners provide a thermogenic effect, they do little to mobilize the fat stores in your body so that they can actually be released and used as energy.

This is important to consider because 1-DB provides both benefits, but doesn’t stop there.

Choline Bitartrate a great inclusion in this product because choline is an essential nutrient that actually occurs naturally within the brain and is closely related to memory, intelligence, and mood.

One study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2011 suggested a link between dietary choline intake and cognitive performance[1].

What this means for you is improved focus and motivation both in and out of the gym, and this should also help you to stay committed to your diet and training due to a reduction in the fatigue we all inevitably feel while dieting.

Green Tea Extract and Green Coffee Bean Extract have also received a lot of attention from researchers in recent years, with countless studies showing some very promising results in the areas of weight loss and cholesterol levels.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that the Cocoa Extract included in 1-DB Overdrive Prime is either chocamine or theobromine, or a combination of the two.

Chocamine is what gives chocolate its taste and smell, and it has been shown to impart marked improvements in the areas of reaction time and attention span.

Theobromine is what gives cocoa is partly responsible for cocoas bitterness; it actually acts as a stimulant and thermogenic in a similar manner to caffeine, and both of these cocoa compounds will pay dividends when it comes to your own fat burning.

1-DB Overdrive Prime Dosing

This fat burner comes in capsule form and one serving consists of a single capsule, so you won’t have to worry about taking a whole bunch of pills every day.

Be sure to take 1-DB Overdrive Prime early on in the day because it does impart stimulatory effects that may cause sleeplessness if taken in the late afternoon or evening.


There isn't much to say about this product besides the fact that it is a fat burner and it contains a whole host of proven ingredients, so you’re sure to see and feel the results soon after taking your first capsule.

I really like the way 1-DB Overdrive Prime has been formulated and would definitely rate it 5 stars out of 5 for effectiveness and overall quality.

You can also order 1-DB Overdrive Prime by clicking here for free shipping. All 1st Phorm products have a 110% money back guarantee.

Energy and Endurance


Those of you who are serious about making progress in your training, whether that means setting new PRs in the gym or just pushing the scale up, are probably well aware of creatine and beta alanine products by now.

Instead of wasting your time and money on two separate supplements, you can now reap the dual benefits of ALPHACre HD by 1st Phorm to take your training to the next level.

What is ALPHACre HD?

Athlete are working on their goal to become stronger and to hit their body goals. They do lots of intense rep in their training that really has impacts to their muscle. If you will energize your muscle fibers with more power and stamina it can will allow you to train harder and longer, and increase your gains.

ALPHACre HD combines two powerful muscle buffers, creatine and beta-alanine, so you can level up your strength, power and sports performance . It combines micronized creatine monohydrate with beta alanine to provide your body with increased explosive strength while also helping to increase your endurance through those particularly grueling set.

Powerful Ingredients

There are two important and powerful ingredients inside each Alphacre Hd capsules that can bring ypur performance and strength to its peak.

Creatine monohydrate is one of the most thoroughly researched and proven supplements on the market, increasing your body’s cell ATP turnover. Put simply, ATP is essentially the ‘currency’ your cells use to exchange and utilize energy.

What’s more, creatine is a highly effective and cost-effective way of keeping your muscle cells saturated with fluid, giving you more intense pumps in the gym, greater strength, and a feeling of fullness that will stay with you hours and even days after you finish your last set.

This hyper-hydration of the muscle cell causes it to swell like never before, which promotes the further production of myonuclei satellite cells and, well, the proliferation of obscene amounts of muscle!

Beta alanine, on the other hand, acts as a sort of buffer that helps to reduce the short-term build up of lactic acid that occurs during higher-rep sets.

Lactic acid develops in the muscle as a byproduct of glycogen metabolism, so offsetting this acidic accumulation is essential to extending everything from burning sets of barbell curls to nauseating ‘widowmaker’ sets of squats that will really lead you to newfound size and strength gains.

When we couple the cell-swelling effects of creatine monohydrate with the set-extending benefits of beta alanine it should be pretty obvious what a potent and synergistic one-two punch this hypertrophic combo makes!

Side Effects

It is very important that we follow the recommeded dosage and instructions in taking any supplements.

You have to take one (1) scoop with eight (8) oz. of cold water in the morning, and one (1) scoop of with eight (8) oz. of cold water eight (8) hours later. You have to time it so that one dose is taken immediately before working out.

Keep in mind also that ALPHACre HD should be taken for at least 30 days. Take separately from products containing caffeine.

For best results take ALPHACre HD on an empty stomach.W Make sure that you also have enough water intake while taking AlphaCre.

If you have taken this product and experience any side effects, please feel free to comment below so we can update the review.

ALPHACre HD Reviews

So far it has 653 reviews and it keeps getting 5 stars leaving an impression that it is really a great product. Here are some of the feedbacks for those who have used it.

So being someone’s who’s probably tried em all, even tried making my own! 10/10 wouldn’t recommend you’re own! Alpha cre is amazing it’s taste is 100%, I did notice to see best results 1scoop, 8ounces, and immediately before you start for the best results! This is my 5th time ordering and I promise, you wouldn’t want to use any thing other then this! P.s GRAPE IS WHERE ITS AT FOLKS!

NO jitters, and gives me the boost I need to push harder in my workouts. Favorite pre-workout I've ever tried!

Great for people who don't want the added caffeine. Great flavor! One of my legs tends to cramp fairly regularly, but after using this for several weeks, I haven't had any cramping during my workouts!

LOVE this product! I am very sensitive to caffeine, so I stray from stimulated pre workouts. Because I still want to get the best workout possible, I like to have something that's still going to help me with muscle endurance and stamina. AlphaCre delivers %100 and helps me push further than I'd be able to without it. Also, I love that it has creatine in it! Creatine is super important when trying to build or maintain lean muscle. So really, this is two products in one!

ALPHACre HD  Video Testimonials

“…You get what you pay for and full ingredient breakdown is on the nutrition facts. You can’t really ask for anything else. …”

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What sets ALPHACre HD apart?

The great thing about this supplement is that unlike many pre-workouts on the market nowadays, it doesn't contain any caffeine or other stimulants that might lead to unpleasant jittery feelings.

The increased energy and enhanced strength you’ll feel are natural side-effects of the two active ingredients, and the fact that the creatine is micronized means that you’re less likely to experience the kind of cramps or bloating that are often associated with cheaper, less pure creatine products.

ALPHACre HD is also available in the following flavors:

Fruit Punch



These fruit flavors work perfectly to mask the nasty taste of BCAAs, so you can also enjoy the added benefit of saving even more money by buying bulk unflavored aminos rather than having to waste cash on flavored BCAA products.

ALPHACre HD tastes great, is easy on the gut, and the overall effectiveness is impossible to deny, so it receives a shining recommendation from me and a solid rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

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