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For this product to be reviewed today, we will be focusing more on the feminine side of things. When women reach middle life, they start to experience changes in their bodies like mood swings and other physiological changes.

This event signifies another chapter in a woman’s life – the menopausal period.

There are a lot of symptoms that women have to undergo before they reach that important milestone. Gaining weight and decreased metabolism are among those changes. With the aid of this supplement, women of this stage will be able to get through this inevitable stage in their lives with less or no problems at all.


What is High School Genes?

Goop Wellness High School Genes is a dietary supplement that is specifically designed for women in their mid-40s. Its purpose is to help women who are entering the menopausal stage or the ones who are in it already.

Its aim is to make sure that women will have a boost in metabolism but also will be able to drop weight. But still, it depends on the regimen and the intake of the food. Furthermore, in this review, we will be able to know the user reviews, possible side effects, and the key ingredients.