Fat Burners

Razor Cuts

Have you been bulking up for months and built up pounds and pounds of muscle mass filled with excess water and bloated up? Good! Now it’s time to define those muscles to turn your body’s physique into that of a professional athlete.

Natural diuretics are fantastic formulas that help you shed the excess water built up under your skin that makes you look bloated and even fat. Razor Cuts is a natural diuretic by IronMag Labs designed to make your muscle mass as lean as possible by removing any built up water.

We take a closer look at Razor Cuts to find out just how effective the formula is and whether it is worth purchasing.

Razor Cuts Ingredients

The Razor Cuts formula is made up of a number of natural diuretic ingredients that are meant to turn you into a model in a matter of months.

Dandelion Root Extract: A natural diuretic and blood cleanser, this ingredient is sure to help reduce water retention in your muscles as well as serve as an anti-inflammatory agent. It will also help reduce issues with congestion and help your liver recover from any stress. Dandelion Root Extract is the main ingredient of Razor Cuts and one that gives it most diuretic potential.

Razor Cuts Proprietary Blend: Made up of ingredients such as green tea, cranberry, apple cider vinegar, corn silk, paprika and watermelon, this blend has both stimulating and diuretic properties. Without specific dosages it is hard to tell how effective it would be in either area.

Additionally, the product is rich with Vitamin B6 and contains some Potassium. Here is the exact supplement label from the manufacturer:

Razor Cuts Supplement Label
Razor Cuts Supplement Label

Razor Cuts Dosage

Take one or two capsules or Razor Cuts daily as a dietary supplement. Do not exceed two capsules per day and do not take if you are under the legal age. Pregnant and nursing ladies should not take it and if you are suffering from any serious medical issue you should consult your doctor before using it.

Razor Cuts Benefits

IronMag Labs have gotten us used to some superb supplements at very reasonable prices, and Razor Cuts keeps up with that trend. We tested Razor Cuts ourselves and we are confident that the formula offers very real and quick results. Within a week you will feel the results and after using it for a few months you should be absolutely ripped with no water stuck under your skin anymore.

Numerous positive testimonials all over the internet go far in supporting our own review as the product seems to have helped hundreds of people get rid of watery buildups and turn their bodies into those lean and fit looking athletes.

Razor Cuts Reviews

These are the words of some of the people who have tried and seen serious results from Razor Cuts:

“As always Iml and L's offers quality supplements at great price. Razor cuts does just what it says it will do. Took it for 2 weeks for results. Works great and fast. Definitely will re-order.”

“Excellent, extremely powerful herbal diuretic, in Brazil has nothing similar.”

“This product is amazing, I'd highly recommend this to anyone looking to cut the fat. Great for post cycle!!”

Razor Cuts Conclusion

Depending on the genetic predisposition many people tend to bulk up quite easily. Bulking too much can actually become a problem for many of us as the water retained under the skin tends to make the new muscle bulky and not fit looking at all. This is why natural diuretics are a godsend for such people.

Razor Cuts is one of the most potent and probably best value diuretics in the world. With a month’s supply coming at under $20, you will be able to cut your muscles lean and fit after your cycle with just few bottles of this fantastic product. The results you will see will be extremely noticeable and you can expect to see muscles you have never seen before very soon.

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Fat Burners

Lean Fuel Extreme

Feeling fat and bloated before your holiday despite having been going to the gym and building muscles for months? That’s quite normal. Especially if you have spent those months running bulking prohormones or other supplements, or your diet was not super balanced, excess fat on top of your muscles and water stuck under the skin can all be very normal side effects of bulking.

Now you want to cut and shred, and IronMag Labs knows your woes. For this exact scenario, so common among bodybuilders, they have come up with Lean Fuel Extreme, a powerful thermogenic formula designed to help reduce your weight and your body fat percentage.

With so many products out there, it is our job to find out which ones work and which ones are a hoax. Today we bring you our honest review of Lean Fuel Extreme and find out if you should buy the product.

Lean Fuel Extreme Ingredients

Lean Fuel Extreme is a potent blend of thermogenic and stimulant ingredients designed to help you reduce your body weight and the fat index. The formula contains Chromium, Caffeine and a proprietary blend made up of many well-known stimulants and thermogenics.

Caffeine: One of the most commonly used stimulants in the world, caffeine is a potent ingredient that will have you buzzing and feeling more focused and concentrated than ever, which is the main reason so many people can’t start their day without coffee. A significant dose of caffeine in this product will certainly help keep you running more optimally.

Proprietary Blend: The Lean Fuel Extreme proprietary blend contains the likes of green tea extract, theobromine, maca extract, guarana and other natural ingredients. Their combined properties include regulation of insulin and thyroid hormone, appetite suppression, anti-stress features and other very beneficial health implications.

Here is the complete label from IronMag Labs with all the ingredients and details:

Lean Fuel Extreme Label
Lean Fuel Extreme Label

Lean Fuel Extreme Benefits

Lean Fuel Extreme has been around for a while and has been quite well tested. We ran our own little test in house as well and our first impression was fantastic. The product seems to simply burn through the fat deposits and within weeks of using it you can expect to see significant decreases in body fat percentage, waist diameter and generally less fat deposits on your body.

Testimonials from numerous sources have confirmed the same, with dozens of people reporting seeing their bodies significantly transformed in a good way by Lean Fuel Extreme. The combined effects of the ingredients of Lean Fuel Extreme are noticeable very fast and you will notice significant increases in energy as well aside from the fat loss.

Lean Fuel Extreme Dosage

You should take one capsule in the morning and one in the afternoon. Take 8oz of water with each and make sure you stay well hydrated in general while using. Do not use if you are under the legal age, pregnant, nursing or have any serious medical conditions. Consult your doctor before using if you are taking any sort of medication.

Lean Fuel Extreme Reviews

Here is what people are saying about Lean Fuel Extreme:

“After just a couple of weeks of taking Lean Fuel, I lost 7 lbs. and was able to fit into my “skinny” jeans again! I think this product is great, and it even helps you maintain your weight when you’re too busy to get to the gym. Thanks for such a great product!”

“After working on my diet, doing some cardio AND using this thermogenic fat burning formula, I went from a 35.5 inch waist to a 32 inch waist and from 18% body fat to 14% body fat.”

“A while back I ordered your Diet Product. After three weeks I lost 19 lbs, and thereafter I lost another 20 lbs in a 6 week period. Thank you!”

Lean Fuel Extreme Conclusion

If you have been bulking for a while or took some time off training which led to some fat building up, Lean Fuel Extreme is the exact product you need to get you back on track. Through thermogenic and stimulative properties, it will help you lose some serious fat quickly and get your muscles showing again.

You will start seeing serious results within a week and the longer you use it the more fat you should burn. This does not mean you can stop dieting and working out! On the contrary, the product does best while taken with a well-balanced diet and a good workout regimen, so remember to keep the three going at the same time for optimal results.

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Maximum Pump Extreme

Finding the right pre-workout formula may be the hardest part of organizing your supplementation regiment as there are just so many different types of pre-workouts to choose from. From stimulants to Creatines, from amino acids to NO boosters, there are dozens of different products being advertised as the best pre-workout formula.

The real answer is there is no single best formula out there. The product we are looking at today, Maximum Pump Extreme by IronMag Labs is a very complete formula however, with a number of different areas covered in one product. As such, it caught our attention and we decided we should give it a test and write up a review for you to give you a general idea of how effective the product is and whether you should give it a go.

Maximum Pump Extreme Ingredients

Maximum Pump Extreme is a very comprehensive formula holding a number of well-known and tested ingredients. That said, the product uses a proprietary blend, meaning the actual dosage of each of the ingredients is not disclosed.

What we do know is that a dose of Maximum Pump Extreme holds 9.000 mg of powder in total and that the powder is made up of ingredients such as Creatine Monohydrate, Beta Alanine, Taurine, Agmatine, Caffeine, Green Tea Extract, Citrulline Malate and several other ingredients displayed on the label.

This unique combination of Creatine, stimulants and amino acids truly promise to be a very potent blend, but the label alone is not a clear statement of anything in this case because the dosages are not displayed.

Here is the complete label with all the ingredients displayed:

Maximum Pump Extreme Supplement Facts
Maximum Pump Extreme Supplement Facts

Maximum Pump Extreme Benefits

Maximum Pump Extreme is a potent and multidimensional pre-workout formula with a number of different effects.

We found the label alone insufficient to tell how effective the product may be so we decided to try it ourselves. Even on first use, Extreme Pump Extreme showed great results as strength, endurance and most importantly pumps had all seen significant improvements. The stimulants in the product caused him to be focused on the workout and the other ingredients clearly allowed him to lif more and longer than normal. Our tester told us it was one of the finest formulas he had used and that he would absolutely use it again in the future.

Furthermore, we went and looked at other users’ testimonials and found them to be in agreement with our tester. Most people report significant increases in strength and endurance and very powerful pumps and improved blood flow. The pumps you will experience from Maximum Pump Extreme are unlike anything you have experienced in the past and likely to scare you a bit at first.

Maximum Pump Extreme Dosage

Mix one scoop of Maximum Pump Extreme with water some 20-30 minutes before a workout. Try using half a scoop at first to assess tolerance and do not use if you are under the legal age or experiencing any medical issues.

Potential side effects may on occasion include headaches, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat or dizziness. If these occur, discontinue use and consult your doctor. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

Maximum Pump Extreme Reviews

Here is what some of the people who used Maximum Pump Extreme had to say about the product:

“The Maximum Pump Extreme gives me a lot of energy but what I love about it is it’s not that jittery feeling you get with other Pre Workouts it’s just sustained energy throughout my entire workout so that’s a huge plus.”

“Max Pump is great. Always nice to have that extra edge while training.”

“Compared to Black Bombs, it's a hellava lot stronger stim-wise and easily got me through 1hr intense training and HIIT cardio – kept me alert until mid-morning, so were talking 6 hours.”

Maximum Pump Extreme Conclusion

From all the information we could gather, Maximum Pump Extreme is one of the best pre-workouts currently on the market. Coming from IronMag Labs, it is safe to say that despite using a proprietary blend, the product is likely very well dosed with main ingredients and all testimonials including our own testing suggest that the product absolutely holds up to its claims.

Through a number of amino acids, stimulants and other ingredients, Maximum Pump Extreme improves focus, strength, endurance and pumps, allowing you to train hard and get the wanted results in terms of mass gains and cutting. We recommend this product as one of the finest pre-workout formulas at a very reasonable price.

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Cycle Support and PCT

Relief RX

Running cycles of powerful SARMs and Prohormones and putting in lots of hard exercise can exert our bodies, leaving our muscles and joints in mild or even more severe pains on a regular basis. This is why cycle support supplements are made to help prevent or alleviate such symptoms.

Relief RX, as the name suggests is exactly one such product by IronMag Labs, designed to help prevent and heal minor pains and aches that can be caused by hard physical activity. Using a number of natural ingredients, IronMag Labs made up a supplement that is supposed to help keep you safe while running grueling Prohormone cycles.

We take a closer look at Relief RX to find out just how effective the formula is and whether it is worth spending money on.

Relief RX Ingredients

Relief RX combines a number of natural ingredients to alleviate the pains you may be experiencing. These include:

Bromalein: This enzyme comes from pineapple stems and has been recognized by German health authorities as a reliever of numerous issues that can be caused by injuries. The compound helps improve circulation and metabolize damaged protein.

Bacterial Protease: This compound is introduced to Relief RX in order to help the other ingredients work more efficiently. Namely it helps hydrolyze interior bonds of protein, which allows other ingredients in this formula to hydrolyze better.

Ginger Root Extract: This compound has long been known to help the body better deal with pains and injuries.

White Willow Bark: The herb contains Salicin which is a compound that can help the body fight the symptoms of overexertion.

Fungal Protease: Another proteolytic enzyme that breaks down and metabolizes damaged protein, it can have a serious effect on helping the body cope with pain as well as hydrolyze Hemoglobin and support better circulation.

Papain: A natural compound from Papaya fruit, Papain is another proteolytic enzyme that metabolizes damaged protein.

Devil’s Claw Root Extract: May be beneficial in reducing pains in lower back and other body parts caused by overexertion.

All the ingredients in Relief RX have passed at least some clinical testing and the combination of these is certain to have some effect on pain reduction. Here is the complete supplement label by IronMag Labs:

Relief RX Supplement Facts
Relief RX Supplement Facts

Relief RX Benefits

A new compound on the market, Relief RX is one yet to prove its full potential. The fact it is new means there is hardly any testimonies out there on its effectiveness, so all we could do is try it ourselves. Our in-house testing confirmed what we had suspected, and this is that Relief RX is good at exactly what it claims to do, relieving mild pains and aches.

This compound is no miracle drug and it will not make horrible pains go away, but the mild pains and discomfort caused by exercise and overexertion that often comes when we take Prohormones or SARMs and push our bodies to the limits can be alleviated using the product.

Coming at a reasonable price, we can say that Relief RX is certainly one of the supplements you should consider buying along with your Prohormones and SARMs in order to help keep your body pain free while running your cycles.

Relief RX Dosage

If you do decide to buy Relief RX, you should use one or two capsules with some food up to two times per day. Do not take more than 4 capsules per day and avoid taking if you are under the legal age or suffering from any serious medical problems.

One of the biggest recommendations for Relief RX comes from the fact it is manufactured by IronMag Labs, a reputable supplement manufacturer that makes a number of great products such as E-Control RX 2.0, C-Block RX, Advanced Cycle Support RX and many others.

The company has been in the business for a long time and has always managed to create some top notch supplements, so even though there is little testimonial out there regarding Relief RX specifically, you can be sure that IronMag Labs did not leave things down to chance nor would they put out a product without being sure it works.

Relief RX Conclusion

The most important thing to emphasize regarding Relief RX is the fact it is a mild product, designed to help alleviate mild symptoms of injury and overexertion. There are more potent products out there, but Relief RX is a 100% natural and safe product that will be sufficient in helping you get rid of exactly the type of pains you are most likely experiencing.

Coming from a reputable manufacturer and with our personal recommendation, Relief RX is a product everyone should try at least once during their Prohormone cycles.

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Muscle Builders

Nitro 4

How about we give Nitro 4 a closer look today and find out if it is really worth the purchase?

We all know that powerful pumps are very important for a productive workout. Pumps are necessary for the muscles to receive all the nutrients they need to work at 100%. However, we don’t develop the pumps until half way through the workout – if at all – in most cases.

Today we will be checking out Nitro 4 by IronMag Labs, a product created with the idea of boosting the amount of nitric oxide (NO) that reaches the muscles to help them grow and develop as much as possible.

Nitro 4 Ingredients

At its simplest, Nitro 4 contains four (4) ingredients that increase the synthesis of NO in the body to promote powerful muscle pumps. It is also designed to promote cell volumization in the muscles as well as enhance overall amino acid synthesis and uptake.

Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG): This ingredient is formed by the bonding of the amino acid Arginine with Alpha-Ketoglutarate. It has been known to greatly increase protein and amino acid synthesis as well as elevate levels of insulin and growth hormones.

Ornithine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (OKG): This has been seen as quite useful in keeping protein synthesis up to par and preventing the loss of nitric oxide.

Glutamine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (GKG): Preserves the levels of glutamine and taurine in the body that helps the transport of amino acid through the bloodstream, thus increasing muscle cell volume.

These ingredients work together to promote the synthesis of NO and take your pumps to a whole new level, which leads to more nutrients, amino acids and hormones being driven to your muscles.

Here is the entire supplement label by IronMag Labs:

Nitro 4 Supplement Facts

Nitro 4 Benefits

By combining a number of ingredients that help synthesize amino acids, NO and protein, IronMag Labs has succeeded in creating a versatile supplement that helps you achieve powerful pumps. This product also promotes the transport of all useful hormones and nutrients directly to your muscles.

Apart from receiving more nourishment than usual, your muscles will also be able to take more punishment in the gym and recover much faster after workouts. The resulting muscle growth should make even the most demanding bodybuilders very happy.

Moreover, we have personally tested this product and gathered positive results. We've also consulted a number of experts and users who have already tried it and they agree that Nitro 4 is one of the finest supplements for strong muscle pumps available on the market these days.

Nitro 4 Dosage

Take three (3) tablets of Nitro 4 some 30 minutes before working out on an empty stomach. Make sure you wash it down with lots of water. Take another 3 with meals at a later point in the day. It is important to take note that you should not take more than 6 tablets of this product in a 24-hour period.  Moreover, do not take Nitro 4 if you are under 21 years of age, pregnant, nursing or experiencing any medical issues.

Nitro 4 Reviews

Here are a few positive reviews from users about this product:

“I know there are tons of no2 formula supplements out there.. but I like to experiment with the lesser name brands because they usually perform just as well for a fraction of the price. My experience with nitro 4 oxide was almost identical if not a touch better to say nanox9 or mri no2.”


“This will be my third bottle to order I take 15 minutes before I train and I swell enormously throughout my workout. No side effects at all and my body reacts very well with this supplement compared to powders. No shakes or jitters and no crashing afterwards. Great work outs.”

Nitro 4 Conclusion

Nitric oxide supplements have been a staple of bodybuilding supplementation for a number of years. Nitro 4 is certainly one of the finer NO boosters we have ever had a chance to review. With nothing but positive user feedback, this product really seems to step up to the plate and deliver what it promises.

Coming at just $24.00 for a bottle of 90 tablets, the product will last you more or less a month at under $1.00 per day. This is definitely much more cost effective compared to many of its counterparts. We highly recommend giving it a shot. Don't forget to leave us reviews of the product if you end up trying it.

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Joint Support

Flex RX

Quite a few of us, especially as we age, experience some kind of joint pains and injuries. Intense exercise can lead to severe joint pains and the ripping of connective tissue and issues such as Osteoporosis, Arthritis and hip pain can all be extremely annoying and unsettling.

This is why IronMag Labs created Flex RX. The intention of this product is to help alleviate joint pain and repair damaged connective tissue thus improving the joint recovery time. For older people, it should help maintain the flexibility  of the joints, thus alleviating effects of Osteoporosis and similar conditions.

We take a closer look at Flex RX and discover just how well it works, what kind of ingredients it uses and if it’s worth a purchase.

Flex RX Ingredients

Flex RX contains several main ingredients whose only purpose is to help alleviate joint pains and rebuild damaged joints. These are:

Glucosamine: Cartilage is the connective tissue that builds up our joints. This tissue can get damaged in a number of ways and the role of Glucosamine in our body is to help make cartilage stronger and resistant. Glucosamine supplementation has long been recommended for people suffering from Osteoporosis, Arthritis and other joint problems.

Chondroitin: A fairly well studied compound, Chondroitin has been shown by numerous studies to be able to help reverse cartilage loss caused by any number of reasons. Whether it is the shock of exercise or old age related issues, Chondroitin supplementation will help with most joint pains and loss of cartilage.

Methylsulfonylmethane: Or MSM as it is called, is a sulfur based compound present in our normal diets and shown to be effective in preventing muscle and joint pains. MSM has a wide range of effects including the inhibition of pain impulses, reduction of inflammations and softening of scar tissues.

Here is the complete supplement label from IronMag Labs detailing the ingredients:

Flex RX Supplement Facts
Flex RX Supplement Facts

IFlex RX Benefits

This kind of a supplement is not easy to test in house so our best bet is to look at the label and other users’ testimonials. Looking at the label we see three high quality and medical grade compounds that are used by actual doctors to help their patients who are experiencing joint pains or Osteoporosis and Arthritis. These are well dosed in Flex RX, making the product’s claims much more substantiated.

Unfortunately, we were not able to find much user feedback on this product as it is relatively new, but even just going on the label alone and the fact it comes at such an affordable price, we must say the product shows great promise and if you have joint issues, you should give it a try.

Flex RX Dosage

For those who decide to try Flex RX, the product will come in a container of 200 capsules, with 5 capsules per serving to be taken. You can take the capsules with some water and the product will last you 40 days in total if taken daily.

Flex RX Warnings and Side Effects

None of the ingredients in Flex RX are related to any serious side effects. That said, you should always be careful and consult a doctor if any do arise when taking the product. The product is meant for adults only, so do not take it if you are under the legal age. If you are experiencing any type of serious medical issues, contact your doctor before using it.

Flex RX Conclusion

Flex RX is a solid formula based on several well tested ingredients with clinical trials confirming their effectiveness. While there is little conclusive evidence on the effects of this particular formula, all evidence suggests it is a solid product for repairing damaged joints and alleviating the effects of Osteoporosis and Arthritis as well as exercise caused joint traumas.

We recommend giving it a go and ask you to leave your reviews of this product as feedback from you is what makes us better.

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Fat Burners

Lean Fuel V2

Muscle Builders

Prohydrolase RX

We're going to take a closer look at ProHydrolase RX this time to find out how effective this product is and what kind of a difference it will make when you include it in your supplement arsenal.

If you're anything like most bodybuilder, chances are you're using some kind of supplementing with some kind of protein and amino to boost muscle growth and development. Now while you may be loading up on protein as much as you can, there's a chance that your body isn't absorbing it properly.

This is where supplements like ProHydrolase RX get in the picture. At its simplest, this product is designed to increase the body's protein and amino acid uptake to make sure that they are actually assimilated by the system when you load up on them.

Prohydrolase RX Ingredients

The capsules contain the proprietary ProHydrolase compound as its active ingredient. This compound is clinically proven to help build muscle mass by increasing the absorption and uptake of essential amino acids and protein. It has also been seen to help combat stomach issues that can be set off by regularly ingesting big amounts of protein.

Here is the complete supplement label:

Prohydrolase RX Supplement Label
Prohydrolase RX Supplement Label

Prohydrolase RX Benefits

Perhaps the biggest reason why we need to supplement with protein when we're looking to sculpt our ideal physique is that it provides a constant dose of muscle-building essential amino acids that our body is not able to produce on its own.

However, protein needs to be broken down into small particles first in order to get to these essential amino acids. If this does not occur in time, the remaining protein can create large peptides that can cause side effects like bloating and nausea. This is why it is essential that protein digestion is improved to the best possible level.

ProHydrolase RX is designed with this particular goal in mind.

There is no doubt that ProHydrolase works, as the compound has undergone rigorous clinical testing and passed with flying colors. This product helps you absorb more protein and amino acids than you normally would.

Prohydrolase RX Dosage

You should consume 1 or 2 capsules of ProHydrolase RX with every high protein meal you load up on. Keep in mind not to consume more than 6 capsules in one day. Both men and women can use this gluten-free product. What's really interesting is this product has no known side effects.

Prohydrolase RX Conclusion

ProHydrolase RX untangles an issue that many of us don't have a clue that they're already experiencing from it. You may very well be consuming tons of protein, but your body is only absorbing an extremely small amount of it.

Additionally, eating large amounts of protein can possibly cause stomach bloating, cramping and other issues. ProHydrolase RX can help alleviate these common problems triggered by high-protein diets so you won't be disrupted from your ultimate goal: achieving the body that you've always dreamed of.

Best of all, a container of ProHydrolase RX comes at only $29.99, a reasonable price for a product that will significantly increase the potency of any protein powder you may be using.

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Fat Burners

7-Keto RX

The fat loss supplements nowadays are 90% stimulant based products that increase your will to work out and in combination with some thermogenics tend to help you shed the fat by performing insane amounts of cardio and other exercise.

Today we look at something different. 7-Keto RX by IronMag Labs is a product based on 7-Keto DHEA, a naturally occurring metabolite of DHEA that boosts you metabolism and helps reduce fat and Cortisol levels without many of the known side effects of fat burners.

We take a look at 7-Keto RX to find out just how effective it is and what you can expect when running it.

7-Keto RX Ingredients

The only active ingredient in 7-Keto RX is 7-Keto DHEA, the natural metabolite of DHEA. This hormone is present in our bodies at all times and it is responsible for metabolizing fatty acids and carbs we consume. As we grow older, the amount of 7-Keto DHEA in our bodies diminishes, often leading to fat gains as the carbs and fats we eat are harder to process.

7-Keto DHEA supplementation is a great way to make sure your metabolism is working at 100% or higher and a very nice way of reducing body fat without pumping yourself full of stimulants. Stims can still be used in combination with 7-Keto RX and the combination of the two should produce the best results.

Here is the complete supplement label:

7-Keto Supplement Facts
7-Keto Supplement Facts

7-Keto RX Dosage

Consume a single capsule of 7-Keto RX per day with a meal. Do not exceed this dosage unless so instructed by a doctor. Do not use if you are under the age of 18 or suffering from any serious medical issues.

7-Keto RX Benefits

7-Keto DHEA has been subjected to quite a few medical trials and has been proven to help in the reduction of body fat in multiple ways. First of all, the product improves the metabolism, meaning more fats and carbs that you eat will be transformed into energy instead of fat, which is always a great way to reduce fat gains.

Furthermore, 7-Keto DHEA combats Cortisol, which is a the stress management hormone in our body. Having too much Cortisol in your body will diminish any fat burning efforts as the hormone will promote protein breakdown and inhibit the uptake of amino acids, so it is crucial to keep it at bay. This product does a great job of keeping your Cortisol levels in check.

7-Keto RX does not contain any stimulants and on top of burning fat and controlling Cortisol, it will also help improve your immune system in a significant way and make your muscle recovery faster after workouts. These are some great extra effects which have been known with other 7-Keto DHEA products in the past.

At the price of $39.00 for a 45 day supply, the product comes at under $1 per day, which is fantastic value for a formula that may potentially end up helping you shed tens of pounds. Personally I am fairly impressed by 7-Keto RX and would highly recommend it to bodybuilders and casuals alike.

7-Keto RX Reviews

Here is what some of the users of 7-Keto DHEA had to say about this potent fat burner:

“I had never tired this supplement before but I love it. I have no reactions to it and it really does melt my belly fat…lol…as long as I don't over eat. I've only lost about 3 pounds in the past couple of weeks but everyone thinks I've lost 10 or more because my belly has gone down so much. Love it!”

“I'm a bodybuilder and it helps raise your metabolic rate to shed skin fat. Don't expect miracles if you don't exercise and don't take it at night before bed. You won't be able to sleep well. It helps but it is not a one pill solution.”

“I have used this product for many years. It really works for my body in several important ways. It has extended my youthful appearance. It has help support my immune system and it has helped with other physical concerns.”

Here is a video review of 7-Keto RX:

7-Keto RX Conclusion

A potent compound already found in our bodies, 7-Keto DHEA will help you shed fat by metabolizing carbs and fats better and faster, keep your Cortisol levels in check and improve your immune system and muscle recovery.

We recommend 7-Keto RX for everyone who is experiencing any issues with body fat or Cortisol and must reiterate the value of the product as 45 capsules come at only $39.00 which is a steal for such an effective product.

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Super R-Andro RX

Super R-Andro RX asserts that it can help take your dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels up a notch when you include it in your checklist of supplements. Let's give this product a closer look in this review, shall we?

If you're looking to get ripped like one of the guys from the magazines, but without the estrogen buildups sooner or later, there's a new prohormone that promises to deliver both for a very reasonable price: Super R-Andro RX from IronMag Labs.

Super R-Andro RX is based on Androsterone, a potent reduced form of DHEA and endogenous steroid hormone that converts into DHT when metabolized by the body. Having a spike in DHT levels makes you more aggressive, stronger and more eager to pump iron.

And since we already know that Androsterone works quite well, we decided to have a look at this particular product to find out if it deserves to be on your list of supplements to get your hands on.

Super R-Andro RX Ingredients

The active ingredient of Super R-Andro RX is Androsterone or 3a-enanthoxy-5a-androstan-17-one as it is chemically known, which is a type of endogenous steroid hormone and reduced form of DHEA. A capsule of Super R-Andro RX contains 100mg of this potent prohormone that converts into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in your system.

DHT is the hormone that gives us many of our masculine traits, which also includes aggression, strength and sex drive. It's also proven that increasing the amount of DHT in your body is guaranteed to promote significant gains in muscle mass.

Here is the complete supplement label:

Super R-Andro RX Supplemet Facts

Super R-Andro RX Dosage

Super R-Andro RX is a prohormone and should be cycled properly. When cycling this prohormone, it is recommended that you take your first dose in the morning and the second one after 8 hours. Keep in mind to take your doses with water and make sure not to take more than the two (2) capsules per day. The standard cycle runs about 4 to 6 weeks and should be followed by a break of a similar period.

Super R-Andro RX is a potent prohormone and you should see significant gains from running a cycle.

Unlike testostrerone, the DHT that is produced when you use this product does not convert to estrogen. This means that none of the nasty estrogen-related side effects like gyno or loss of libido are to be expected. It also means that you do not need to use an aromatase inhibitor when you're cycling with this prohormone.

However, IronMag Labs recommends using a cycle support supplement like Advanced Cycle Support RX. Having a post cycle therapy after is also crucial to make sure that your organs are protected at all times and your hormones go back to their ideal levels after cycling.

For even more muscle gains, IronMag Labs suggests stacking Super R-Andro RX along with Super 4-Andro RX.

Super R-Andro RX Side Effects

Super R-Andro RX is non-methylated and does not convert to estrogen. This means that none of the common issues that arise from prohormone cycles should be a problem with this one, but cycle support is still recommended just in case.

Using the product has been known to produce powerful back pumps, which can lead to some pains. Again, this is not an issue that you should worry about too much because it is just something that comes along with the territory.

It is important to take note, though, that you should not use this product if you are under the age of 21 or experiencing any serious medical condition. Consult your physician if any side effects occur or if you have questions about whether you should use this product.

Super R-Andro RX Reviews

Here are some feedback from users about Super R-Andro RX:

“Got the product in two days. Gains have been good. Looking more ripped than anything. Reminds me sort of 1-andro with how I feel. Overall liking it so far!”

“Today is 2 weeks on R-Andro. What have I noticed since taking it. Strength is definitely up. I weighed myself last night and I am up 5lbs since I started. The biggest thing I noticed is I feel more pumped. Veins in arms and now even in my shoulders! Never had that before.”

“At the end of the 8 weeks I only had a net gain of 5lbs, but there was a tremendous difference in the mirror. Definitely a solid recomp supplement.”

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Super R-Andro RX Conclusion

Based from our experience using Super R-Andro RX ourselves and from other people who have already given it a go, we can say that this is one very solid prohormone. The androsterone is well-dosed in the capsules and comparing the price of the product with its effectiveness really makes Super R-Andro RX a smart pick. At just $64.99 you will be able to cycle the product for a full month and enjoy its benefits.

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