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Since its first appearance on supplement market, Redcon1 has been recognized as one of the best on it. It is the brand that takes care of its customers’ needs which paid them off in five-star reviews. Thing such as that is nothing but a perfect reason to try some of their products, you can be sure you won’t go wrong with any them.

MRE, in military known as Meal Ready-to-Eat, is definitely one of those products you don’t want to try and surely among the best products in Redcon1’s assortment. This meal replacement with some fancy flavors such as Sweet Potato Pie and Blueberry Cobbler is the right way to give you nutrients which will help your muscles to repair and recover.

Made from natural ingredients from whole food sources, real protein, and no whey, it is the best reason why not to go dwell in fast foods and to get this product.


Ideal for athletes and non-athletes, Halo also helps to increase muscle size and enhance muscle mass. Improving strength and definition, Halo one of a kind. Unlike leading hormonal anabolic supplements, Halo produces the same results of traditional anabolic products without influencing the hormones.

Free of harmful side effects, Halo is designed to help push the body beyond its limits and allow users to increase muscle mass, endurance, recovery, and weight loss. Most gym rats would definitely want to know the bottom line of this Halo review and what the ingredients’ benefits and side effects could be.

What is Halo?

HALO is a supplement made from a combination of natural ingredients that assist muscle builders to gain muscles and transform their body. It is designed for both men and women, who engage themselves in serious training and workouts as it helps them to achieve the best from such intense exercises and put their bodies in good physique. RedCon1 HALO gives you a long lasting powerful energy that enables you to perform best in your workouts and go beyond your limits.

HALO is produced from a list of ingredients that work best to pump muscle formation thus increasing your masculine and endurance all through the exercises.


Weight issues plague nearly every man and woman, this is because when we do not get adequate exercise, our bodies are unable to synthesize the nutrition that we have consumed and convert it into a suitable energy form. Thus, it is important that we consume certain special ingredients that not only help us metabolize our food faster but also help us get rid of excess fat accumulations.

This means that users can naturally get rid of their fat deposits without having to put themselves through rigorous dieting and intense exercise.

A key aspect of today’s fat burners is that they function naturally without the use of any heavy chemical additives, a majority of supplements use either thermogenic compounds or use substances that naturally suppress our appetites and reduce the conversion rate of glycogen into triglycerides and lipids. The use of this product review is to let you know everything about the product, how it works, what the ingredients are and so much more. So, read on.

What is Silencer?

Silencer has been described as a weight loss tool that follows a ‘nonthermogenic path’ to help users shed all of their excess weight and help them achieve their desired physique and body structure. All of the added components are natural, and the key active agents are essential amino acids which are easily broken down by our bodies and are highly desirable by our muscles for optimal energy and power release.

All of the added components also come backed with scientific studies, hence users can check them out and see if the supplement is right for them or not.

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Whoever lifted a weight at least twice in his or her life, s/he knows that the muscles hurt afterwards. It is imperative to have a recovery plan for every work out there, but some people just don’t have the time to cook after coming from the gym. That is why recovery supplements exist, to help the trainee’s muscles recover as much as possible.

But today we are taking a look at a product that actually helps you in both the recovery process and the overall performance.

Let’s see if Breach Ballistic is actually that good as everyone says.

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One of the most important things when it comes to successful training regimens is to know how to use your supplements. It is extremely important to stay hydrated as well and it goes without saying that the levels of amino acids must be fully controlled.

Because of all of those reasons we are taking a look at a product that helps your amino acid levels, keeps you hydrated and gets your body easily recovered after a hard training session.

Today we look at Breach, a product by Redcon1 which uses a powerful BCAA blend to help you recover your mucsles and keep you hydrated and fit. Let’s find out just how good it is.


I am sure you all know that stacking more products is usually better than using them one by one. This is true in some other spheres of life such as mental supplements which function even better when paired together. The slogan for this stack is “It’s called the WWIII Stack for a reason – because it’s going to change life as you know it.” This is a very powerful statement and it’s completely justified considering how successful and useful this stack is.

But still, Redcon1 made sure all 3 products are extremely well-made and offer a unique blend of effects, all of which will greatly improve your overall phisique. WIth this being said, I would like to move on to the next part of this article, in which we will dissect this stack so you understand why it’s so good.