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Are you having a hard time handling the stress and anxiety caused by the everyday problems at work, school or other areas of life? Do you need to be more focused and calm and increase your mental acuity to let you better manage your affairs? Fortunately, there may be a solution.

Phenibut XT is a drug created by SNS, designed to reduce stress and anxiety, improve the mood and make you more sociable as well as help calm you down and put you to sleep, without sedating you too hard. This all sounded a bit farfetched to us, so we decided this is a drug we should test and make up or own mind.

This Phenibut XT review was made to help you better understand the drug and decide for yourself if it is a product worth buying.

Phenibut XT Ingredients

Phenibut XT only contains one compound, Phenibut. This compound was designed back in the 60’s to increase GABA activity in the brain and its effects include reduction of stress, promotion of sleep and calmness and improvement in sociability and mood.

Phenibut XT Supplement Facts

Phenibut XT Benefits

Phenibut XT is a product which can be helpful in many different scenarios. For instance, it can help people with anxiety disorders whose neurons are overstimulated by decreasing the level of stimulation and making the more calm and able to shut off their minds.

Additionally, Phenibut XT is a product that can help with social disorders and help you get along with people better without getting cranky or wanting to leave the conversation. You will basically feel more at peace and your mood should be elevated to the point where you can handle whatever is thrown your way.

We have personally tested the drug and must say that after very short use we already saw reasonable results in all the aspects it promises. Even more trustworthy have to be the countless testimonials on the web regarding Phenibut XT, most of which go in favor of the product being an absolute miracle for people who need to calm their minds and reduce the stress and anxiety caused by their everyday lives.

While we were personally not able to test its effect in cases of insomnia, multiple testimonials we found go in favor of the product greatly increasing one’s ability to calm their brain and fall asleep when needed. That said, the product does not simply shut you down like sleeping pills, but rather puts your brain to peace enough to be able to sleep naturally.

Phenibut XT Dosage

Phenibut XT contains 500 mg of Phenibut per capsule. It is recommended to take one or two such capsules per day. You may take it whenever really, but taking it in the morning will be good to give you enhanced mood and sociability throughout the day while in the evening it should help you calm enough to fall asleep. Make sure you don’t go too hard with this product as it may cause slight addiction and cause side effects if you take too much.

Phenibut XT Reviews

Here are some of the testimonials we could find regarding the effectiveness of Phenibut XT:

“Everytime I have trouble sleeping, I take two of these and within an hour or so; I am knocked out! At first I would wake up a little groggy, but now I wake up feeling great.”

“Incredible, works really well the first few times you take it! I would take 4 grams on an empty stomach, wait 1-2 hours, and it would kick in. The rest of the day = golden no matter what, especially good if in social situations. Don't drink too much though with it, you may regret it!”

“Phenibut lets you live in the moment and pay full attention to “now” instead of getting anxious about little irritating things.”

Here is a video review of the product as well:

Phenibut XT Side Effects

Unfortunately, overuse of Phenibut XT can cause some side effects, and the product can also have various negative effects on various people.

As you can see, there are quite a few things that can possibly go wrong with Phenibut XT, but these are definitely exceptions rather than the rules. The one thing you do need to keep an eye out for is to not overdose it or take too often as the drug is pretty potent and may cause slight addiction and withdrawal symptoms if you decide to stop using after using too much. What we are saying is, take Phenibut XT responsibly.

Phenibut XT Conclusion

After carefully analyzing all the aspects of Phenibut XT, we can say with certainty that this product is by no means a placebo and it will surely have positive effects on your mental health and mood. That said the product is to be taken responsibly as taking too much can cause side effects and addiction.

Take one or two capsules per day and you will see elevated mood, decreased stress and anxiety and a sense of calm and peace take over you. You will be able to sleep better and socialize more, making you a better person overall.

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Muscle Builders


If you are into bodybuilding supplements, you know by now that Estrogen is the one hormone that can negate much of the positives you receive from pumping up your Testosterone. In fact Estrogen completely negate the gains you make at the gym and make you look and feel bloated and not very masculine at all.

This is why aromatase inhibitors are often required for men to reach their maximum potential and Inhibit-E by SNS is exactly one such product. Today we take a look at the compounds that make up Inhibit-E with the intention of determining if this product is true to its claims.

Inhibit-E Ingredients

Inhibit-E contains several compounds which are designed to work together to eliminate Estrogen conversion and make you feel and look more masculine. The compounds include:

Olive Leaf Extract: Used for decreasing blood pressure and Insulin control, Olive Leaf Extract has recently become a commonly used compounds in various types of bodybuilding supplements.

Brassaiopsis Glomerulata: One of the most powerful natural Aromatase inhibitors, this plant is commonly used in Test boosters and Estrogen inhibitors and has been proven to get the job done.

Indole-3-Carbinol: This potent compound has undergone many clinical trials which have proven it to possess anti Estrogen properties and alter Estrogen metabolism. The compound has been suggested to also fight cancer cells, especially in the cases of cancers related to Estrogen such as breast cancer.

Hesperidin: Found in citrus fruit like lemons, Hesperidin is a powerful antioxidant which has been proven to reduce blood pressure and Cholesterol levels in animals as well as serve as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Abieta-8,11,13-trien-18-oic acid: Also known as Dehydroabietic Acid or DHAA, the compound has shown powerful anti-Estrogen properties on top of the fact it promotes the production of adiponectin which is a protein related to weight loss.

Broussonetia Papyrifera: Another potent antioxidant, this compound also has shown to help reduce Estrogen conversion, making it a valuable addition to the Inhibit-E formula.

Inhibit-E Benefits

It is rare to see a supplement rank highly in almost all areas and with pretty much every tester out there, but when looking at Inhibit-E, we must say we were truly impressed. The product not only shows impressive label but has been confirmed to do miracles over and over again.

From increased energy and libido to actual gains in size and strength, Inhibit-E has proven to be one of the finest Aromatase inhibitors out there, along with various other properties. Not only will it allow your prohormones or Test boosters to properly work their magic without the annoying Estrogen conversion, but it will generally make you feel better about yourself as you lift more and gain more.

The product also comes at a ridiculously great value, with a 90 capsule bottle coming at just $21.75 if you buy it through us.

Inhibit-E Dosage

Take one capsule three times per day with or without meals. Make sure not to use Inhibit-E for more than 8 weeks without taking a break. Take a one month break after two weeks of using. Not meant for persons under the age of 18.

Inhibit-E Reviews

Here is what people have to say about Inhibit-E:

“It’s the best value for this type of product does what is says highly recommend”.

“I like it. Made me look leaner and also libido is up without too much joint pain. Ingredients are good for the price and there is no “proprietary blend” crap.”

“This stuff works I did a blood panel my estrogen level was 60 ,took this product 3x a day for 4 weeks , took the blood panel again my estrogen levels where Down to -50 , my total testosterone level went up from 430 to 470 !!!! I'm a believer.”

Inhibit-E Conclusion

Estrogen surplus can be a real problem when using a whole plethora of bodybuilding supplements, and Aromatase inhibitors are necessary to keep it under control. When it comes to such products, in both value and effectiveness Inhibit-E seems to suppress most others. At just $21.75 per bottle, which will last you a month, you will get top notch Estrogen inhibition and this product should be on the top of your shopping list if you are taking anything that lifts up your Testosterone levels at all. Highly recommended.

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Weight Loss


Serious Nutrition Solutions has been on the forefront of bodybuilding and athletic supplements market for many years and today we will be looking at one of their products, Reduce XT. As the name suggests, Reduce XT is a Fat Burning formula, designed to help those with excess fat shed it and replace it with lean muscle.

Reduce XT comes in capsule form and the formula inside each capsule is made to help you remove fat deposits and replace them with long lasting, lean muscle mass that will come through the enhanced energy and strength the product promises. Let’s have a look at the contents first.

Reduce XT Ingredients

Reduce XT uses a proprietary blend of 50mg per capsule called simply the Reduce XT proprietary blend. The blend contains 7-alpha-hydroxy-dehydoepiandrosterone and 7-beta-hydroxy-dehydoepiandrosterone, which are both very good at blocking Cortisol and acting as Anti-Catabolics, meaning the lean muscle you gain should stick.

The supplement label is very simple on this one and the only question that remains is whether or not these compounds actually work as intended.

Reduce XT Benefits

Obviously, we need to know if the compounds work and in the case of Reduce XT the answer is absolutely yes. The product works miracles in decreasing your appetite, reducing Cortisol levels and preventing muscle deterioration while burning off excess fat and keeping you lean and fit.

If customer testimonials are anything to go by, many people have compared it to steroids in potency and the results gained from it have been evident with pretty much every person who has used it.

The best thing about may be the fact it comes so cheap, and you will end up shedding fat without spending exorbitant amounts of money buying heavily marketed products that barely work or are placebo altogether. This product by SNS does what it promises and then some.

Reduce XT Dosage

Reduce XT comes as capsules and is meant to be taken in doses of one or two capsules up to three times per day. For best results take the first dose in the morning, your second dose pre workout and your final dose before going to bed. This way the product will remain effective throughout the day and night and will keep working its magic all day long.

Reduce XT Reviews

Here are the testimonials of some of the customers who have had the chance to give Reduce XT a try themselves:

“I currently use this in a stack which my coach at formulated for me along with several other products from SNS. This product is fantastic and as always I will recommend SNS products to everyone. Thank you for another great product.”

“I am usually a hungry person and this made me less of a hungry person. This helped me limit my eating and if I was working I would not be as hungry.”

“If you’re looking to lower cortisol on a budget, then this is the product to get. Works just as well as others in the same category at usually a lower price point. Worked in lower my overall body weight, controlling bloat and helping lose those extra few pounds.”

Reduce XT Conclusion

Lower Cortisol levels, less appetite and fewer pounds is what many companies advertise with their products, but for many products, advertisement is the only place it happens. In the case of Reduce XT we can tell you this is not so, as the product actually works really well in all of the aspects it promises and does indeed help you transform excess fat into new lean body mass.

While we do not promise any kind of miracles, we can promise you a steady and clean loss of fat and gain of new pounds of muscle, provided you keep working out and we can promise you will not regret buying Reduce XT. The best part about it is that you can now buy a 90 capsule container for just $25.95, down from the original $54.95, for a massive discount!

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Muscle Builders


When running cycles of popular prohormones such as Trenavar, you run the risk of your Prolactin levels jumping through the roof. Prolactin is a hormone that has very negative implications for men and can cause all sorts of side effects which you will certainly want to avoid.

This is why SNS came out with their Inhibit-P formula, which is designed with one main function; to inhibit the production of Prolactin in your body and make sure you never have to worry about the nasty Prolactin related side effects ever again.

Inhibit-P Ingredients

There are three key ingredients in Inhibit-P and they are Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate (P5P), Vitex Agnus Castus and Mucuna Pruriens.

Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate (P5P): is a form of Vitamin B6 which helps with the synthesis of Dopamine, which plays a significant role in the inhibition of Prolactin release.

Vitex Agnus Castus: The fruits and seeds of this plant are used for a whole variety of health related uses and recent studies have determined that this plant’s compounds have a significant impact on the release of Prolactin, inhibiting it nearly as much as Dopamine.

Mucuna Pruriens: This tropical bean is often found in all sorts of bodybuilding supplements, helping with  joint soreness, muscle pains and stimulating blood flow. The compounds found within also contain L-Dopa which converts to Dopamine and in turn inhibits the release of Prolactin.

Here is the complete supplement label with all the ingredients:

Inhibit-P Benefits

Heightened Prolactin levels in men can cause all types of nasty side effects such as sensitive nipples, man breasts and other similar issues. Basically the hormone will feminize you in many ways and you want to avoid the release of too much of it into your system.

This is easily said, but certain prohormones tend to stimulate the production of this hormone along with the ones you actually want in your body, which means that when you are running such cycles, or during PCT you will need something to inhibit the release of Prolactin.

Inhibit-P comes from SNS, a well-respected supplement manufacturer who has always delivered top notch products. The product has received praise from many users who have used it after or during Tren cycles and does quite clearly inhibit the release of Prolactin at a significant level.

Inhibit-P Dosage

Inhibit-P comes in 60 capsule containers. Taking one capsule once or twice per day, with a meal, should be enough for anyone. The product can be taken during cycles or with your PCT after cycles that tend to promote Prolactin release.

Inhibit-P Reviews

Here are some of the comments we could find from others regarding Inhibit-P:

“A must if you are using Tren to avoid the nasty side effects (gyno). Be on the safe side and take this. I generally start taking it a few days before I start my cycle (pre-loading).”

“Used while on a cycle of Tren along with estro strike and all soreness, puffiness, and even small lump or build up went away.”

“I tried another product and I think this one works better for me. These are capsules which should dissolve faster than a pill.”

Inhibit-P Conclusion

If you are going to run a Tren cycle than you should absolutely consider buying Inhibit-P to go along with it. The product will help immensely to inhibit the release of Prolactin into your system and in turn it will help you grow the way you want to without the nasty unwanted side effects.

You will want to start loading up on Inhibit-P early, a few weeks into your cycle and this way you will likely avoid any Prolactin related sides all together. We recommend this product highly for both its reputation and the clearly powerful ingredients composition.

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With so many kids nowadays taking products like Adderall, it is good to see nutrition companies coming up with more natural, safer and legal alternatives. We are talking brain activity enhancement here, which is always touchy, but there are certainly some solid products that do just this out there.

Today we look at Focus XT, a mood enhancer by Serious Nutrition Solutions, a solid supplement company that tries to make quality products and sell them at affordable prices, which is always commendable. Does Focus XT really work? Let’s have a look!

Focus XT Ingredients

The first question that always pops to mind when talking dietary supplements is, what’s on the label? The Focus XT label has a number of ingredients in it designed to improve focus, mental clarity, mood and willpower. Choline Bitartrate for instance is known as a memory enhancer, while Caffeine is one of the most common stimulants available today.

DMAE in Focus XT works to improve memory and concentration, L-Tyrosine is used to increase alertness and energy levels and Huperzine A is another memory enhancer that has been used by physicians to help patients with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Finally, Vinpocetine in Focus XT is a compound that increases the blood flow to the brain, which in turns should help with brain function. While this compound has not yet been fully verified as one that works, promising studies have been done with it that suggest it helps patients with disorders like Alzheimer’s Disease.

Focus XT Benefits

The problem with stimulant based products can often be that they cause more harm than good. According to various sources however, this is not the case with Focus NT. First of all, this product has two purposes. On the one hand you can use it to simply improve your work productivity, which has been confirmed by many testimonials. Secondly, you can use this product as a pre-workout and while there are certainly other pre-workout formulas that do a better job in that, this one also helps at the gym.

Since the product is confirmed to help boost concentration and focus, it should do the trick for both these areas. Furthermore, the product is pretty cheap and tastes good, without leaving any nasty aftertaste in your mouth.

The negative side of the product is that it may cause some minor side effects like insomnia or heightened blood pressure, but if you don’t overdo it with Focus NT, you should be fine. Finally, DMAE in it is illegal in some countries like Canada, which means it may be hard to buy or order in those countries and we can’t recommend doing that anyway.

Focus XT Dosage

You can use Focus XT in a variety of ways. If it is energy and focus during workouts you are looking for, than take the product some 30-45 minutes before you hit the gym. If you want to improve your cognitive function for tasks like learning or work, take it before those tasks. For most people half a scoop should start doing the trick, with one scoop being sufficient. For pre-workout efficiency, you may want to go up to a whole 2 scoops depending on your size.

Focus XT Reviews

Here are a few of the testimonials we could find supporting this product:

“I really like this stuff, I take it roughly every day I have class or go to work, It’s not some super concentrating powder, but if you take it regularly, you will slowly notice the effects, it puts me in a more than happy mood and whenever I feel like reading I can just read and don't have to turn off all other noises or go somewhere quiet.”

“Nothing but positive things to say about focus XT. Mental clarity, focus, improved muscular coordination, and an overall better workout. The tastes are spot on, and the product is subtle but very effective. I highly recommend giving a try, for bodybuilders and academics alike.”

“Try this stuff out you will not be disappointed!”

Focus XT Conclusion

While there are plenty of companies out there promising you “Limitless” pills and miracle drugs, Focus XT by SNS is actually something that makes sense and actually works. The product provides energy, focus and clarity and many people have reported it improving their results in the gym and at the office. The best part is Focus XT is cheap, so you will have the chance to try it without spending much to find out if it works. We recommend to anyone, whether you are a student, a lawyer or a hardcore bodybuilder.

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Are you finding it hard to keep your focus, remember things or keep a healthy and positive attitude. If so, nootropics may be what you are looking for. These supplements are designed specifically to help you increase your mental acuity and function and today we are presenting exactly one such product.

Noopept XT by SNS is a product based on Noopept, a proline containing dipeptide that was designed specifically to be used for use in Nootropics, as its name suggests. This supplement promises various cognitive benefits including improved motivation, focus, mood and less mental fatigue.

So let us have a look inside the bottle and find out how Noopept works and what it does.

Noopept XT Ingredients

Each capsule of Noopept XT contains 10 mg of N-Phenylacetyl-L-Prolylglycine Ethyl Ester, the active ingredient of the supplement. This compound, also known as Noopept is a powerful mental function enhancer and is meant to provide all the effects of Noopept XT. Here is the complete product label with all the extra ingredients:

Noopept XT Benefits

When it comes to Nootropics, there is always a lot of talk as to whether they even work. The answer is, some do and others do not. Some companies sell pills that are basically placebo while other compounds are truly powerful. Some come with side effects and others do not.

When it comes to Noopept XT specifically, we are talking about a compound that mostly affects memory and learning. In this sense it seems to really work well as it increases levels of nerve growth factor and has other relevant effects to the learning process. Users have also reported better memory and faster learning while on Noopept XT.

Another area where Noopept XT seems to show quite a bit of potency is anxiety alleviation. Both clinical trials and anecgdotal reports seem to prove that Noopept truly influences the amount of anxiety one experiences, and using this drug has the potential to help those who have anxiety issues.

The product has also been reported to help with focus and mood but these are not major areas where it does its best work.

Noopept XT Side Effects

When it comes to side effects of Noopept XT, there don’t seem to be too many to speak of. One major side effect that people experience is headaches caused by Chloine depletion, but this can be reversed by using Chloine supplementation alongside the product. When taken in reasonable doses, Noopept XT is not very toxic either and should not have any long term side effects. Taken at immensely greater doses than recommended, the product can cause hallucinations or other psychic effects, but this is only when taken completely out of control.

Noopept XT Reviews

Here is what a few of the customers had to say about Noopept XT:

“The noopept seems legitimate, is pretty potent.Personally, I only experienced central and peripheral stimulation, but no noticeable effect on memory, attention, or anxiety. I will try another cycle of my noopept, when my life isn't so hectic. I would recommend this despite my experience.”

“If you want some brain boost, noopept is good for you.”

“Very effective – I would recommend everyone try this if you’re looking for a nootropic to help focus, motivation, and brain fog for studying. Noticeable improvements.”

Noopept XT Conclusion

If you are looking for a mild, balanced, yet effective nootropic for a reasonable price, than Noopept XT is the product you were on the lookout for. It is bound to help you with memory and recall and will help combat social anxiety and somewhat improve your mood and attitude.

The product is safe and with very few side effects and uses a well-known and clinically tested compound which has proven to be a powerful brain enhancer in a variety of products. We recommend this nootropic but as with most products only trying it will truly tell you what kind of effects it will have on you. Thankfully, you can get it at a significant discount using a link below and have a try yourself.

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