5 Simple Ways to Maximize Your Creatine Benefits

Do you know how to maximize your creatine benefits? This peptide molecule is no doubt one of the most popular products in the bodybuilding world these days and chances are you’ve got this one in your arsenal of supplements as well.

Now while creatine has become quite an icon among bodybuilders for the key benefits that it can promote, namely boosting brain function, picking up the pace on overall recovery as well as helping take muscle size and strength gains up a notch, there are still people who still think this supplement is a sham.

So do you really know how to maximize your creatine benefits?

If you consider yourself as a non-responder to creatine and on the verge of completely swearing it off on your supplement checklist, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll give you a quick on rundown on the possible mistakes that you may be making that are preventing you from really maximizing the benefits of this product. Make sure you follow along to find out what these are.

Maximize Your Creatine Benefits Mistake #1: You rely on your pre-workout to give you the dose you need.

It’s not uncommon to see creatine as an ingredient in most pre-workouts these days. However, you won’t be getting the ideal amounts of this supplement to set off its benefits if you only depend on your pre-workout to give you your dose of creatine.

Chances are your pre-workout isn't giving the ideal dose of creatine you need.

And that’s even if you load up on it each day. See, most pre-workouts that you can get your hands on only provide 1 or 2 grams of creatine, while the ideal daily dose is 5 grams.

Make it a point to buy a tub of creatine, preferably the unflavored kind, to really take full advantage of its benefits because you’re sure to get the right amount of this cellular substrate every time you use it.

Maximize Your Creatine Benefits Mistake #2: You use different kinds of creatine at the same time.

Unlike what a lot of people mistakenly believe, using different types of creatine simultaneously will just cancel out the benefits that they can promote when they get absorbed by the body.

Sticking to one kind of creatine should be a priority.

Although you have the option whether to use either creatine HCL or creatine nitrate, always keep in mind that using the optimal dosages for each one is crucial to successfully activate its positive effects in terms of taking endurance, energy as well as muscle strength and size up a notch.

Stick with one kind of creatine, use it properly and you’ll be on the right track.

Maximize Your Creatine Benefits Mistake #3: You don’t include it in your cycle.

Using creatine is just like cycling with any other supplement that you may have in your bodybuilding checklist. You have to use this product daily and in the right doses for it to set off its positive effects on the body.

You won't maximize your creatine benefits if you don't include it in your cycle.

Some people think that they can miss out on a dose or two of creatine because the body can naturally produce this substrate when you consume meat or fish. However, this will just lead to a drop in your system’s creatine stores because the body can just churn out a maximum of 2 grams daily when the ideal amount you’ll need is 5 grams.

Now while forgetting to load up on a single dose of creatine here and there isn’t something that you should be worried about, neglecting to take the right quantity for a long time will surely have a big effect on your performance the next time you step inside the gym.

Maximize Your Creatine Benefits Mistake #4: You focus on the wrong workouts.

At its simplest, you’re pumping up the amounts of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the cells when you use creatine. This basically helps you endure short-term, high-intensity workouts longer without feeling rather exhausted.

Not feeling creatine's effects? Perhaps you're focusing on the wrong workouts.

It’s possible that some people who think they are non-responders to creatine because they’re focusing on the wrong kinds of workouts to see its effects. Make it a point to go for resistance-based workouts instead of endurance-based exercises to really see the difference.

Maximize Your Creatine Benefits Mistake #5: You believe that creatine is a miracle worker.

A lot of people mistakenly think that creatine is a magical supplement that will help them take their performance at the gym to a whole new level as soon as they start taking it.

Always keep in mind that creatine isn't a magical supplement.

Sure this product may have made a name for itself in the bodybuilding world for its energy-boosting and muscle-building benefits, using it just because you think that it is a miracle worker will only lead to disappointment.

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