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Radar1ne by Olympus UK

People passionate about increasing their strength and lean mass quickly use anabolic steroids like Testosterone. But, such steroids are known to bring unwanted effects often. Using alternatives that would bring similar results without such risks is better.

Radar1ne by Olympus UK is one product that may be a perfect replacement for steroids. Radar1ne is a SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) that promises similar results to anabolic steroids, without many side effects. The research of SARMs is still in a relatively early stage. Still, thousands of people have been using SARMs and testifying about their amazing effects and the lack of steroid-related side effects.

If you still can’t decide if SARMs are worth giving a shot at. Remember that Radar1ne is a product by Olympus UK, which goes a long way to tell you it is worth taking a look at. Keep reading to learn more about the ingredients, effectiveness, and value of the product.

Also, it is important to note that unlike different kinds of anabolic steroids, Radar1ne is legal.


With new diet supplements hitting the shelves almost every day, it’s pretty common for a regular gym-goer to have tried or at least researched quit a few of them. The use of steroids, prohormones and most recently SARMs has been a matter of debate for years. Can you really get ripped with a SARM and more importantly is it safe?

OLYMPUS UK brings us a promise of an anabolic SARM based supplement – YKar1ne, claiming to be as effective as anabolic steroids but without the unwanted side effects. Like all SARMs, this product activates the Selective Androgen Receptors in nervous system, muscles, and bones and looking at the claims of the manufacturer, it would appear that this is one hell of a formula!


SARM technology is one that is being constantly developed and researched in recent years and we’re seeing new developments seemingly on a weekly basis. Olympus UK have taken a leading role in the development of SARM supplements and they are looking really good in 2016.

SRar1ne, as they have dubbed their latest procust is their new ST-9009 formula with a wide array of effects promissed. Enhancing the bioavailability and extending the half-life or the SARM, Olympus have upgraded the raw compound into a something more. With the specter of uses it promises in mind, let’s see if SRar1ne actually delivers in this detailed product overview!


Before we start giving MK Elite a closer look in a bit, here’s a quick introduction…

Bodybuilders across the world have been looking for ways to enhance the natural process of muscle growth. First there were anabolic steroids, which were injected straight into the bloodstream and gave amazing results but at great costs as the side effects of anabolic steroids often outweighed the gains and not by a small margin either.

Next came prohormones. Prohormones are often used nowadays as well and they have managed to control the side effects of steroids by quite a bit. Some prohormones even come with almost no side effects and those that do occur are easier to manage. But in recent years it is the SARMs that have been in the spotlight.

The Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) are often just as potent as steroids, with practically none of their usual side effects. Today we are presenting MK Elite, a product based on MK 677, a powerful SARM designed to increase the amount of growth hormone in your body and help burn fat, build muscle as well as promote other positive physical effects.


Laxogenin has been one of the primary ingredients in bodybuilding supplements for many years. This plan harvested compound serves our body by providing it with a blueprint for creating its own anabolics. This is a natural way of achieving much of the same results you may see with a more chemical oriented prohormone compounds.

Today we are introducing the new Laxogenin product by Focused NutritionLaxo Elite. Laxo Plus comes as a part of the manufacturer’s new line of prohormone and SARM products. In that sense, it is important to say that Laxogenin is not a prohormone but rather a SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator).

So, since we already know that this product is based on Laxogenin, let us go ahead and find out what Laxogenin is and how it works.