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An underactive thyroid is one of the most prevalent causes of obesity that afflicts over 30 million Americans across the country today.

Another 15 million may be suffering from a thyroid disorder, but have remained undiagnosed, choosing to suffer from the ailment silently.

Fortunately, science continues to produce amazing cures for diseases emanating from natural and lifestyle causes. ThyroDrive, for example, has been introduced by 1st Phorm Nutrition as a perfect antidote for weight loss issues resulting from abnormal thyroids.


The Bliss Go Pack by 1st Phorm is a stack of 3 products: Bliss, Thyro-Drive & Opti-Core. Each one is designed to optimize your metabolism 24 hours a day and tackle all of the most frustrating things holding you back from getting real results.

The Bliss Go Pack claims full, EFFECTIVE doses of the most scientifically proven ingredients known to burn fat, increase appetite, and boost energy. It’s the product that got 1st Phorm the household name that it is now. When each product of Bliss Go Pack is taken at the right time, they will work together to produce results like:

Increasing metabolism

Suppress appetite & food cravings

Increase energy levels

Improve the quality of sleep

And even manage hormones like cortisol & estrogen

This is the reason why most people have called it the answer to all your weight loss goals, but is it? Let’s go into more detail about each of the 3 ingredients…


The prevalence of obesity was 39.8% and affected about 93.3 million US adults from 2015 to 2016[1].

To support weight loss and help in preventing obesity, 1st Phorm once again introduced a new fat burner product and that is Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). So if you’re a woman who’s struggling to lose weight or have problems with training recovery, check out this new product by 1st Phorm.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is designed to support weight loss, promote training recovery, and inhibit fat storage. Let’s find out if CLA really works by taking a look at the ingredients, side effects, clinical support, and customer reviews.


One of the products which promise to reduce the appearance of cellulite in our body is the Brazilian Tight by Musclegelz.  Muscle gel products, including Brazilian Tight, are all topical cosmetic products that are not intended to treat any health issues.  In this review, we will focus on the important details on Brazilian Tights’ ingredientsbenefits, and even side effects.  We also consider the customer’s feedback to give you more ideas about this product.

So, to start with our deeper understanding of Brazilian Tight muscle gel, let’s have a quick peek to its ingredients.


Ketopia is a weight loss plan designed to alter the physiological processes in the body in order to burn fats and lose weight. This regimen brings you to a state of ketosis wherein fats will be used as the primary source of energy the body will use in our daily activities. In this Ketopia review, we will discuss the effectivity, cost, and users review for this weight loss plan and its products.

Forever Green, the developer of this program says that Ketopia is “the path towards optimal health and wellness”. This unique health program enables the user to quickly enter and maintain nutritional ketosis when undergoing a keto-friendly diet.

The aim of this program is to condition the body to alter its metabolic process wherein it consumes its fats reserves first instead of glucose. Ketones are the by-product of this process –thus the term ketosis.